r a moment and Wen Chi gave in first: “I’m sorry.”

Shi Ye’s eyelashes were thick and long, like raven feathers, and they twitched twice gently, “Why are you apologizing?”

Wen Chi knew in his heart that he shouldn’t lie but how could he dare to say such things, so he quietly changed his wordings, “I thought you were going to be a father, but unfortunately I thought wrong ……”

He thought Shi Ye was angry but little did he know that after hearing his words, Shi Ye would actually turn around and comfort him.

“It’s okay.” Shi Ye was very calm, “We still have long days ahead of us, as long as the heavens reward us, we will have children.”

Wen Chi: “…”

No no no, that’s not what he meant!

Shi Ye stroked his hair with his hand: “Don’t be sad.”

Wen Chi: “…”

He’s really not sad!

Wen Chi wondered whether he should say something to justify his reputation but unfortunately Shi Ye didn’t give him this opportunity, he just told him to rest today and start practicing martial arts from tomorrow.

Wen Chi suddenly froze and when he looked at Shi Ye again, he found that those bright black eyes were filled with a wry smile.

“Since you are not pregnant, then you must work hard to avoid being punished.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Wen Chi was so frustrated that he couldn’t speak, he seemed to see the end of the world coming.


The next day, Wen Chi was forced to start a hard life of martial arts training.

He thought that Shi Ye would come to teach him in person but he didn’t expect that when he went down to the hall on the first floor, he only saw Liu De’s figure.

Liu De became much more silent and when he saw Wen Chi, he was no longer as cordial as before, instead he respectfully called him Young Master Wen.

Wen Chi also smiled and said, “Brother Da De.”

Unexpectedly, after hearing his greeting, Liu De’s expression suddenly changed.
He waved his hands quickly and said, “Young Master Wen, just call me by my name.”

Wen Chi didn’t expect Liu De’s reaction to be so intense, and was confused for a moment.

Seeing this, Liu De explained: “Before, we did not know the true identity of Young Master Wen and were disrespectful to you.
So please forgive me and my brother for our disrespect.”

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Hearing this, Wen Chi finally understood why Liu De and Liu Shan looked at him so strangely—it turned out that they didn’t know that he was Shi Ye’s person before, but now that they knew, they naturally had to keep a distance.

Wen Chi sighed in his heart but he understood what they were doing.

Liu De took Wen Chi to the clearing outside.
Before teaching him, he still didn’t forget Shi Ye’s instructions and took out a calligraphy scroll from somewhere and handed it to Wen Chi: “Young Master Wen, this is a gift from His Highness to Young Master Wen, wishing Young Master Wen to succeed in his studies.”

Wen Chi took the calligraphy scroll suspiciously.

Although he had a psychological shadow on the two wooden boxes Shi Ye gave him, a word painting should not have any embarrassing content …… unless Shi Ye had painted another phoenix on it that looked like a chicken.

But even if he did, it wouldn’t damage his reputation.

Wen Chi thought as he opened the calligraphy scroll.

The calligraphy scroll was spread out and on the snow-white paper were four large words written in a dragon’s flight – Heaven rewards hard work.


Liu De who was next to him also saw these big characters that were written vigorously and perfectly.
Even though he was a rough man who didn’t know many characters, he couldn’t help but admire the good calligraphy of His Highness the Crown Prince.

After sighing, he looked at Wen Chi again.

Liu De thought he would see Wen Chi’s face full of joy, instead Wen Chi’s entire face was so dark as if it was stuck in the bottom of an ink pot.


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