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Chapter 85.2

The man beside Liu Wen happily responded and ran out quickly.

After a while, the man ran back again joyfully, only this time he led a young man with red lips and white teeth behind him.

The young man was about fifteen or sixteen years old and he looked extraordinarily beautiful, like a blooming peach blossom and the moment he walked in, he attracted the attention of everyone present.

But what attracted the most attention was the bright red mole on the center of the young man’s eyebrows, as if it had been smeared on a beautiful landscape painting, pure and yet charming.

“Hai, brother Wen, this is a big gift we prepared for you according to your taste.” The man named Jia Peng sighed enviously, “They have been waiting for you in the private room next door for a long time, so don’t you dare spoil everyone’s good intentions.”

Wen Chi: “…”

No, no, this is not his taste, this is the taste of General Lin’s fourth brother.

But having said that, General Lin’s fourth brother actually likes men?!

Before Wen Chi recovered from his sudden surprise, he saw Liu Wen beckoning to the young man: “Come here.”

The young man was very obedient and knew who he was going to serve, so he walked up to Wen Chi obediently.
He was a little shorter than Wen Chi, raised his head and looked at Wen Chi pitifully: “This servant Yun Zhi greets Young Master Wen.”

Wen Chi never dreamed that the birthday gift these people prepared for him was a young man from a brothel…

The key is that he doesn’t want to be a courtesan!

Wen Chi lowered his eyes and saw the red mole on the center of the little courtesan’s eyebrows and his frustration became even worse.
For some reason, a series of big characters gradually appeared in his mind- sisters in suffering.

This thought startled Wen Chi.
He shook his head and refused without saying a word.

Originally, Yue Zhicheng, Liu Wen and the others all were looking forward to asking for credit, hoping to see a surprised expression on Wen Chi’s face, but they did not expect Wen Chi to refuse so quickly.

In an instant, everyone froze, their eyes filled with incomprehension and surprise.

After the silence, Liu Wen was the first to react: “Brother Wen, what do you mean? Are you not satisfied?”

“No, I appreciate your kindness, but this…” Wen Chi glanced at the young man named Yun Zhi and stepped back a little,  “There is no need for this… …”

Yun Zhi and Wen Chi were close together and even though Wen Chi had kept his movements to a minimum, they were still detected by Yun Chi.

The boy’s fluttering big eyes were half red in an instant, he bit his lip in humiliation, and his voice was trembling when he spoke again: “Young Master, don’t you like Yun Zhi?”

Wen Chi almost waved his hands like windshield wipers: “No, no, no, I didn’t mean that…”

Yun Zhi interrupted Wen Chi coquettishly: “Since the young master is not dissatisfied with Yun Zhi, why doesn’t the young master accept Yun Zhi?”

Wen Chi said with a sad face: “It’s not that I don’t want to accept you, it’s that I have no need for this at all.
The person who asked you to come is them, not me.
This is a misunderstanding, you’d better go back.”

After saying that, when Wen Chi turned his head to look at Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen again, his brows were filled with obvious irritability.

He didn’t want to get into trouble with these people today, so he endured it again and again but he didn’t know that these people didn’t take his words to heart at all.
They thought that his politeness was all fake politeness – since that was the case, it was better to lay things out in the open.

“Brother Yue, Brother Liu, I just invited everyone to dinner because of all the bad things that happened the other day.
So I want to pay for everyone to come out and relax and to bond with each other in the meantime.” Wen Chi swept his eyes at the girls sitting at the table and his eyes sank, “It’s your freedom to call out girls, I won’t interfere with you.
But I don’t have those ideas for now, you don’t have to think about bringing me along while you’re having fun.”

Wen Chi’s words were more straightforward and what he said made those people’s faces turn pale and ugly.

Especially Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen’s.

After all, they took the lead in instigating this matter and Wen Chi’s refusal just now made them a little embarrassed.
Now Wen Chi’s merciless words were tantamount to throwing several slaps at their faces, which instantly filled their entire faces with a hot and painful sensation.

But in front of so many people,they could not lose their temper and suppressed the anger in their hearts.

