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Chapter 9.2

Wen Chi, who suddenly became the focus of the audience, was at a loss.
He quickly turned his eyes to Eunuch Zhu for help.

It’s a pity that Eunuch Zhu, who had protected him just now, has become a qualified wooden man, tucking his hands away, eyes looking at his nose and mouth with concern.

Wen Chi looked at Shi Ye again.

However, Shi Ye didn’t even mean to open his eyes, as if he didn’t know his arrival at all.

Wen Chi was under heavy pressure and was sweating coldly.
After thinking for a while, he walked towards the old couch where he had sat before and sat down under the unbelievable gazes of several officials.

Those officials have been with the crown prince for two or three years.
Although it can’t be considered as a long time, they have probably figured out the Crown Prince’s temperament.
The Crown Prince, as rumored outside, has a strange temper, is unpredictable, and treats human lives like straw.

But only those who follow the prince know that the crown prince’s greatest trait is his strong sense of domain, especially for his own things and his own territory.

If someone accidentally stepped in or accidentally touched his things, he might not even know how he died.

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But, at this moment, a young man sat down grandly under the crown prince’s eyes and the most important thing was that the crown prince didn’t say anything or even open his eyelids, as if this was just a trivial matter.

The crown prince didn’t say anything but several officials were so frightened that the clothes behind them were soaked with cold sweat.

They wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes.
This is not the style of the crown prince at all… 

They don’t know who this young man was…

Wen Chi sat for a while and found that the eyes of the officials were still drifting towards him from time to time.
He quietly glanced at the crown prince who was dozing off with his eyes closed and then at Eunuch Zhu, who looked like he had almost melted into thin air.
So he put on a bold face and said.
: “Your excellency, please continue.
Just treat me as if I’m not here.”

Several officials: “…”

The cold sweats on their bodies became more and more profuse.

What they were talking about were important affairs of the common people and state secrets and even the second-class maid and eunuch who served next to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince had been dismissed.
Where did this young man get the courage to let them pretend he didn’t exist?

Thinking of this, several officials felt a little annoyed and they also wondered what the crown prince was thinking.

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After thinking about it, one of the officials boldly stepped forward, bowed, arched his hand to Shi Ye and said: “Your Highness, this minister……”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Shi Ye indifferently: “Just do what he said.”

The officials’ voices came to an abrupt halt.

They looked at each other and after a while, they had to continue the previous conversation.

Wen Chi listened carefully for a while and found these officials were talking about Shi Jin, the fourth prince.
It seemed that an official of the Ministry of Justice who was close to Shi Jin and several local government offices colluded with each other to take advantage of the recent rise of locusts in Jinzhou to secretly make money from the national disaster.

In this regard, several officials have different opinions.

Some suggested to report the matter directly to His Majesty and let His Majesty decide; others suggested to stay put first and then lure the snake out of the hole; the remaining one suggested making a secret move in the middle and take this opportunity to pull out followers of the fourth prince

At the end of the day, none of the officials discussed the locust plague in Jinzhou and only spoke about the fourth prince and the remaining princes.

When Wen Chi heard the word “locust plague”, he could not help but frown.

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In the plot of the novel, the protagonist gong, the fourth prince, Shi Jin, made great contributions to this locust plague and gradually began to be reused by the emperor.

Of course, the help of Wen Liang and his system is indispensable.

Wen Chi always thought that the Jinzhou locust plague was a plot specially designed for Shi Jin and Wen Liang.
He didn’t expect that the crown prince was also worried about this matter – oh wrong, only those officials were worried.  On the contrary, the crown prince and his followers had nothing to do with himself.

Several officials argued endlessly, their faces flushed but in the end they did not come up with a single solution.

Just when the air gradually solidified, the crown prince finally opened his eyes and his eyes fell on Wen Chi, who was as quiet as a chicken.

Then he said: “You tell me.”

 “…” Wen Chi felt the glances of the officials and said embarrassedly, “His Royal Highness, I am stupid and has only read a few poetry books, which is not enough in order to express opinions on national affairs.”

“Well in that case..” Shi Ye put his chin on his hand, tilted his head and said calmly, “Among them, whose words can convince you more?”

Wen Chi: “…”

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Damn, this dog prince, trying to force him to stand in line again!

 “I have just listened to the words of several lords and think that each of them is extremely right.” Wen Chi carefully chose a neutral answer.

“Oh?” Shi Ye smiled lightly but there was no smile in his eyes, “Then how do you think this matter should be resolved?”

Several officials also stared at Wen Chi.

Wen Chi felt that he was about to be stared bald at by those people.
With some bitterness in his heart, he deliberated for a moment and whispered, “Just now, I heard several lords talking about so many methods.
I dare to ask a question, do several lords have a solution to manage the locust plague?”

An official said strangely: “The management of the locust plague is the matter of the fourth prince, why should we come up with ideas?”

Wen Chi said: “If the problems that plagued the fourth prince are solved by your lords, I think His Majesty will also be impressed by you and as for other problems, won’t they all be solved?”

Several officials: “…”

The problem is that they don’t have a method to control the locust plague!


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