this, Wen Chi was also very embarrassed.

He really didn’t expect that Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen would pick out a brothel.
If he had known that they were talking about coming to a brothel, he would have never agreed.

It’s too outrageous to come to the brothel with the money rewarded by the emperor and the crown prince.

Wen Chi’s face turned blue and then turned pale.
After finally digesting the embarrassment, he whispered back, “Why don’t we leave now?”

General Lin said: “Can we leave?”

Wen Chi: Yes ah, Yue Zhicheng has already given them the silver.”

“…” The corners of General Lin’s mouth twitched visibly, and he laughed angrily, “Young Master Wen, is that a matter of silver? They’ve both brought Prince Xuan and Young Master Hua, even if we don’t give them a face, we should give Prince Xuan and Young Master Hua face.”

Wen Chi was speechless.

“It’s just that.” General Lin looked at Wen Chi’s eyebrow, only to see that the red mole was covered up tightly.
Even if he got close, he couldn’t see anything, so he put his mind at ease, “Finish eating early and go back early, you should also be careful.”

Wen Chi nodded with a serious expression.

General Lin also nodded and made a gesture of invitation to Wen Chi, and the two walked upstairs together.

After walking a few steps, General Lin suddenly remembered something, and stopped in his tracks: “That’s right…”

Seeing that General Lin’s expression became serious at a speed visible to the naked eye, Wen Chi thought that General Lin was going to say something very important, so he stopped and pricked up his ears.

 General Lin deliberated for a while, then whispered so that only the two of them could hear, and said in a serious manner: “If His Royal Highness asks about this matter, it is the responsibility of Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen, and has nothing to do with me.

Wen Chi: “…”

What’s it to do with Shi Ye?

Maybe when he returned to the capital in a few years, Shi Ye would not remember him anymore.

Thinking about it carefully, this should be the best possible ending.

If possible, he would like to take the opportunity to ask the emperor to let him go after returning to the capital.
Anyway, he has hands and feet, so he could do whatever he wanted after leaving the palace without starving himself to death.

The most important thing is that when the time comes, he would no longer have to look at Shi Ye’s face.

He thought he had overestimated his position in Shi Ye’s heart.

He was not such a brave person, like a snail hiding in its shell, he had plucked up the courage to poke a tentacle out, only to hit the wall hard.

He never wanted to come out of his shell again.

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The private room was on the second floor.
Not only does it have a large terrace but it is also divided into an inner room and an outer room, separated by a layer of pink veil.

Walking into the private room, Wen Chi smelled that the smell of powder in the private room seemed to be stronger than that of outside.

He had just finished thinking this when General Lin, who was walking in front of him, sneezed.

Although Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen have never been to this brothel, it can be seen that they are regular visitors to the red light district.
They are very skilled in greeting people and arrange everyone’s location properly.

Wen Chi didn’t speak, just watched them do their thing.

Soon, everyone was seated.

Shi Jin, who has the highest status here, was naturally surrounded by Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen and placed in the top seat.

On the right side of Shi Jin sat General Lin and fake birthday boy Wen Chi, on the left sat Hua Zi Zang and the rest of the people sat apart according to their family background and status.

In short, the less people have the right to speak, the farther away they are from Shi Jin.

Wen Chi glanced at the positions arranged by Yue Zhicheng and Liu Wen, couldn’t help  but sigh at the reality of this society and swept his eyes at Hua Zi Zang, who was separated from him by Shi Jin and General Lin and this sigh became even heavier.

General Lin, who was sitting next to him, seemed to feel Wen Chi’s despondency and turned his head to whisper, “It’s alright, he’s far away in the capital.
If you don’t tell him, he won’t know about it.”


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