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Chapter 82.2

Wen Chi comforted himself all night but also tossed and turned sleeplessly all night.

Two days later, he appeared in front of Liu De.

Liu De, who has always been mature and stable, with a calm expression gradually cracked, after seeing his appearance.

“Young Master Wen.” Liu De’s expression was complicated and he hesitated to speak, “If you haven’t rested well yet, I’ll allow you to take a few more days off.”

With a pair of panda eyes, Wen Chi shook his head listlessly: “Let’s get started.”

Liu De still wanted to say something but seeing that Wen Chi didn’t seem to want to talk about this topic again, he hesitated for a while, then swallowed his words of comfort.

Perhaps it was Wen Chi’s depressed appearance that moved Liu De to feel compassion.
Liu De, who wanted to carry a whip to urge Wen Chi to train before, actually let him rest several times a day.

But Wen Chi didn’t want to rest, as long as he stopped, his brain would start to think wildly.
He would rather be tired so that he would not think about those many messy things.

So the situation ended up with Liu De forcing Wen Chi to rest, but Wen Chi did not want to rest.

The two sides insisted on their own opinions and were at a stalemate.

When Zuo Zhi came down to take a look, he saw Wen Ji and Liu De standing face to face, like two fighting roosters, neither of them willing to back down.

Liu De’s action was not surprising but Wen Chi surprised Zuo Zhi the most.

She remembered that Wen Chi had never wanted anything, as long as he was given a storybook and food, he could stay in a room for several days and he had no interest in martial arts.
When had Wen Chi been so active before?

Zuo Zhi suppressed the surprise in his heart, walked over to smooth things over – she was naturally speaking for Wen Chi.

“Let Young Master Wen practice if he wants to practice.
You are a half-master.
How can a master prevent an apprentice from learning martial arts?”

“Hai, isn’t it because I’m worried about him?” Liu De looked at Wen Chi, who was absent-minded again and let out a long sigh, “I think he needs to rest.”

Wen Chi didn’t hear their previous conversation but he heard what Liu De said at the end and he quickly shook his head and retorted solemnly: “Brother Liu De, thank you for your kindness, but I don’t need to rest.”

Liu De: “…”

Zuo Zhi smiled at Liu De: “See.”

“Forget it.” Liu De compromised, “It’s rare for Young Master Wen to have such self-motivation, maybe I shouldn’t stop him.”


Wen Chi stayed here for almost ten days.

But since the day he drank the contraception concoction, he never saw Shi Ye again, and Zuo Zhi and the maidservants who took care of him would not take the initiative to say anything about Shi Ye.

Shi Ye seemed to have only appeared once briefly, he came and left quickly—faster than the wind.

In order not to remind himself of that dog prince, Wen Chi had to study martial arts with all his might, in the end Heaven helps those who help themselves and his progress was that little bit more evident.

“Brother Liu De, did you see it?” Wen Chi ran to the stone table, looked up and down, left and right at the extinguished white candle and turned to look at Liu De excitedly, “It wasn’t blown out by the wind! I put it off!”

Liu De stood not far behind him, with his arms folded, with a rare look of delight appearing on his face as he nodded, “Very good.”

It was the first time Wen Chi was praised by Liu De.
He was so happy and his fair face was about to burst into laughter.
He ran to Liu De again excitedly, circling around him like a happy puppy.

Liu De guessed what Wen Chi was up to and folded his arms in his chest, unmoved.

Sure enough, after a while, Wen Chi turned to him, raised his head and looked at him eagerly, his hazel eyes seemed to be twinkling like stars.

Although Wen Chi is not too young, he is still less than twenty years old.
His plump and clean face is filled with the youthful atmosphere of a teenager.
When he smiles, his red lips and white teeth along with two shallow dimples on his cheeks, he looked very cute.

Liu De looked at Wen Chi’s face for a while, then turned away awkwardly.

“Brother Liu De.” Wen Chi said expectantly, “Can I learn Qinggong?”

Liu De said, “Yes you can ……”

Wen Chi’s eyes lit up.

“But—” Liu De continued, “You’re leaving tomorrow, so let’s talk about learning qingong later.”

Wen Chi was taken aback when he heard those words: “Where am I going?”

Liu De said: “Going back to Prince Xuan, they need you.”

If Liu De hadn’t mentioned Shi Jin, Wen Chi would have really forgotten his purpose of coming to Jinzhou.
But Shi Jin’s work efficiency was too slow and he had to wait until he settled the kidnapper’s matter.

Since Wen Chi was about to leave, Liu De deliberately let him rest for half a day, so as to recharge his energy for what was to come.

That night, Wen Chi tossed and turned again, unable to sleep.

He thought of Shi Ye and inevitably thought of that bowl of Contraceptive.
It was impossible to say that he was not angry, but it was useless for him to be angry, as Shi Ye did not even show his face again.

Wen Chi wrapped himself in a quilt into a rice dumpling.
He thought for a long time in the darkness but instead of getting his thoughts straight, the more he thought about it, the more it clogged him up and made him even more sleepless.

He spent the night with his eyes open.

The next day.

While Zuo Zhi and the maidservants were packing up, Wen Chi sat by the bed staring into space.

It wasn’t until Zuo Zhi took down the calligraphy that said “Heaven rewards Hard Work” hanging on the wall that Wen Chi had some reaction.

“Put away that calligraphy and take it with you.” Wen Chi said and then he suddenly remembered something, got up and walked to the cabinet, opened the door and took out the wooden box that was on the first shelf.

He wanted to hand over the wooden box to Zuo Zhi, but when he thought of what was inside it, he found it hard to say anything.

Zuo Zhi put away the calligraphy, looked up and found Wen Chi standing in front of the cabinet holding a wooden box in a daze, so she came over and asked: “Young Master Wen, do you want me to put this wooden box away for you too?”

As if waking up from a dream, Wen Chi quickly withdrew his hands and covered the wooden box with his wide sleeves: “No need, I’ll take it with me.”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.


Zuo Zhi responded and walked away.

After packing up Wen Chi’s things, Zuo Zhi asked Wen Chi to carry them on his back.
Together with Liu De and Liu Shan, she sent Wen Chi to the carriage parked outside.

A kind-looking old couple sat in the carriage who should also be Shi Ye’s people.
Zuo Zhi had arranged a script for them, and they would lie that they had come to Jinzhou on business and had inadvertently saved Wen Chi, who had escaped from the kidnappers’ den.

Yesterday, after their servant noticed the missing person notice posted by the government, he realized that they should send Wen Chi to Governor Zhou’s mansion.

Zuo Zhi then instructed Wen Chi to remember that he had escaped without knowing that the kidnappers were dead and was then rescued by the old couple.

After Wen Chi nodded, he hesitated and said, “What if Prince Xuan asked me why I didn’t come back to find them for so long?”

Zuo Zhi said: “Just say that you were frightened and dare not go back for the time being.”

Wen Chi paused: “What if they don’t believe it?”

Zuo Zhi smiled suddenly: “His Royal Highness has a lot of ways to convince them.”

Wen Chi: “…”


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