the fire and his legs were disabled, the author seems to have forgotten this setting from then on.

From the beginning to the end of the novel, the crown prince is always shown as a disfigured handicapped person.

Wen Chi suddenly felt lost.
He found that Shi Ye had experienced too many things that were not described in the novel and there were too many people around Shi Ye whose names were not mentioned in the novel.

For an unknown reason he felt an uncontrollable range that left him feeling confused.

“Have you thought about it?

Shi Ye’s voice brought back Wen Chi from his thoughts.
He hurriedly thought about it and asked, “Can I go and see Prince Xuan and General Lin?”

After being separated for so long, he didn’t know what’s going on with Prince Xuan and General Lin…

Of course, the only people Wen Chi knew were Prince Xuan and General Lin.

Oh, and also Hua Zi Zang.

But even if Wen Chi had a hundred guts, he wouldn’t dare to say that he was going to see Hua Zi Zang at this moment, unless he was tired of living.

Wen Chi had a lot of twists and turns in his heart but on the surface he quietly observed Shi Ye’s reaction.

Shi Ye nodded and said, “Okay.”

Before Wen Chi could speak, he smelled a ray of fragrance into his nostrils.
He was taken aback for a moment and when he looked up, he saw Shi Ye’s tall figure approaching and then easily hugged him horizontally.

“Your Royal Highness!” Wen Chi was caught off guard, he exclaimed and put his hands around Shi Ye’s neck reflexively.

After Wen Chi finished this series of movements so smoothly, did he realize he had done it too naturally, as if he had done it a thousand times before.

But then again…

He has indeed traveled with Shi Ye many times and by now, not only Shi Ye was able to pick him up with ease, but he was also able to find a suitable place in Shi Ye’s arms with ease.

Shi Ye leaped very fast through the night, with just a flicker from his body, he went from one landing spot to another.

Wen Chi habitually buried his face in Shi Ye’s arms so he couldn’t see the surrounding scenery and he could only feel the hot wind whistling into his neck.

At that moment, a cold hand touched his neck, pressing and squeezing it.

Wen Chi felt itchy and shrank his neck.

Unexpectedly, Shi Ye directly pinched the itchy flesh on his neck.

Wen Chi remained motionless for a moment, like a cat whose nape was pinched.

Shi Ye’s cold voice followed the wind into Wen Chi’s ears: “Raise your head.”

Wen Chi was a little scared and hesitated for a long time, only revealing a pair of round eyes from Shi Ye’s arms.

He looked up at Shi Ye’s chin and saw that the corners of Shi Ye’s mouth were slightly pursed, with a serious expression on his face.

“If you can’t even overcome your fear of heights, how will you learn to use qingong in the future?” Shi Ye said.

“I, I’ll take my time.” Wen Chi looked at the rapidly retreating scenery below, panicked and hurriedly buried his face in Shi Ye’s arms, so that his voice sounded a little muffled, “I’m really scared.”

Shi Ye slowed down: “How about now?”

Wen Chi struggled for a moment, but still boldly raised his head from Shi Ye’s arms, and he looked down cautiously.

Below is the same scenery as before, perhaps because Shi Ye slowed down, Wen Chi no longer felt so dizzy.

“It’s much better.” Wen Chi held the clothes on Shi Ye’s chest tightly with both hands, and looked down and after looking down for a long time, the fear in his heart disappeared a lot.

Hearing this, Shi Ye slowed down again.

Wen Chi kept staring down and was a bit amused.
The fear in his eyes gradually turned into surprise and he turned his head and said to Shi Ye, “Qinggong is so amazing, it’s like you are flying.”

Shi Ye noticed Wen Chi’s sparkling eyes and there was a smile at the corner of his mouth that he didn’t even notice but it was so shallow that Wen Chi couldn’t even notice it.

“Learning qingong is not as easy as you think.
It depends on concentration and experience.
If your qingong skill are no better than others running on the ground, then it’s better not to learn.”

“That’s different.” Wen Chi thought clearly, “Flying in the sky is much cooler2(Wen Chi is using the modern slang language and saying it’s cool) than running on the ground.”

Shi Ye’s eyes flickered: “Cool?”



1(The horse stance is the most basic stance for practicing martial arts)2(Wen Chi is using the modern slang language and saying it’s cool)

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