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Chapter 87.2


When Wen Chi returned, Ruo Fang had been standing at the gate of the courtyard looking around for a long time and when she finally saw Wen Chi’s figure, the worry on Ruo Fang’s face instantly turned into joy.

“Young master, you’ve finally returned.”

He handed Ruo Fang the food he had packed from the restaurant: “If it’s cold, you don’t have to wait for me outside.”

Ruo Fang happily took the packaged food, her delicate face almost bursting into a smile: “Thank you, young master, for always thinking about this servant.
It’s not cold outside and this servant is dressed warmly.”

Wen Chi laughed and waved his hands: “Go in.”

Ruo Fang happily walked inside.

They lived in the courtyard where General Lin lived before and the room where General Lin lived was on the right.

General Lin’s schedule is quite regular, he seldom comes home late and also dislikes going out at night, basically as long as it is dark, the candles in his room will be lit.

But tonight, his room was pitch black.

Ruo Fang, who was walking in front, felt that Wen Chi stopped in his tracks and turned around in confusion and caught Wen Chi’s hesitant eyes.
She walked over and whispered, “I don’t know what’s going on with General Lin, he came back before you came.
He was in a hurry, as if he had something urgent to do and it looked as if General Lin was packing his bag.”

Hearing this, Wen Chi suddenly remembered what Eunuch Zhu said.

Eunuch Zhu said that there was a major event in the capital.
At first he thought that the event that Eunuch Zhu mentioned was only related to Shi Ye, but he did not expect that it would affect the Fourth Prince and General Lin.

He briefly recalled the plot of the original novel.

The original novel always follows the plot from the perspective of the protagonist Shou Wen Liang.
Wen Liang did not enter the Eastern Palace and the relationship  with the fourth prince also developed slowly.
The early part of the novel was basically a process of Wen Liang relying on the help of the system to fight against the best and find resources, and only in the middle and late stages did it slowly involve the Fourth Prince and Shi Ye.

If one must come up with a big plot, would it be the Fourth Prince’s party in the court launching a massive protest to crush the Crown Prince?


This protest was carried out anticlimactically.

Wen Chi thought for a long time and the only thing he could think of was that the current emperor suddenly falling ill, causing the court to be in turmoil with the civil and military officials being suspicious of each other and taking sides.

And the struggle between Shi Ye and Shi Jin gradually intensified.

“Young master?”

Ruo Fang’s voice brought back Wen Chi from his thoughts.

Wen Chi shook his head, said it was okay and continued walking forward.

After going back to the room and taking a bath, Wen Chi remembered what Eunuch Zhu had given him when he was about to go to bed.
He sat by the bed and took out the small porcelain bottle and paper from the cuffs.

He tore off the stopper wrapped in red cloth on the small porcelain bottle, squinted one eye and looked inside and there was indeed a pill lying quietly inside.
He turned his palm over and poured the pill into his palm.

It was a green pill, exactly the same as the poison that Shi Ye made him take before.

Wen Chi secretly wondered——was it because the poison pill Shi Ye had made him take had expired, so he had asked Eunuch Zhu to give him a new one.

But on second thought, it seems that Shi Ye is not someone who would lie about this, if Shi Ye wanted him to die, he would have told him this idea openly and then let him die in plain sight ……


No, no, no, no…

Why is he still speaking for that dog Prince?

What kind of person that dog prince is, is none of his business.
Anyway, they are so far apart and they will go on their own way in the future.

Although Wen Chi thought like this in his heart, in the end poured a cup of hot water and took the pills with the hot water – he had already taken the poison, there could not be a worse outcome than this.

Only when Wen Chi had finished taking pills and put the cup down did he finally open the neatly folded piece of paper.

On the way back, he guessed many times what was on the paper, he even wondered if it was a letter of divorce.

Who knew that after opening——

There was surprisingly only one sentence on it.

“Within a year, go to the Chen family estate to find Chen Wu.”

Wen Chi only took one look and recognized the handwriting on the paper.

This is Shi Ye’s handwriting.
His handwriting is very beautiful, flamboyant, free and unrestrained, but every stroke is so vigorous and powerful.

It’s just that Wen Chi couldn’t understand what was written on the paper.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Wen Chi held the paper and pondered for nearly half an hour, but still couldn’t figure it out, so he stopped pondering.
He glanced at the time limit on it and folded the paper again.

He wandered around the room for a while, then took out the wooden box from the cabinet that had never been touched since and hid the paper at the bottom of the wooden box.


The next day.

After Wen Chi had had breakfast, he was about to go to Shi Jin to discuss the establishment of the reserve, but before he could step outside, he heard a knock on his door.

Ruo Fang ran over and opened the door to take a look.

There was General Lin standing outside the door.

General Lin was not dressed in civilian clothes like before, instead he had put on his armor and looked quite serious.

Due to his status, it was inconvenient for General Lin to enter Wen Chi’s room, so he called Wen Chi to the courtyard outside.

“There is an urgent matter in the capital.
The fourth prince and I plan to go back for a while,” General Lin said, “Young Master Wen, it is inconvenient for you to stay here alone, do you want to come back to the capital with us?”


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