i Zang seemed relieved, nodded, turned and left.

Wen Chi didn’t plan to stay any longer, anyway.
Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen were frequent visitors to this kind of place, with him watching from the side, maybe they will still feel uncomfortable, so it’s better to leave the place for them to play freely.

Having made his plans, Wen Chi stood outside for a while before returning to the private room pretending to be nonchalant.

He thought that those people would be happily playing after he and Hua Zi Zang left, but he didn’t expect that in addition to the smell of powder in the room, he would be greeted by a room full of people staring at him as if he was a chicken,

Wen Chi was taken aback by the silent atmosphere, thinking he had gone to the wrong private room.

He hurriedly exited and tilted his head to look – Spring Garden, that’s right.

There were also familiar faces in the private room.

Wen Chi touched his face puzzled: “What’s wrong with you? Is there something dirty on my face?”

“There’s no dirt, Brother Wen is so handsome, how could there be dirt on his face?” The person who spoke was Yue Zhicheng, he suddenly laughed and then walked over to Wen Chi and very self-consciously tried to put his hand over Wen Chi’s shoulder.

Wen Chi saw what Yue Zhicheng was up to and subconsciously leaned away and calmly dodged Yue Zhicheng’s outstretched arm.
He asked with a smile: “Then why are you looking at me like this?”

Yue Zhicheng’s empty arm was stiff in mid-air, he was a little embarrassed and annoyed but seeing the bright and cheerful smile on Wen Chi’s face, he couldn’t get himself to be angry.

As the saying goes, don’t reach out to hit a smiling face1(A metaphor for not getting angry at a pleasant person), let alone a face with such a beautiful smile.

Although Yue Zhicheng was a little angry, he didn’t want to spoil everyone’s mood, so he quickly calmed down.
He put his arm down, looked at Wen Chi meaningfully and said: “Today is Brother Wen’s birthday, but unfortunately everyone found out at the last moment and did not have time to prepare anything ……”

When Wen Chi saw Yue Zhicheng’s greasy expression, it was as if he had smothered a mouthful of oil and his whole body felt sick.

At the same time, he also had a bad feeling in his heart.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not easy for everyone to go out and I don’t want anything, as long as everyone eats happily, I will be satisfied.” Wen Chi said politely.

“Hai, how can that be? This is not a cheap meal, we can’t let Brother Wen treat us for nothing.” Yue Zhicheng said.

“I can still afford the cost of a meal, so don’t feel burdened.” Wen Chi said, wanting to run away, “How about this, you continue to eat, I’ll go downstairs and pay the bill first.
After you finish eating, put it on the bill and I will replenish the money when you return.”

Yue Zhicheng was a smart man, he immediately recognized the implication in Wen Chi’s words, his eyebrows twisted into a knot: “You want to leave?”

Wen Chi “…”

Wen Chi saw that Yue Zhicheng put it out so directly, all the words he had brewed up suddenly got stuck.
He showed an embarrassed look and was about to squeeze out some words, but he was interrupted by Liu Wen who came from the other side.

“That can’t be done.
Brother Wen hasn’t received the birthday gift from us, how can he leave first?” Liu Wen went straight to the door, blocking Wen Chi’s retreat and said with a slight dissatisfaction,  “This is the birthday gift we have carefully prepared.”

Hearing this, the bad feeling in Wen Chi’s heart became more and more intense.
He didn’t hide the rejection in his expression as he politely said, “I’m a bit unwell and would like to go back first.”

Liu Wen frowned and teased, Liu Wen raised his eyebrows and teased, “Just now it was Brother Hua who was unwell, now it’s Brother Wen’s turn to be unwell?”

Wen Chi: “…”

Yue Zhicheng also persuaded him: “Yes, brother Wen, even if you want to leave, look at our gift before you leave.”

Wen Chi thought for a while and came up with a solution: “How about you guys take that congratulatory gift back with you and give it to me later?”

Liu Wen chuckled.

Yue Zhicheng held back for a long time, but he couldn’t hold back his laughter either.

Seeing that Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen were both laughing, the others joined in.

Only Wen Chi looked at them in a daze, not understanding what they were laughing at.

Liu Wen finished laughing quickly and didn’t want to play tricks with Wen Chi anymore.
He winked at Wen Chi and said with a smile, “I never thought Brother Wen would be so greedy that he wanted to take back the top card here and I don’t know if that person will be happy about it.
…… Jia Peng, call the person in.


1(A metaphor for not getting angry at a pleasant person)

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