ng, “Are you going to tell me or not?”

Hua Zi Zang didn’t even raise his head, as if he didn’t hear the voice of the leader of the kidnappers.

The leader of the kidnappers was angry: “Even if you don’t say it, I can beat you to say it, Ah Yao!”

He was calling the younger brother from earlier.

Unfortunately, the little brother did not make a sound.

The leader of the kidnappers waited for a while but he didn’t hear any footsteps and suddenly became impatient: “Ah Yao, get your ass over here!”

The younger brother remained silent.

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The leader of the kidnappers lost his patience and turned his head, only then did he notice belatedly the smell of blood in the air.

He saw two men in black robes standing in front of several open wooden boxes.
The masks covered the faces of the two people and at their feet… a person whose neck had been broken lay silently on the floor.

The leader of the kidnapper never expected to see this scene, he was stunned.
He had no idea where these two people came from, when they stood behind him and how they killed so many people without making a sound .

At the same time, a few younger brothers standing beside the leader of the kidnappers were also shocked.

The leader of the kidnappers took a deep breath, shouted in fear and anger, “Who are you?”

The shorter man in black robe seemed to be very frightened, leaning tremblingly against the taller man in black robe, while the taller black robed man held the wooden box in his hand.
His long sharpened fingertips gently clasped the box, his gaze flicked around the wooden box, then landed on the kidnapper leader’s hand, “Bring it here.”

“…” The leader of the kidnappers suddenly understood that the other party was coming for these jade bars.
He clutched the jade strips in his hand and jumped in anger, “I am asking you, who are you? You dare to kill my men, believe it or not I’ll peel your skin!”

Who knew that the man in black robe didn’t take his threats seriously at all, looked at him as if he was looking at a clown and chuckled lightly: “You’re not going to bring it over, are you?”

Seeing that the black-robed man ignored his words, the leader of the kidnappers turned livid with anger but he was afraid of the black-robed man’s skill, so he raised his chin to the younger brothers beside him: “Go and catch them.”

The younger brothers timidly carried the knife and went ahead.

But even before they had time to get close to the black-robed man, they saw the black-robed man suddenly approaching them, with the flick of his palm, hitting them at an extremely fast speed.

They didn’t even realize what happened just now, they paused, lowered their heads and looked at their chests in a daze – their clothes were shattered and their chests were already bloody.

The kidnappers fell one by one and finally only the leader of the kidnappers remained.

The leader of the kidnapper was so frightened by the bloody and terrifying scene that his crotch became hot, his legs limp and he fell to the ground.
Before the man in black came to him, he quickly rolled and crawled towards him.


1(maid who serves in bed)2(The metaphor for not knowing how to stand up and how to tell good or bad  and is derived from the Beijing opera “Red Lantern: Fighting Hatoyama at a Banquet”.)

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