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Chapter 71.2

Wen Chi couldn’t bear to look anymore and turned away.

But having said that, Shi Ye kept saying that he would go to Hua Zi Zang to ask for the wooden box but wasn’t Hua Zi Zang also taken away by the kidnappers?

Wen Chi thought that Hua Zi Zang was rescued by Shi Ye just like him and was temporarily placed somewhere but who knew that Shi Ye “flyed” in mid-air for a certain distance and landed lightly on a roof.

At this moment, the sky had completely darkened.

Wen Chi fell off the roof once not long ago, so he had a psychological shadow on this kind of place, so he quickly hugged Shi Ye tightly.

Fortunately, Shi Ye didn’t intend to put him down and held him in his arms easily like holding a baby.

“Your Highness, aren’t we going down?”  Wen Chi put his arms around Shi Ye’s neck, poking his head to see the occasional figures passing by below.

He didn’t understand why Shi Ye liked to stand on other people’s roofs so much.

In the end, Shi Ye said calmly: “If you want to be caught by them, I can let you go.”

“…” Wen Chi seemed to understand something and asked tentatively, “Your Royal Highness, where is this place?”

Shi Ye said: “The kidnapper’s den where they hide hostages.”

Wen Chi asked: “Young Master Hua is here too?”

Speaking of Hua Zi Zang, Shi Ye’s eyes immediately became strange.
Even though he was wearing a mask that covered his entire face, Wen Chi could still imagine the smirk on his face and he said, “Of course.”

It was only then that Wen Chi realized that he had guessed wrong before and scratched his head in embarrassment: “I thought that Young Master Hua had already been rescued by you.”

The corner of Shi Ye’s mouth curled up coldly: “Why would Bengong save him?”

Wen Chi: “…”

He regretted talking too much just now.

Seeing Wen Chi’s silence, the aura on his body suddenly tensed and he changed his question: “Do you really want Bengong to save him?”

“No, no, no…” Wen Chi quickly denied, “I just thought that Young Master Hua is still in the hands of those kidnappers and it will be difficult for us to get back that wooden box.”

This answer seemed to satisfy Shi Ye.

Shi Ye chuckled lightly: “It’s just a trivial matter.”

After that, Shi Ye jumped off the roof with Wen Chi in his arms.

Wen Chi was really terrified, he closed his eyes subconsciously, wishing he could stick himself to Shi Ye’s body.
He was afraid that Shi Ye would accidentally drop him.

The whistling wind blew past his ears.

Wen Chi simply buried his face in Shi Ye’s neck.

The tip of his nose was pressed against the skin on Shi Ye’s neck and a faint fragrance penetrated into his nose.
He exhaled slowly and the tense nerves in his mind gradually relaxed.

After a while, Shi Ye stopped.

“We’re here.”

Wen Chi raised his head from Shi Ye’s neck and found that Shi Ye had landed on a big tree with him in his arms.

This big tree has luxuriant branches and leaves, coupled with the lack of light at night, they almost blend into the surrounding night.

But looking down, you can easily see the scene in the clearing.

Wen Chi saw that the  clearing was next to a bunch of houses and the kidnappers were moving in and out, taking hostages out of the houses one by one, along with the items they had taken from the Governor Zhou’s residence not long ago.

Those things were packed in black wooden boxes and the wooden boxes were locked, requiring the leader of the kidnapper to open them with a key.

The leader of the kidnappers seemed to be the same leader Wen Chi had seen in the Zhou Mansion.
He didn’t even change his posture of sitting on the reclining chair with his legs crossed.
He took out a key chain from his waist and handed it to the younger brother beside him.

The younger brother obsequiously took the keychain and hurried over to unlock the locks on several wooden boxes.

Wen Chi’s attention was not on those wooden boxes.
He narrowed his eyes and stared at the hostages who were tied up and thrown aside for a long time.

It’s a pity that the light was too dim and only a few lanterns in the hands of the kidnappers barely dispelled a small piece of darkness.
He couldn’t see the faces of the hostages clearly and he didn’t know who Hua Zi Zang was.

He thought that Shi Ye must know who Hua Zi Zang was but he didn’t dare to ask.

