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Chapter 69.1

Wen Chi felt like he had a very long dream.

He dreamed that he was almost caught by the kidnappers when he was escaping, but in the nick of time, he met Shi Ye.
Shi Ye was dressed in snow white clothes with a half-face mask looking like an immortal under the moonlight and with a flick of his hand, he separated the heads of the kidnappers ……

But isn’t Shi Ye in the capital?

It took more than three days to travel from the capital to Jinzhou by carriage, not to mention the fact that Shi Ye was in a wheelchair, so his sudden appearance in Jinzhou was too striking and unbelievable.

However, Wen Chi soon discovered that he was not dreaming.

If it was a dream, Shi Ye’s stinking face just now was too real and the person who can’t spit out ivory from his dog’s mouth should be Shi Ye himself.

Wen Chi remembered what Shi Ye said just now and only then did he belatedly feel that his cheeks were burning, so hot that he subconsciously covered his mouth and a dull voice came out from between his fingers: “I’m going to wash up.”

With that, Wen Ji quickly got up from the floor and headed out – in fact, he just felt so embarrassed that he wanted to find a quiet place to hide.

Shi Ye said, “Wait.”

Wen Chi immediately stopped moving.

His reflexive behavior seemed to make Shi Ye chuckle but the laughter was very weak and it disappeared in an instant.
Shi Ye’s voice was as cold as ever: “Come here.”

Wen Chi sighed secretly, turned around and quickly moved in front of Shi Ye, lowered his eyes and obediently said, “Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

Shi Ye was already much taller than Wen Chi and now Wen Chi was hunched over, wishing he could turn into an ostrich and bury his head in the ground.
So, when he looked down he could see Wen Chi’s hair, which had become very soft in the light.

He raised his hand to touch Wen Chi’s hair, but then thought of Wen Chi’s rejection of him and that hand stiffly froze in mid-air again.

After a while, he took his hand back.

“Didn’t you take the initiative last night?” Shi Ye paused and glanced at the shivering Wen Chi, “Why, do you know you’re scared now?”

Wen Chi: “…”

The memory of last night in his mind is not very clear.
He only remembers that Shi Ye rescued him and then flew around the eaves with him in his arms.
Shi Ye’s body smells good, his hair smells good and his skin as well, which fascinated him.

He didn’t know where Shi Ye, this big man who didn’t like powder, got such a nice scent.

Wen Chi thought about it and the more he thought about it, the more he lost his mind.
He quickly withdrew his thoughts and admitted his mistake in a low voice: “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Shi Ye suddenly bowed his waist and looked directly at Wen Chi’s with his deep black eyes.

The sudden closeness between the two made Wen Chi a little uncomfortable but instead of running away in panic, he pursed his lips and carefully looked into Shi Ye’s black eyes.

Shi Ye noticed the change in Wen Chi, the coldness in his eyes dissipated a little, he opened his mouth and asked, “What did you do wrong?”

Wen Chi looked very much like an elementary school student who was punished by the head teacher after doing something wrong.
His fingertips twitched on the sleeves and he mumbled, “I shouldn’t have called His Highness by his name when I was unconscious.”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

In order to clear himself up, Wen Chi specially emphasized the word “unclear consciousness”.
After speaking, he still felt that it was not enough and quickly added a righteously, “Although it is true that those who do not know are not guilty, and I made that mistake because I could not distinguish between the dream and reality, but the words came out of my mouth, I deserve to be held accountable for my own mistakes.”

Shi Ye stared at Wen Chi with a half-smile.

Wen Chi shrank his neck, always feeling like Shi Ye saw through him.

“That’s right, it seems that you have become more eloquent after leaving Bengong.” Shi Ye said, “What else?”

Wen Chi was dumbfounded.

Shi Ye asked: “What are the other mistakes you made?”

Wen Chi stared blankly at Shi Ye’s thin lips opening and closing as he spoke.
They were so close, he could see Shi Ye’s thick eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings and Shi Ye’s light fragrance brushed against his heart like a feather.
His mind flicked, his eyes fixed on Shi Ye’s thin lips and he said: “I shouldn’t have bad breath.”

Shi Ye: “…”

After these words were said, a flash of undisguised disgust flashed across Shi Ye’s face as he quickly stood up straight and pulled the distance between the two of them, even taking two steps back.

“Zuo Zhi”

Zuo Zhi, who was guarding the door, opened the door and entered: “Your Royal Highness.”

“Prepare clothes and water.”


Shi Ye didn’t look at Wen Chi again, shook his sleeves and walked out of the room without looking back.

Only Wen Chi stood there in embarrassment, turned his head to meet Zuo Zhi’s gaze, he smiled and said, “I’m sorry.”


By the time Wen Chi had finished cleaning up and had his breakfast, it was already half an hour later.

He followed Zuo Zhi downstairs, walked out of the courtyard and saw a carriage parked outside the gate.

After getting into the carriage, I realized that Shi Ye had been sitting inside waiting.

Wen Chi gingerly sat down opposite Shi Ye, after feeling the carriage moving forward, he quickly looked at Shi Ye who was already taking a nap with his eyes closed: “His Royal Highness, where are we going?”

Shi Ye closed his eyes and said, “To clean up the mess.”

Wen Chi let out an oh.


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