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Chapter 78.2

Wen Chi was shocked when he realized that he had said the wrong thing, so he hurriedly sputtered and frantically patched himself up, “I must have said it wrong, I said it’s awesome.
Just now there was too much wind and my speech was slurred, Your Highness don’t blame me.”

Fortunately, Shi Ye didn’t pay attention to this and chuckled: “Yeah, it’s also pretty cool1(Shi Ye also used the slang term) when you get captured in the sky.”

Wen Chi: “…”

This dog prince knows how to tear him down.

Because Shi Ye could slow down, it took a long time before they came to a courtyard.

From a distance, he saw many guards guarding the courtyard and those guards were walking around vigilantly.

Wen Chi couldn’t help becoming nervous and immediately retreated: “Forget it, I don’t want to go, let’s go back.”

Shi Ye continued to move forward without saying a word.

Wen Chi tugged Shi Ye’s clothes: “Shi Ye, let’s go back, there are too many people in front, we will definitely be discovered.”

Shi Ye was tugged by Wen Chi for a long time before he leisurely spat out the words, “They are all here ……”

Wen Chi: “…”

For the first time, he knew that the four words “They are all here” can still be used in this kind of place.

Seeing that they were getting closer and closer to the courtyard, Wen Chi became more and more nervous and the hands holding Shi Ye’s clothes trembled a little.
Even if Shi Ye’s identity was discovered, he wouldn’t be punished but just imagining that scene made him feel extremely embarrassed.

As they approached the courtyard, Wen Chi simply closed his eyes.

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When he opened his eyes again, Shi Ye had managed to avoid all those guards and landed on a roof steadily.

There were several trees in front of them, so they were well hidden.

Shi Ye put Wen Chi down and put one hand on his waist.

From their perspective, they could clearly see an open window obliquely below.
There was a square table near the window, with various pictures placed in a mess on it.
Looking carefully, it seemed to be something like a map.

There were several people standing beside the square table, as if they were discussing something in a low voice.

Wen Chi listened for a while but he couldn’t hear what they were saying clearly.
But he could vaguely feel that the atmosphere among those few people was not pleasant, probably because they had their own differences of opinion.

Wen Chi was puzzled: “What are they arguing about?”

Compared with the tense atmosphere inside the room, Shi Ye, who was standing on the eaves and eavesdropping, looked leisurely and content, clearly like an outsider who didn’t mind the commotion.

“The kidnappers haven’t been wiped out yet and they have plenty of work to do.”

The doubt on Wen Chi’s face turned into surprise: “…… It’s been so long since then, and they still haven’t caught those kidnappers?”

Moreover, Shi Ye killed so many kidnappers with his bare hands, so there should not be many kidnappers left.

Shi Ye said: “The kidnappers in each den have hostages in their hands.
They don’t want the kidnappers to take the opportunity to hurt the hostages but they also want to capture the kidnappers alive.
Unfortunately, how can there be the best of both worlds?”

Wen Chi was silent.

No wonder he waited for so long but instead of Shi Jin, Shi Ye who was far away in Jinzhou came to save him.

According to Shi Jin’s rescue speed, if he had to wait for Shi Jin to rescue him, his body would probably be buried under the soil by then.

Wen Chi smiled awkwardly: “Prince Xuan is really cautious.”

Shi Ye sneered: “He is just a piece of trash.”

Wen Chi: “…”

This was the dog prince cursing, it was none of his business.

Shi Ye made no secret of his contempt for Shi Jin, his words were full of disdain: “The emperor has long known that Shi Jin is indecisive, that’s why he put Lin Zhe by his side.
Lin Zhe is impulsive and reckless, so their characters complement each other, it’s a pity ……”

After saying that, he paused, with a happy smile on his face, “The mud can’t support the wall2(Mud cannot support the wall is a Chinese term , which basically means that the mud is too thin to stick to the wall.
It is a metaphor for poor ability or low level), Shi Jin not only failed to complement Lin Zhe but dragged Lin Zhe down.”

When reading novels before, Wen Chi knew that the dog prince had always looked down on the protagonist Gong Shi Jin.

It’s a pity that no matter how much you attack the protagonist with the protagonist’s aura, even if he is a bit of a loser at the beginning, he can still make a strong comeback at the end with his own efforts and with the help arranged by the author.

Therefore, Wen Chi didn’t dare to offend the protagonists Gong and Shou in the novel.

“Shi Ye.” He tugged on Shi Ye’s clothes, “I want to go back.”

Shi Ye said: “Forget it, this trash is not worth our time.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Forget it, just let him curse.

A villain who doesn’t curse at the protagonist is not a good villain.


The speed of going back was much faster than when they came and Shi Ye returned to the loft with Wen Chi in his arms in just one stick of incense3(30min).

Zuo Zhi was waiting outside the door, looking a little anxious and when he saw Shi Ye and Wen Chi, she hurried up to meet them.

“Your Royal Highness.” Zuo Zhi glanced at Wen Chi who was put down by Shi Ye, and lowered her voice, “Something has happened over there.”

Shi Ye hummed lightly, as if he didn’t take Zuo Zhi’s anxiety to heart.
He patted Wen Chi on the back lightly to let Wen Chi enter the room and then disappeared at the corner of the stairs with Zuo Zhi – they went downstairs directly.

Wen Chi returned to the room and closed the door.

He scratched his hair, remembering Zuo Zhi’s anxious look just now, suddenly he was curious about what happened.

But curiosity is curiosity, but he dare not ask.

Wen Chi is a very witty person.
He knew that this kind of curiosity was fruitless, so he didn’t let himself continue to be curious.
He sat at the table to rest for a while and suddenly heard a knock on the door.


Wen Chi thought it was Shi Ye who had returned and even his steps became much lighter.

However, when he opened the door, he saw a few maidservants standing outside carrying buckets.

Wen Chi was obviously stumped for a moment, he was momentarily at a loss but this emotion was quickly tucked away by him.

He took a few steps back and asked the maidservants to carry the barrel into the room.

After the maids left, Wen Chi took off his clothes and soaked his naked body in the barrel.

It has to be said that the maids were very well prepared, even the towels and the rose petals for bathing were all prepared and they were neatly placed on the wooden stand next to the barrel.

However, Wen Chi was not interested in these things.
He sat in the wooden barrel with his hands folded on his knees, staring straight at the cabinet directly in front of him—the wooden box that was placed on the first shelf.

Suddenly, he remembered Shi Ye’s inspection.

He didn’t know what the results of the inspection would be.

But Wen Chi is also a very self-aware person with his timid performance tonight, he is afraid that he will not pass Shi Ye’s inspection,

Wen Chi felt that the water was hotter than usual and the lingering fog made his mind confused.

He thought about a bunch of things in a mess and in the end, he didn’t even know what he was thinking.

He thought he was really confused ……

Otherwise, why would he stand up from the barrel and walk straight towards the cabinet.

Anyway, he couldn’t pass Shi Ye’s inspection, so it’s better to try the thinnest jade first.


T/N – Wen Chi’s mouth keep saying no, but his actions speaks otherwise.

1(Shi Ye also used the slang term)2(Mud cannot support the wall is a Chinese term , which basically means that the mud is too thin to stick to the wall.
It is a metaphor for poor ability or low level)3(30min)

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