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“Oh?” Shi Ye narrowed his phoenix eyes slightly, with a dangerous aura exuding from his eyes, “Since when have you been thinking about me?”

Wen Chi opened his mouth and said, “Of course I think about Your Highness the Crown Prince all the time.
Has Your Highness the Crown Prince forgotten? When we were still in the East Palace, I sent cakes to Your Highness the Crown Prince every day.”

Shi Ye was speechless.

Fortunately, his ugly face seemed to have eased a lot.
After a while, he let go of the hand holding Wen Chi’s chin and while standing up straight, he uttered a sentence: “Those cakes are awful, no wonder you gave them to Bengong as if they were treasures.”

Wen Chi: “…”

You ate them clean even though they were unpalatable! Why didn’t you spit it out then?

Wen Chi felt the veins around his temples throbbing… Forget it, never argue with fools, he doesn’t care about this dog prince.

The most important thing is – he didn’t dare to argue about it.

Thinking of this, Wen Chi shed tears of sadness in his heart.


After the maidservants cleaned up the dishes on the table, Shi Ye called Zuo Zhi.

Zuo Zhi understood and immediately took out two large black robes and two masks from the cabinet.
The masks were placed on the neatly folded black robes and they were held in front of Shi Ye and Wen Chi.

Shi Ye reached out and took one of the masks, a smiling face of Fuwa1 was painted on it and there were two round blobs of plateau red on the cheeks.
Shi Ye glanced at Wen Chi who was sitting on the chair staring blankly at him: “Get up.

Wen Chi stood up obediently.

He looked at Shi Ye quite nervously, only to see Shi Ye using both hands to pull up the thin black threads on either side of his mask, then leaning over and covering his face with the mask.

Wen Chi’s line of sight immediately narrowed.
Through the two small holes in the mask, he could only see Shi Ye’s slightly undulating chest and beautiful jawline under his even breathing.

At this time, Shi Ye’s posture was almost holding Wen Chi into his arms.

Wen Chi doesn’t know if it’s because of getting too close but the light fragrance smell from Shi Ye’s body seemed to become stronger, overwhelming and enveloping him.

Wen Chi suddenly felt awkward and retreated uncomfortably.

Shi Ye noticed his movement and whispered, “Don’t move.”

Wen Chi froze instantly.

Shi Ye quickly tied the two thin threads on the mask behind Wen Chi’s head and brought a black robe to wrap Wen Chi tightly.

Wen Chi waited motionlessly like a puppet until Shi Ye had finished tossing and turning before he reached out a hand from the black robe and touched the mask on his face unaccustomed.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Ye also put on a mask and wrapped himself in a black robe.

Shi Ye is tall and has the proportions of a mannequin.
Dressed up like this, he looks like a cool villain in TV dramas.
Even if you can’t see his face you can still feel the man’s handsomeness.

On the other hand, he himself…

Wen Chi turned his head to look at himself in the bronze mirror.

He looked like a bat with big eyes.


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next chap is even more hilarious.


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