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Chapter 81.1

Before Wen Chi could say anything else, the frightened maid suddenly flung herself to the ground.

“Young..Young Master Wen, this is absolutely impossible!” The maid was still holding the dishes in her hand and she bowed humbly, almost burying her head in her chest.
“If you are pregnant, then it will be the eldest son of His Highness the Crown Prince!”

Wen Chi was taken aback by the maid’s sudden outburst.
He subconsciously took a step back and then his expression gradually became awkward.

In fact, he knew that it was not practical to call the people around Shi Ye to fetch contraceptive pills for him but other than that, apart from that, there was nothing else he could do.
It’s not like he could not go out to the medical store alone to get the pill.
He just wanted to test this maid just now but he didn’t expect her reaction to be so intense.

“I’m just asking, I’m not pregnant yet.” Wen Chi said hastily, “Get up.”

The maid didn’t seem to hear Wen Chi and she kept on rambling: “Young Master Wen, the matter of the child is a big one, so you must not take a decision about it alone.
Even if you don’t think about the child, you must also think about His Highness the Crown Prince.

It seems that what Wen Chi said just now left a big shadow in the maid’s heart.
The more she talked, the more she couldn’t stop, which made Wen Chi helpless.
He could only echo a few times saying that he understood.

But having said that, if he is really pregnant, would giving birth to a child be for Shi Ye’s sake?

There are still so many men and women living in the Eastern Palace, which one can’t bear children for him?

Besides, Shi Ye might not necessarily want his eldest son to come out of his stomach.

The more Wen Chi thought about it, the more he thought of those men and women in the Eastern Palace headed by Li Yu1(the male concubine who laughed saying the painting was a chicken) who were staring at Shi Ye like wolves and tigers.
For some reason, he suddenly felt a strong discomfort in his heart.

When he first entered the Eastern Palace, he never thought of having any relationship with Shi Ye and he didn’t care how many men and women Shi Ye had, but now…

Wen Chi held his forehead.

He knew he was done for…

He had actually started to care about these things.

When Wen Chi calmed down his thoughts, the maid who was kneeling on the ground had almost finished talking.

“Get up.” Wen Chi sighed, “I was just asking you and I won’t ask that again in the future.”

The maid received Wen Chi’s promise and only then did she stand up with her bowls and plates with trepidation.

Wen Chi said again: “Go and do your work.”

The maid said: “Yes.”

With that, the maid left the room as quickly as possible, for fear that if she walked a step slower, Wen Chi would say something else to her again.

Wen Chi stood there for a while and began to think erratically again.

In fact, he didn’t lie just now, he didn’t really want contraceptive pills.
He just wanted to know if there was any contraception in this world.
For one thing, he didn’t know if he would get pregnant, and for another, he didn’t reject the arrival of a child.

He was an orphan before and he has never experienced the warmth given by his parents.
After he came to this world, the so-called family members around him were worse than strangers and more difficult to deal with.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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Even if the child he gave birth will face a very difficult situation, he would still give birth to the child without hesitation and try his best to protect the child.

Wen Chi thought for a long time before he remembered that he had stood Liu De up, so he was about to go downstairs to find Liu De to ask for leave.
But when he opened the door, Zuo Zhi was outside his door.

Zuo Zhi had her back to the door and when she heard the sound of the door opening, she turned her head and asked, “What orders does Young Master Wen have?”

Wen Chi said, “I’m going to look for Brother Liu.”

Zuo Zhi smiled very lightly, “It’s getting late, Young Master Wen should go back inside and rest.
This servant has already asked Liu De for a few days’ leave for you.”

As for why he asked for leave, both Wen Chi and Zuo Zhi knew it well.

Although Wen Chi never had a girlfriend or slept with anyone in his previous life, he always thought that this kind of thing was quite private and since two of them knew about it, there was no need for other people to know about it, but now…

Depressed and helpless, Wen Chi couldn’t say anything more, thanked Zuo Zhi and went back to his room.

By now, the sky was getting dark.

Normally, Wen Chi would have taken a bath and gone to bed to rest but now he was so uncomfortable that he could neither sit nor lie down, so he could only keep standing. 

Fortunately, Shi Ye cleaned it for him last night, so he didn’t need to trouble himself again.

After a long time standing like this, Wen Chi called to Zuo Zhi, who was guarding outside and asked Zuo Zhi to fetch him some water to wash his face.

Zuo Zhi got the order, and immediately prepared the water and washing tools together with the other maids and placed them neatly on the wooden stand.
After Wen Chi said that they didn’t need their service, they retreated quietly.

Wen Chi walked to the wooden frame, rinsed his mouth reluctantly, picked up the handkerchief and soaked it in the water.
Then he heard a creak from the outer room behind him as if someone had come in.

“Zuo Zhi?”


1(the male concubine who laughed saying the painting was a chicken)

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