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Chapter 76.2

He hurriedly stuffed the white porcelain box back into the paper, folded the paper back to its original shape and stuffed them together into the wooden box.

After closing the cabinet door, he took a deep breath.
For some reason, he felt like he had opened the door to a new world.
He never imagined that there was so much to the relationship between the two men.

He thought…

Ah, never mind.

Forget about it.

If he thought about it any longer, he would get dirty.

Wen Chi shook his head, only then did he remember that Liu De was still waiting for him downstairs, so he turned and walked out.

When he reached the door, he stopped again.

After struggling for some time, he turned around and walked back to the cabinet, opened the door and took out the scroll inside.

Wen Chi found a good place and hung the scroll on the wall facing the head of the bed, so that as long as he was lying on the bed, he would see the four big characters on it when he opened his eyes.

Heaven rewards hard work!

He must work hard to practice martial arts, so that those jades will be useless!

Wen Chi clenched his fist and with the determination to piss off the dog prince, he went downstairs bravely.


Downstairs, Liu De had been waiting for a while.

But he was used to waiting and stood still like a poplar tree, blinking as if he would come to life only when Wen Chi came to him.

Practicing martial arts is not an easy task, especially for an ordinary person like Wen Chi who has no foundation at all.
It is equivalent to teaching a baby to walk and run from scratch.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Liu De understands that one bite does not make a big fat man, so he does not intend to teach too many complicated things, but to let Wen Chi start from laying the foundation.

And physical fitness is the premise of laying a good foundation.

Liu De took a pen and paper and thoughtfully formulated a plan for Wen Chi to improve his physical fitness.
In short, it was the ancient version of military training, even more bitter and tiring than military training.

When Wen Chi saw clearly the content on the paper, his eyes went dark and he almost fainted in shock.

Fortunately, Liu De helped him quickly.

After Wen Chi gained a firm foothold, he immediately boldly fought for his own rights and interests: “No, you have listed too much and I can’t take so much at once.”

In front of Liu De, Wen Chi was no longer a cowardly dog and even spoke a lot more arrogantly.

Facing Wen Chi’s questioning, Liu De didn’t change his face: “Young Master Wen, when I was learning martial arts, my master was more severe than me.
The content I listed is just the tip of the iceberg of my experience.”

Wen Chi also held his ground, “I’m not like you, you do martial arts for a living, I just practice for fun.”

Liu De said: “Young Master Wen is really just practicing for fun?”

Wen Chi was quite sure at first but after Liu De asked, he, who was essentially an idiot, was not sure anymore.
He scratched his head and clenched his sleeves, most of the arrogance just now had gone.

“…… should be, right?” Wen Chi whispered, “I don’t do martial arts for a living, there’s no need to practice that hard.”

The main reason is that he is too tired and he just wants to be a salted fish…

At this moment, Wen Chi suddenly had the feeling of being forced to do the test paper by the school bully, when it was clear that he just wanted to be a school slag in peace.

Liu De remained calm, he didn’t even change his expression and calmly threw a bomb: “But His Royal Highness isn’t just letting Young Master Wen practice for fun.”

Wen Chi: “…”

The rest of his arrogance disappeared without a trace in an instant and he shrank his neck timidly.

All right.

”The dog prince” card was a big mountain that Liu De can use to crush him into slag.

Seeing that Wen Chi was silent, Liu De hit while the iron was hot: “His Highness is also thinking of the safety of Young Master Wen.
No matter how many guards you have around you, they are not as useful as if you knew one or two moves.  I hope you can understand His Highness’ good intentions.”

Wen Chi sighed and nodded silently.

How could he feel that Shi Ye’s good intentions were all placed on those jades.

After all, Liu De is an old man and still understood the principle of giving sweets after a slap on the wrist.  After Wen Chi reluctantly nodded his head, Liu De picked up a pen and crossed out most of the content on the paper, leaving only a few content that looked a little easier.

“Young Master Wen, today is your first day learning martial arts, so we will start from the simple, then from simple to difficult ones, what do you think?”

Wen Chi watched as most of the dense content on the paper was crossed out, his heart couldn’t be happier and so he agreed without even thinking about it.

He watched Liu De put away the paper and said from the bottom of his heart, “Brother Da De, you are so kind.”

Liu De froze, turned his head and saw Wen Chi staring at him with those sparkling almond eyes.
His eyes were shining so brightly that Liu De was momentarily dazed.

For some reason, Liu De felt guilty.

What he had done just now was just his ploy.
As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning, so he had to guide Wen Ji to take this first step.

Wen Chi will not know how strict his half master is until tomorrow.

But all of this was ordered by His Royal Highness…


Wen Chi didn’t know what Liu De was thinking, he concentrated on today’s training.

Although there wasn’t much training today, Wen Chi was so tired that when he lay on the bed he couldn’t get up.

He was used to a relaxed and lazy life before and suddenly he was stressed out, both mentally and physically.

After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Wen Chi vaguely felt someone standing in front of the bed.

He wanted to open his eyes to see who that person was but his eyelids were too heavy and he failed to open his eyes after several attempts, so he gave up and continued to fall asleep.

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