>Wen Chi’s tense expression visibly relaxed.

Shi Ye said again: “Bengong didn’t kill anyone else either.”

Wen Chi  was somewhat puzzled, he didn’t know why Shi Ye said this suddenly but since Shi Ye had said that, he still praised him: “Your Royal Highness is kind-hearted, and they will definitely thank Your Royal Highness for his help.”

“Bengong don’t need their thanks.” Shi Ye grabbed Wen Chi’s wrist and forced him closer when Wen Chi was caught off guard, because he was so close, the hot air from his words sprayed all over Wen Ji’s face, “Now that they are delayed with, it’s your turn now”


His turn to what?

Although Wen Chi didn’t know what Shi Ye was talking about,  he knew straight away that what Shi Ye was going to say was definitely not good, so he pretended to be dumb, “Your Highness, it’s getting late, why don’t we wait until tomorrow to talk about it ……”

Unexpectedly, Shi Ye was stubborn and refused straight away: “No.”

The ominous premonition in Wen Chi’s heart was getting stronger and stronger, he wanted to lean on the bed but was pulled back by Shi Ye.

Shi Ye turned his palm and the wooden box appeared in his hand at some point.

Wen Chi stared at the wooden box.

“The rest of the mess, that trash Shi Jin won’t be able to solve it in ten days or so.
It just so happens that Bengong is free, and Bengong intends to teach you a trick or two, so that you won’t be unable to defend yourself even a little in the future.”  Shi Ye’s voice gradually turned into a whisper and his voice was nice, almost like a strange uncle coaxing children.


If you want to teach martial arts, you should teach martial arts.
What do you want to do with that shameful wooden box?

Wen Chi resisted in his heart and when he saw the wooden box, his cheeks blushed and he resisted even more.

“No, no, no…” The resistance in Wen Chi’s heart was beyond words and he shook his head vigorously, “Your Royal Highness, I am not interested in learning martial arts.”

Shi Ye’s expression darkened.

Wen Chi hesitated for a second, shrinking his neck like a quail but still trying to fight for the last bit of freedom for himself: “I’m just like Young Master Hua, I’m also a good-for-nothing, I’m not suitable for martial arts.”

“I’m ordering you, not asking for your opinion.” Shi Ye’s eyes became darker and the words carried a force that could not be denied, “Your have to agree even if you want to agree, if you don’t agree, then you still have to agree”

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Wen Chi: “…”

Fine, it’s just practicing martial arts.

Who let him be a wimp?

Under Shi Ye’s intimidation, the defenseless Wen Chi instantly raised the white flag of surrender.


Wen Chi’s eyes drifted to the wooden box in Shi Ye’s hand: “Your Royal Highness, are you taking that for…?”

Shi Ye’s face has always been expressionless but at this moment he slightly hooked the corners of his mouth, revealing a sly fox-like smile.
Coupled with his beautiful pair of phoenix eyes, he was a breathtaking beauty in an instant.
He chuckled softly: “I am a person who clearly distinguishes between rewards and punishments.
If you meet my requirements, I will be able to satisfy any of your wishes.
If you fail to meet my requirements…”

The meaning behind is already self-evident.

Wen Chi glanced at Shi Ye in bewilderment and then at the wooden box in Shi Ye’s hand.

Afterwards, Shi Ye finished the rest of the sentence: “You can use this jade to punish yourself, one piece at a time, how about it?”

Wen Chi: “…”

1 (Qinggong is a real practice in traditional Chinese martial arts .
Practicing light exercises does not make the weight lighter, but it can greatly improve the ability to run, jump, dodge and maneuver, and can stand or move on objects that cannot bear weight, and even lift the air by using light and small objects to lift the air.
It belongs to martial arts.
class of techniques.
Qinggong practice method is cumbersome and laborious, and it is not easy to practice)

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