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Chapter 10.2

Wen Chi ate so much that he almost vomited, but he had to bite the bullet and keep stuffing it into his mouth.

Shi Ye seemed to find joy in it and observed Wen Chi’s rather painful expression with great interest.
He didn’t mean to let Wen Chi stop.

Finally, Wen Chi, who could no longer eat.
He struggled for a while between dying and being strangled by the crown prince and chose the latter.
He pushed back the plate that was still half left in front of him and picked up the teacup and gulped a large sip before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, “I can’t eat anymore.”

Shi Ye didn’t get angry and asked strangely, “Don’t you like it?”

Three black lines appeared1 on Wen Chi’s forehead: “I like it, but only in moderation.
I like to eat but it doesn’t mean I have to finish them in one breath.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Eunuch Zhu’s shrill voice suddenly exploded: “Bold!

Wen Chi shuddered with fright and then he recalled the tone of his words just now and suddenly his face turned pale and he stood up from the couch chair and knelt down to the ground with a thud.

 “I was confused for a moment.
I beg Your Majesty to punish me!”

“Wen Liang, you are so bold.
How dare you speak to His Royal Highness in such a rebellious tone.” Eunuch Zhu said angrily, “Someone come!” 

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Two small eunuchs hurriedly ran over.

“Take this man down!”


The two little eunuchs immediately suppressed Wen Chi from both sides.

Don’t know where they got the strength, but they dragged Wen Chi up from the ground and they used their full strength to prevent Wen Chi from resisting.

However, Wen Chi never thought of resisting.
When he was dragged out of the study, he looked desperately at the half plate of cakes left on the table.
If he knew this day would come so quickly, he might as well be a satiated ghost.

Woohoo… 2Sound of sobbing LOL

Then he was dragged away.

In the study, Eunuch Zhu clenched the whisk in his hand tightly and watched the Crown Prince’s reaction with trepidation.

He only saw the prince holding his cheek with one hand, looking at the half plate of pastries thoughtfully.

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Eunuch Zhu thought that the crown prince was concerned about what happened just now, so he gave the little eunuch beside him a look.

The little eunuch was about to take the pastry plate away but suddenly he heard the crown prince say, “He’s looking at this, isn’t he?”

The little eunuch instantly stopped moving as he was walking on thin ice, full of despair and quietly looked at Eunuch Zhu.

Eunuch Zhu has been with the prince for so long but at this moment he can’t figure out what the crown prince means.
He considered for a moment, bowed his waist humbly and answered cautiously: “If the servant is not mistaken, just now Young Master Wen was looking at this plate of pastry… This person is really….he is dying but still cares about his stomach.”

After he finished speaking, the crown prince burst into laughter.

“That’s him.” The crown prince murmured, as if he had fallen into a certain memory, “Timid and gluttonous, like a rat that cannot see the light.”

Eunuch Zhu said: “Your Royal Highness, this servant is stupid.
I don’t understand what Your Royal Highness means.

“No need for you to understand.” After speaking, the crown prince said, “Who said he is dying? Did you make the decision for this Bengong?

“It was this servant who took the decision without permission.
This servant knows his mistake, this servant will ask someone to bring Young Master Wen back.”

“That’s it.” The crown prince said, “Let him go back.”

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Wen Chi thought he was finished.

Unexpectedly, he was dragged outside to the open space by two eunuchs, then a palace maid hurriedly ran out and whispered in the eunuchs’ ears.
Immediately the  two eunuchs’ attitude toward Wen Chi changed hundred and eighty degrees and they bowed and sent Wen Chi back to Bamboo Flute Residence.

Back in his residence, Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao were gathering milk skins in front of the milk bucket.
When they saw him coming back, they smiled and called out “Young Master Wen”.

Wen Chi replied in a muddle headed manner.

“Young Master Wen, is there anything wrong with you?” Ping An carefully noticed that Wen Chi’s face was ugly and said with concern, “The servant will go and ask an imperial doctor to take a look at you.”

Wen Chi stopped him: “No need.”

“But Young Master Wen…”

“I’ll get some sleep and I’ll be fine.” Wen Chi finished speaking but in the end he couldn’t hold back and pulled Ping An to the side, “How long have you been in the palace?”

Ping An blinked curiously: “Back to Young Master Wen, it has been seven years since this slave entered the palace at the age of eight.”     

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Wen Chi asked again, “Have you always stayed in the East Palace?”

Ping An nodded: “I have been working in the East Palace for the past seven years.”

Wen Chi paused before continuing to ask, “Do you know what kind of person the crown prince is?”


T/N – Spoiler






I know Wen Chi is timid and Shi Ye is a bully, but things will turn to the better in the future.

12Sound of sobbing LOL

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