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Chapter 67.1

Wen Chi felt like a koala with his whole body hanging onto Shi Ye.

Shi Ye was obviously stunned and instantly froze.

Seeing this, Wen Chi immediately climbed up, stretched out his hands to wrap his arms around Shi Ye’s neck and parted his legs to clamp it around Shi Ye’s waist from behind, even trying to rub against him, in a manner that he would not let go.

Shi Ye struggled a bit.

Wen Chi was afraid of being thrown off by Shi Ye, so he quickly tightened his grip on Shi Ye.

Shi Ye was quiet for a while and then said in a hoarse voice: “Let go.”

Wen Chi didn’t let go, leaned into Shi Ye’s ear and asked, “Shi Ye, where are you going?”

Shi Ye said, “Going out.”

If he was still in the Eastern Palace, Wen Chi would have liked Shi Ye to stay away from him but they were not in the Eastern Palace, they were in Jinzhou, which was far away from the capital.

Wen Chi is unfamiliar with the place here and even just came back from a trip from hell…

God knows, when he heard Shi Ye’s familiar voice and saw Shi Ye’s familiar face, he thought he was hallucinating before he died.

Shouldn’t Shi Ye be staying comfortably in the Eastern Palace?

Why did Shi Ye come to Jinzhou?

That unbelievable feeling lingered in Wen Chi’s heart like a mist that could not be dispelled.
He was afraid that Shi Ye would never come back after he left and that Shi Ye’s appearance was really his hallucination.

He thought he might have a fledgling mentality, but he couldn’t get rid of this mentality.

He was too scared.

He was even more afraid of being left behind by Shi Ye.

“Shi Ye, don’t leave, okay? I don’t want to stay here alone.” Wen Chi didn’t even care about losing his face, he wiped his tears on Shi Ye’s clothes and begged softly, “I’m scared.”

Shi Ye wanted to leave but couldn’t and it took him a long time before he said coldly: “You left in such a hurry, now you know you’re afraid?”

Wen Chi guessed that Shi Ye would not be angry with him, so he became more confident, buried his face in Shi Ye’s ear and said while sobbing: “If I had known that I would be kidnapped, I would not have come.”

Shi Ye said coldly: “There is no such thing as knowing earlier.”

Wen Chi looked up and saw Shi Ye’s face was tense and suddenly remembered Liu Da De and Liu Da Shan brothers who had been kind to him for no reason and suddenly understood something: “By the way, Brother Da De and Brother Da Shan belong to you, right? “

Shi Ye was silent for a moment, then sneered: “It’s only been a few days and you’re already so familiar with them?”

“…” