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Chapter 69.2

In the silence, his eyes lingered on Shi Ye’s lap for a few times and finally he couldn’t hold back and said, “Your Highness, aren’t you using your wheelchair?”

Shi Ye said, “I didn’t bring it.”

Wen Chi frowned and said hesitantly: “But if you go out like this later, won’t those people know that your legs are healed?”

Shi Ye slowly opened his eyes.
His eyes were extremely beautiful with slightly wide sockets and upturned tails.
His eyes were cold, as if nothing in this world would color him with the slightest emotion.

It’s a pity that those terrible burn marks still covered half of his face…

If Shi Ye hadn’t experienced the fire five or six years ago, I’m afraid the title of the world’s most beautiful man would have nothing to do with Shi Jin.

Wen Chi couldn’t help feeling sorry, at this moment, he heard Shi Ye say: “You want Bengong to sit there all the time?”

Wen Chi was taken aback by this sentence, and quickly shook his head: “I just think that no matter what His Royal Highness does, there must be a reason.
His Highness has been hiding the truth for so long and suddenly if those people find out the truth, doesn’t it mean that all your previous efforts have been wasted?”

As he spoke, Wen Chi had already made up a big court battle drama, where the lonely Crown Prince, who had lost his mother’s support, had to disguise his disability to gain the emperor’s sympathy in the face of the favored Concubine Rong and the extremely popular Fourth Prince.

Who would have thought that this disguise lasted for five or six years, even though he wanted to stand up countless times, he had to suppress his inner impulse and continue to play the role of the disabled and weak prince…

That’s not true!

This dog prince crushed a woman to death with one hand, where is he weak?

That is to continue to play the disabled yet strong prince…

Halfway through his imagination, the word “strong” that he came up with amused Wen Chi but he managed to hold it back in time, only the corners of his mouth kept twitching, making it a bit hard to hold back.

Shi Ye looked at Wen Chi’s changing expression indifferently, and said, “If you think about it, that is not the reason why Bengong sit on it.”

Hearing this, Wen Chi looked puzzled, “Then what does His Highness want ……”

Shi Ye said calmly, “I’m too lazy to walk.”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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Wen Chi: “…”

This dog prince is not only a dog, he even thought so differently.

Okay, he admitted that he was just jealous and envious ……

Thinking of this, tears of remorse flowed down Wen Chi’s heart.

He hated it so much.

He hated that he didn’t transmigrate into Shi Ye, or to Shi Jin, or at least to the emperor.

After arriving at the destination, Shi Ye really didn’t intend to take a wheelchair, so he got up and got out of the carriage.

Wen Chi hurriedly followed behind.

This time Wen Chi was not covered with a hood, so he could see clearly what this place was – it should be in the outskirts of Jinzhou, and the surrounding area was particularly desolate, and he could even see the sheds built by the poor and the messy farmland not far away.

In comparison, only the house in front of him looks slightly better.

However, this house should have been snatched by the kidnappers temporarily.
Not only were there many women and children’s clothes drying in the yard but there were also a lot of chicken and duck feces that had not been disposed of on the ground.

No wonder Wen Chi smelled an unpleasant smell before.

Of course, the smell is still not good, maybe it has been left for too long, it stimulates Wen Chi’s sensory world like a poisonous gas, even Zuo Zhi frowned slightly when she stepped in.

Only Shi Ye kept his emotions and anger indifferent and walked straight forward without any emotion in his eyes.

Wen Chi followed behind Shi Y, and vaguely smelled the fragrance left in Shi Ye’s hair, as if he had grasped a life-saving straw, he quietly moved forward.

It smells so good.

Then he moved forward again.

It really smelled good.

Wen Chi wondered why he hadn’t noticed that Shi Ye smelled so good before.

Just when Wen Chi was about to move forward, Shi Ye who was walking in front suddenly stopped.

Caught off guard, Wen Chi bumped into him.

Wen Chi: “…”

When Shi Ye turned around, he saw Wen Chi bowed his head guiltily, and said, “Have you smelled enough?”

After all, Wen Chi was still a little afraid of Shi Ye, so he answered truthfully without thinking: “No.”

After saying that, he fell silent.

He just wanted to bite off his own tongue.

When Shi Ye took a step towards him, he was so frightened that his body froze and it took a lot of effort to force himself not to step back, then he watched as Shi Ye took his hand and placed it in front of his nose as he looked at him in confusion.

Soon, a faint scent entered Wen Chi’s nose.

Wen Chi’s eyes dropped and he saw a strand of black hair wrapped around his wrist at some point.

Shi Ye said, “Smell this.”

It turned out that this was Shi Ye’s hair…

But Wen Chi couldn’t remember when he took Shi Ye’s hair and wrapped it around his wrist, even if he had a hundred guts, he wouldn’t dare to touch Shi Ye’s hair.

Wen Chi suppressed the doubts in his heart, glanced at the hair on his wrist, suddenly his cheeks felt a little hot and he stammered, “Thank you, Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

“No need to thank me.” Shi Ye said, “If it’s not enough, Bengong has another method.”

After saying that, seeing Wen Chi looked up, Shi Ye said with an expressionless face, “Bengong will help you stuff it into your nose, so that you can smell it all you want.”

Wen Chi: “…”

The redness on his cheeks disappeared without a trace in an instant.


The whole house was extremely quiet and they didn’t see anyone along the way.

It was only after they came to the hall that they saw the two brothers, Liu De and Liu Shan.

Seeing Shi Ye’s figure, the two brothers hurried over, bowed their heads and cupped their fists in salute: “Greetings Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

Shi Ye asked, “How is it?”

At this moment, the Liu De and Liu Shan brothers restrained their anger and there was a huge difference from when they pretended to be kidnappers before, they seemed to be a lot more taciturn and more stable.

Liu De replied: “Replying back to His Royal Highness, these subordinates have already dealt with all the people who should be dealt with, only the hostages who were kidnapped together with Young Master Wen are left.”

Shi Ye nodded, and asked again: “Where is that person?”

Liu De replied: “Replying back to His Royal Highness, Zhang Heng was temporarily detained in a room by his subordinates.”

Shi Ye’s voice was cold: “Lead the way.”

Liu De and Liu Shan heard the words and hurriedly walked ahead to lead the way.

The room where Zhang Heng was imprisoned was just next to the hall and it was only a few steps away.
Liu De opened the door and an air with a strong smell of blood rushed towards his face.

Everyone present did not change their faces, only Wen Chi’s expression changed suddenly, he turned his head suddenly and retched twice.

He hurriedly raised his hand and placed the hair tangled around his wrist in front of his nose and sniffed it, and the nausea subsided a little.

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