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Wen Chi suppressed the surprise in his heart, folded the top paper and spread out the bottom paper.

Chen Wu glanced at the paper calmly and said respectfully: “This should be the land deed of Lingxiu Villa on the outskirts of the capital.”


In an instant, Wen Chi’s hand holding the land deeds trembled a little.
He couldn’t think of the reason why Shi Ye gave him these land deeds.

He looked over all the land deeds, counted them and found eight of them—five villa land deeds and three mansions, all located in the capital.


After reading these land deeds, Wen Chi discovered that there was a booklet that was neither too thin nor too thick at the bottom.

He froze for a moment, put away the title deed in his hand, picked up the booklet and flipped through it.

The more Wen Chi turned over, the uglier his face became.

Halfway through, he snapped the booklet shut.

Chen Wu was standing on the other side of the desk, silently watching Wen Chi’s every move.

Wen Chi forced a smile and said politely: “You worked so hard to keep these things for me, can I take them away now?”

Chen Wu hurriedly said: “These are the things His Royal Highness left for Young Master Wen.
It is naturally up to Young Master to decide whether to keep them.
If it is inconvenient for you to carry them with you,  I can also keep them for you for the time being.”

Wen Chi thought for a while, with Zuo Zhi and Liu De two martial arts experts guarding him, there should be no inconvenience in bringing these land deeds and this booklet.

So Wen Chi still took away the land deed and booklet.

Chen Wu deliberately took an inconspicuous gray cloth and wrapped them in it.

Walking out of the house, Zuo Zhi was standing under the steps, with her back to Wen Chi, looking up at the sky.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, she looked back and behind her was a curtain of snow that had risen at some point.

Tiny snowflakes fell on the stone-paved road, turning them into pure white.
Even the grass and branches not far away were covered with patches of white.
At first glance, it seemed that the whole world was covered by a thin silver cloth.

Zuo Zhi greeted: “Young Master Wen.”

Wen Chi walked down the steps looked up at the sky like Zuo Zhi had just said: “It’s snowing.”


Zuo Zhi smiled and said, “Winter is here.”

At this time, Chen Wu also came out of the house.
He walked in front of Wen Chi  and when he saw the snow like a  silvery cloth in front of him, he could not help but let out a surprised laugh: “Hahahaha, it has always rained but not snowed in winter in Jinzhou, this is really the first time in twenty years that it has snowed.”

After saying this, he turned his head and told Wen Chi, “Young Master Wen, it’s snowing and the weather is cold.
You and Miss Zuo Zhi should go back earlier, so as not to catch a cold.”

It’s snowing and the road was slippery, so it was not easy to walk on.

It took some time for the three of them to return to the main hall.

After bidding farewell to Chen Wu, Wen Chi handed the gray cloth containing the land deed and booklet to Zuo Zhi and then left Chen family estate with Zuo Zhi.


That night, Wen Chi tossed and turned, unable to sleep.


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