Zuo Zhi thought that she still understood His Highness the Crown Prince.
As a knife held in the hands of His Highness, she has taken countless lives for him.
She knows that His Highness is a person who hates troubles and would rather be accused of indiscriminately killing innocents than leaving them alive to cause trouble for himself.

As far as the situation just now is concerned, killing all the hostages is the fastest and best solution.

His Royal Highness does not want the Fourth Prince and others to know of his arrival, let alone interfere with the Fourth Prince’s affairs, so as long as the rest of the hostages are killed, no one will pass the news on… that way, the matter would be made easier.

The most important thing is – this is what His Royal Highness would do.

Facing Zuo Zhi’s doubts and incomprehensions, Shi Ye’s answer was also very simple: “Bengong only spares innocent people.”

Zuo Zhi visibly choked.

The former Crown Prince would not consider whether the other party was innocent or not.
He would only find it troublesome.


When Wen Chi woke up, he found that he had returned to the loft and someone had taken off his coat, shoes and socks for him and carried him to the bed.

However, apart from Shi Ye, there are only Zuo Zhi and a few maidservants left here, and the people who can help him with these things… It seems that Shi Ye is the only one.

Wen Chi sat on the edge of the bed in a daze, looking down at his bare feet, suddenly feeling extremely awkward.

Shi Ye took off his shoes and socks for him…

The picture was unimaginable.

Wen Chi didn’t dare to let himself think about those anymore, the more he thought about it, the colder his neck became.

He touched his neck subconsciously, but found nothing.
The wound Zhang Heng made on his neck had disappeared at some point.

Wen Chi suspected that Shi Ye fed him blood on the night when he was unconscious, but he had no evidence and he didn’t dare to ask Shi Ye.

He ended up resting the entire day in the attic

The next day.

After Wen Chi finished his breakfast, Shi Ye came.

Shi Ye changed into a blue robe and his long hair was tied up casually, revealing a graceful facial contour, half of his face covered with burn marks was covered by a mask, which at first glance seemed a bit more mysterious and beautiful.

Wen Chi sat on the chair, watched Shi Ye approaching eagerly and couldn’t help sighing in his heart——

This beauty…

It’s really amazing!

This is a real man who looks like he came out of the comics, his every move seems to be wearing a filter.

The handsome man walked up to Wen Chi, glanced at the breakfast that Wen Chi had finished and asked: “Have you finished eating?”

Wen Chi nodded: “Finished.”

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The handsome man said: “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Wen Chi finished nodding before he snapped out of his daze and hastily added, “Your Highness, where are we going?”

Shi Ye’s eyes turned cold for a moment:”Bring back the things you sent out.”

Wen Chi was confused, “What things?”

“Think carefully about what you gave away?”  Not only was Shi Ye’s eyes cold, he also looked at Wen Chi and gave a cold laugh, “Before he died, Zhang Heng told Bengong that he had overheard Hua Zi Zang lovingly holding a wooden box that was only available in the Eastern Palace, wasn’t that something you gave away?”

“…” Wen Chi almost forgot about this.

He felt guilty all of a sudden, his eyes flicked from side to side but he didn’t dare to look directly into Shi Ye’s eyes and even his voice became quieter, “I, I gave a wooden box to Young Master Hua.
I thought there was a cake made by Ruo Fang.
If I knew that it was a gift from the Crown Prince, I would take good care of the wooden box and never give it away.”


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