The three words “Hua Zi Zang” was a fire that could ignite the bomb that was Shi Ye at any moment.

Not long after they waited, the kidnappers began to count the contents of the wooden box.

After listening to their conversation, Wen Chi realized that the Fourth Prince had finally run out of time.
In order to redeem the hostages, he had to prepare a large amount of property according to their requirements.
The date they agreed with the Fourth Prince was two days later, so they needed to count the loot and the number of hostages.

Although the kidnappers had taken whatever they saw when they were at the Zhou residence, they still brought a lot of good things.
The more they counted, the happier they were and the group was all pleased with themselves.

It wasn’t until the kidnapper with the key to open the wooden chest picked up a wooden box from it that the man turned around with glee, “Boss, this is the wooden box that came from the palace!”

The leader of the kidnappers who was slumped on the recliner suddenly became interested, sat up and waved to his younger brother: “Let me have a look.”

The man ran forward and passed the wooden box in his hand: “Here you are, boss.”

The leader of the kidnappers reached out to take the wooden box, the joy in his heart was beyond words.
Before they left in a hurry, he didn’t have time to open the wooden box, so now he has time to take a look.

The corners of the kidnapper’s mouth almost reached his ears.
He was about to open the wooden box when he saw one of the hostages standing up suddenly.
He didn’t know how that person stood up but he was extremely worked up.
His mouth made a murmuring sound and his eyes stared sharply at the leader of the kidnappers.

Seeing this, the leader of the kidnappers was stunned for a moment, turned his head to his little brother, “What’s he mad about?”

The younger brother scratched his head in confusion: “I don’t know.”

At this time, someone reminded him: “Boss, this wooden box was found in his house.”

The leader of the kidnappers sneered: “It turned out to be yours.
You are really capable.
You can even get the things in the palace.
No wonder when I just touched it, it was as if you would kill me.”

“Hmm…” Hua Zi Zang shook his head frantically, staring at the leader of the kidnapper with red eyes but unfortunately he was gagged and couldn’t say anything.

The leader of the kidnappers was happy, holding the wooden box with one hand, and groping on the wooden box with the other hand.
Seeing Hua ZI Zang’s appearance about to be driven crazy, he said with a playful smile, “Look at you… could it be that this wooden box was given by your little lover?”

Hua Zi Zang: “Mmmmmmm…”

The leader of the kidnappers raised his eyebrows: “It seems that I guessed it right, your little lover really has deep rooted love for you and is even willing to give you such a precious wooden box.”

Wen Chi on the tree: “…”

He was going to die.

He felt that if the leader of the kidnappers continued, he would really die in Shi Ye’s hands.

There was Zhang Heng in the front and the leader of the kidnappers in the back…

These two murderers!


Wen Chi’s face was pale and he glanced at Shi Ye quietly, only to find that Shi Ye was staring at him without blinking, the pair of dark eyes under the mask were like a deep dead sea.

Shi Ye smiled and said, “Deeply rooted love?”

“…” Wen Chi trembled, “This is just a misunderstanding…”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

As soon as he finished speaking, the leader of the kidnappers below also opened the wooden box and several younger brothers around him put their heads together.

At the desperate gaze of Han Zi Zang, the kidnapper leader gave a strange sigh and picked up one of the jade: “This is ……”

A younger brother hurriedly handed over the lantern.

Under the warm yellow candlelight, a piece of jade as thick as a wrist was emitting a pale green light.

The little brother exclaimed: “This is too thick.”

As the words fell, everyone present fell silent.

Hua Zi Zang was also silent.

Wen Chi on the tree was even more shocked.
He stared blankly at the jade for a long time before he suddenly realized what it was and suddenly his cheeks seemed to be on fire and he turned his head to look at Shi ye.

“Is this what you gave me?!”

Shi Ye’s eyes became colder and his voice was frosty: “Is this what you gave Hua Zi Zang?!”


T/N — I saw that some readers were confused about what these jade sticks that the author is talking about.
So I’ll clarify it.
The jade sticks are ancient s*x toys/dildo.
And in Wen Chi’s case, in same S8x int*rcourse, these jade sticks’ are used for preparation before doing the deed.
Hope that clears the misunderstandings.

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