Yue Zhicheng remained silent with a sullen face.

Liu Wen reluctantly tugged the corner of his mouth: “Young master Lin Yuan1(The name Wen Chi is going by now, his given name is Zi Wen at the moment), what you said is wrong.
We all came up with this idea so that you could have fun on your birthday, but you don’t appreciate it, and you even made it sound so harsh.”

Others joined in.

“Yes, Young Master Wen, you are too disappointing.”

“Aren’t we here to make you happy?”

“Besides, We spent a lot of effort to invite Yun Zhi.”

Actually, it’s not surprising that those people are too assertive, mainly because General Lin’s fourth brother, Lin Yuan, has a really bad reputation in this regard

Although Lin Yuan lives outside the city wall all year round and rarely appears in the capital, once these private matters are involved, they spread overnight for thousands of miles.

As soon as those people inquired a little, they knew that Lin Yuan was very masculine and particularly fond of young people with tender looks.
Therefore, Wen Chi’s previous refusal was only perceived as a pretentious courtesy.

Wen Chi also knew this was the case, although he was upset, he didn’t intend to say anything else.
He simply said that he was going downstairs to settle the bill, and then pushed Yun Zhi away from him and prepared to walk out of the private room.

Yun Zhi was also dumbfounded.

As the number one here, he had long since passed the time when he had to accept any guest and even if the guest gave him more money, he still had the right to pick and choose.
If it was not for the fact that Young Master Wen is his favorite type, he wouldn’t just sit and wait for so long in the private room next door.

But right now, after finally waiting, this Young Master Wen rejected him, even in front of so many people…

Yun Zhi’s dazed eyes swept over the girls sitting at the table, although they covered it up very well, they still couldn’t hide the gloating look in their eyes.

Seeing this, Yun Zhi blushed with embarrassment, turned his head and saw that Young Master Wen was about to walk out of the door.
His heart sank and he pounced directly on him.

Just as Wen Chi was about to open the door, he felt a person rushing over from behind.

Before he could dodge in time, he was hugged by that person.

Wen Chi: “…”

“Young Master Wen, don’t go.” Yun Zhi’s desolate and helpless voice came from behind and he buried his face on Wen Chi’s back, “You have already paid the money, how can you leave me alone?”

All the hot air exhaled by Yun Zhi when he spoke seeped into Wen Chi’s clothes, creating a warm lump that instantly made Wen Chi feel goosebumps all over.

Wen Chi pulled Yun Zhi’s hand from his waist, turned quickly and before Yun Zhi could react, he pushed Yun Zhi half a meter away.

Yun Zhi froze and tried to move forward, but was blocked by Wen Ji’s outstretched hand.

Wen Chi said, “I didn’t pay the money.”

Yun Zhi retorted: “They just asked me to serve you.”

Wen Chi paused for a moment and tentatively said in a negotiating tone: “How about you return the money to us?”

Yun Zhi: “…”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Yun Zhi was surprised and angry at the same time.
He seemed to be hurt by Wen Chi’s ruthless words, his eyes filled with tears and he lowered his head to bite the back of Wen Chi’s hand.

Wen Chi quickly withdrew his hand.

Unexpectedly, this action of his just gave Yun Zhi an opportunity to take advantage of it and Yun Zhi threw himself into Wen Chi’s arms without saying a word.

Today’s Wen Chi is no longer the powerless Wen Chi of the past.
Although he has only learned some basic martial arts, it is still quite easy to avoid Yun Zhi.

At first, Wen Chi wanted to get out of the way, but then he realized that there was a wall behind him and if he moved away, Yun Zhi would directly bump into the wall.

Thinking of this, he stopped dodging and stretched out his hand to try to stabilize Yun Zhi.

But before his hand touched Yunz Zi, he saw that Yun Zhi’s clothes were suddenly grabbed by someone from behind and then pulled back violently.
Yun Zhi was pulled away so easily and even hit the nearby cabinet with a thud.

Wen Chi: “…”

He silently withdrew his hand, it was none of his business.


1(The name Wen Chi is going by now, his given name is Zi Wen at the moment)

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