at Wen Chi had been silent for a long time, Zuo Zhi added with a smile: “This is what I heard from the storyteller, I don’t know if it’s true or not, Young Master Wen don’t take it to heart.”

The two chatted a little more before falling silent.

Wen Chi turned his head to look at the closed door and was suddenly curious: “What are they doing inside? Is Zhang Heng injured?” A strong smell of blood wafted from the room just now and it seemed that the injury was serious.

Zuo Zhi’s expression was slightly complicated:  “Indeed, he was injured.”

“Is it serious?”

All his limbs were broken, almost all his internal organs were destroyed and he only had one breath left to hang on to, could it not be serious?

Zuo Zhi thought about it but still shook her head: “It’s not serious.”

As soon as she finished speaking, he heard a creak from behind him.

He saw the door open from the inside and a snow-clad Shi Ye came out, his long jet black hair was casually scattered behind him, his face was expressionless, his dark eyes were cold and his body was wrapped in a rich blood aura.

Liu De and Liu Shan followed behind, looking horrified, so frightened that they didn’t dare to take a breath.

Shi Ye slowly walked up to Wen Chi.

Stimulated by the bloody smell on Shi Ye’s body, Wen Chi stepped back quickly and at the same time retched while covering his mouth.

Seeing this, Shi Ye stopped immediately.

He stared at Wen Chi coldly and after a while, turned his head to Liu De: “Kill the rest of the hostages.”

“Yes.” After Liu De answered, then remembered something else and froze for a moment before asking, “Your Royal Highness, what about Governor Zhou’s wives and concubines…”

Shi Ye’s voice was so calm that there was no hesitation: “Kill them all.”

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Originally, Wen Chi thought that Zhang Heng was hurt by those kidnappers but now as he listened to the conversation between Shi Ye and Liu De, he had a vague idea.

No wonder there was such a strong smell of blood in the room, no wonder Shi Ye also had such a strong smell of blood after coming out from him…

So Shi Ye not only killed Zhang Heng but also planned to kill all the hostages here, including the five women who rode in a carriage with them that day.

According to Liu De’s words, those five women should be the wives and concubines of Governor Zhou.

Wen Chi didn’t like Zhang Heng, especially after Zhang Heng cut his neck with a dagger, he could no longer have any sympathy for Zhang Heng, so he had no inner turmoil whether Zhang Heng was injured or dead.

But those hostages were pretty innocent…

He remembered that the five women were shaking with fear when they were in the carriage, like penguins huddled together to keep warm, they looked very pitiful, and they didn’t do anything bad.

Although Wen Chi thought like this, he did not say anything, he silently turned his head to the side.

Liu De and Liu Shan were about to leave when Shi Ye called out again.

The two brothers didn’t know why, but they didn’t dare to ask any more questions.
They stood there with eyes lowered, waiting for Shi Ye’s order.

Although Shi Ye didn’t move, his eyes fell on Wen Chi: “Do you have any objections?”


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