sat down on the lower right side of Shi Ye.

Not long after, Zuo Zhi came back, holding several blue-shell booklets in both hands and handed them to Hua Zi Zang.

Hua Zi Zang, was so embarrassed that he was distracted but he finally calmed down only to see the word “male” and the word “pregnant” on the blue booklets.
He felt the sky spinning in front of him and suddenly regretted having agreed to come to Jinzhou with General Lin.

However, the matter is a foregone conclusion, the man sitting on the main seat is still the master he can’t afford to offend.
He reached out to take the few books, pretending to read them calmly – only the slightly trembling hands exposed his feelings.

Although he was very repulsive in his heart, Hua Zi Zang still looked at it very seriously.

After about a cup of tea, he closed the first book.

“Young Master Wen.” Hua Zi Zang called out to Wen Chi but his eyes were looking at Shi Ye who was sitting in the main seat, “May I take your pulse?”

Before Wen Chi could reply, Shi Ye said, “Yes.”

So Zuo Zhi brought a chair, put it next to Hua Zi Zang and asked Wen Chi to sit in it.

At this moment, Wen Chi was no longer hesitant to confess, as Hua Zi Zang could diagnose that he was not pregnant anyway, so Hua Zi Zang might as well tell Shi Ye the truth.

So Wen Chi quietly followed Hua Zi Zang’s instructions and put his left hand on the table.

Hua Zi Zang put his fingertips on his wrist.

He could see that it was the first time Hua Zi Zang had done such a thing and the awkwardness and embarrassment in his expression was almost impossible to conceal.
He kept his eyes downcast, as if Wen Chi was a monster that wanted to eat people and he did not even dare to look at him.

However, Hua Zi Zang has practiced medicine for many years, has sufficient experience and is fairly proficient in techniques.

After taking the pulse, Hua Zi Zang asked Wen Chi to switch to his right hand and continue taking his pulse.

This went back and forth many times.

Hua Zi Zang’s brows furrowed deeper and deeper and as if he seemed to sense something and let out a soft sigh.

At first Wen Chi was sitting on the chair relatively relaxed but when he saw Hua Zi Zang’s reaction, he straightened his back and stared nervously at Hua Zi Zang.


Could it be that he is really pregnant?

But the last time he and Shi Ye were only halfway through and even if he could really conceive, Shi Ye didn’t leave that thing inside, how could he get pregnant by himself?

At this time, Shi Ye’s voice came from behind Wen Chi: “How is he?”

Wen Chi didn’t know if it was his illusion,but he also heard a bit of nervousness in Shi Ye’s voice.

Because of this, Wen Chi became even more nervous and almost forgot how to breathe.

“The situation is a bit complicated…” Hua Zi Zang said after deliberating.
He paused, and then he looked up at Wen Chi, “Young Master Wen, can you tell me what you have eaten these days?”

Wen Chi was stunned for a moment and thought for a while: “It’s the normal three meals a day.”

A few days ago, he was imprisoned in that courtyard by the kidnappers and he ate whatever the kidnappers gave him.
Although the food there was good, if he wanted to describe in detail what he ate, he still needed to think carefully. 

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Hua Zi Zang saw that Wen Chi couldn’t explain in detail, so he turned his head to Shi Ye: “Your Royal Highness.”

Shi Ye naturally understood what Hua Zi Zang meant and immediately called Zuo Zhi, asking Zuo Zhi to call Liu De and Liu Shan brothers over.

Zuo Zhi’s movements were very quick, as if she had performed qingong and she brought the two brothers back without making them wait too long.

When they came to the main hall, all three of them were out of breath.


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