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Chapter 68.2


“This servant once heard that when Empress Hua was still alive, the emperor was extremely infatuated with Empress Hua.
Even after Empress Hua was buried in a sea of ​​flames, the emperor kept her position despite the heavy pressure imposed by the civil and military officials.
Even to this day His Majesty refused to establish a new empress.
Therefore, there are countless opinions from the court and the people.
Some people say that the emperor is afraid of the Hua family behind Empress Hua, and some people say that the emperor loved Empress Hua so much that even though he favors Concubine Rong, he is unwilling to let Concubine Rong take Empress Hua’s position but some people think otherwise ……”

Having said this, Zuo Zhi paused.

Shi Ye didn’t look at her and said calmly, “Continue.”

Zuo Zhi lowered her voice cautiously: “This servant learned from a member of the Hua family that one autumn the emperor took Empress Hua out on a hunting trip, but inadvertently fell off his horse, so that both legs were broken, his internal organs were damaged and he was vomiting blood.
Seeing that the emperor was dying, Empress Hua tried to slit her wrists and use the blood to save the emperor, and to her surprise, the emperor was able to stand up on his own after only lying down for a stick of incense1(30 min).”

Shi Ye was silent.

Zuo Zhi observed Shi Ye’s expression and then added: “The emperor was still a prince in that year, and Empress Hua was just a side concubine in the emperor’s backyard.
After that incident, the emperor suddenly changed his temperament and favored Empress Hua and even forcibly established her as a legitimate consort regardless of the dissuasion of the people around him which offended many people in the court.”

“You mean…” Shi Ye’s expression was as usual and his cold eyes fell on Zuo Zhi, “Hua Yanrong2(The name of Shi Ye’s mom/ obv he is not very respectful when talking about his mom) was able to sit on the throne by virtue of the blood she gave?”

Zuo Zhi buried his head deeper: “This is just a bold guess of this servant.”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Shi Ye chuckled: “I was told since childhood that the blood of the Hua family is the only miracle medicine in the world and that even bring back those who have half-stepped into the gate of hell but I have never heard that the blood of the Hua family can still confuse people’s hearts.”

Zuo Zhi said: “Everyone in the know knows that the blood of the Hua family can save everyone in the world but not themselves.
However, His Highness the Crown Prince and the Empress Hua situation was an accident.
In the entire Hua family, only Your Royal Highness and the Empress Hua have the ability to heal themselves, perhaps these are all the blessings of heaven

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be Bengong and Hua Yanrong.” Shi Ye withdrew his gaze from Zuo Zhi and looked into the darkness in the distance, “The Hua family is so big and has so many people, there are always one or two people hiding like Bengong.”

After saying that, he asked, “After the emperor drank Hua Yanrong’s blood, did he feel any discomfort physically?”

Zuo Zhi thought for a while: “Other than liking Empress Hua as if he was under a spell of ecstasy, there was no abnormality.”

“Like?” Shi Ye snorted coldly, “After Hua Yanrong’s death, the emperor just pretended to be sad for a year or two and then named Shi Jin’s mother as Concubine Rong.
His liking is nothing more than that, it’s so cheap.”

At this time, Zuo Zhi suddenly thought of something: “By the way, Your Royal Highness, this servant inquired that once Empress Hua also spared the blood on her body in order to save Your Highness’s maternal uncle, why did that blood only work with the emperor?”

After saying this, Shi Ye suddenly became quiet.

Zuo Zhi didn’t hear Shi Ye’s answer for a long time, so she raised her head and looked at Shi Ye calmly, only to see Shi Ye’s half-face mask was shrouded in a faint cold light by the moonlight and the other half of his extremely beautiful face was also freezing cold.

Shi Ye seemed to recall some bad memories and a killing intent gradually appeared in his eyes.

Although Zuo Zhi had followed Shi Ye for many years, at this moment she was still startled by the coldness emanating from Shi Ye’s body and hurriedly lowered her gaze.

After a while, she heard Shi Ye smile meaningfully: “The twins are inseparable, who knows if the blood has an effect on Hua Yin3(Shi Ye’s maternal uncle’s name, also his mom’s twin brother).”

Zuo Zhi vaguely discerned something and she held her breath in shock, her face gradually turning pale.

Until Shi Ye said: “Call Liu De here.”

Feeling relieved, Zuo Zhi answered yes and disappeared into the thick night like a night bird without a sound.


Wen Chi opened his eyes and saw the strange bed frame and curtains.

He froze for a moment, turned his head and saw the strange room and strange furnishings again, only the person sitting at the table was no stranger—Shi Ye.

Wen Chi thought he was wrong, rubbed his eyes and blinked again.

It’s a pity that Shi Ye, who is no stranger to him, is not only still there but also turned his head, staring at him blankly as he rubs his eyes back and forth like crazy.

Afterwards, Shi Ye said, “Is there sand in your eyes?”

Wen Chi shook his head: “I seem to be hallucinating.”

Shi Ye put down the letter in his hand, got up and walked to the bed, sat down beside Wen Chi.
He didn’t wear a mask, his eyes as beautiful as obsidian looked at Wen Chi steadily, he asked: “What kind of hallucination? “

Wen Chi said, “I seem to have seen His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Just after Wen Chi woke up, there was still a layer of blankness in his eyes.
His complexion was extremely fair and his expression was as dull as a rabbit.
Only those light brown eyeballs were rolling back and forth.

Shi Ye endured and endured but finally he couldn’t hold back and put his hand on Wen Chi’s head and rubbed it, the feeling was as good as always.

He was in a good mood and even spoke in a gentle tone: “You’re not hallucinating.”

Wen Chi tilted his head, he noticed the extremely shallow arc on the corner of Shi Ye’s mouth and he felt more and more like this Shi Ye was someone he had imagined.

Shi Ye stared at Wen Chi’s lips and suddenly leaned forward, pressed his cold lips against them for a moment before parting: “Is it still a hallucination?”

Wen Chi was terrified, thinking how the real Shi Ye would kiss him so tenderly, he guessed right, he was hallucinating.


He actually imagined a Shi Ye with such a good personality.
It seems that he was poisoned by Shi Ye’s eccentric temper before!

Wen Chi was stunned, all the thoughts in his heart were written on his face, which was also clearly seen by Shi Ye.

The curvature of the corners of Shi Ye’s mouth was gradually suppressed, he removed the hand that was resting on Wen Chi’s head, stood up and said coldly, “Get up and wash, your mouth smells.”

Wen Chi: “…”

He suddenly realized something, and tried to get up from the bed, but accidentally rolled onto the floor with a grunt, fortunately the floor was covered with thick carpet, so the fall did not hurt, but he did not bother to care about that much, instead he raised his head and spoke in shock and surprise, “Your Highness, what are you doing here?!”

Shi Ye squatted down and looked at Wen Chi who was prostrate on the carpet with a half-smile, “Didn’t you say I’m an illusion before?”

Wen Chi said honestly: “The Crown Prince in the illusion wouldn’t mind my bad breath.”

Shi Ye: “……”


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1(30 min)2(The name of Shi Ye’s mom/ obv he is not very respectful when talking about his mom)3(Shi Ye’s maternal uncle’s name, also his mom’s twin brother)

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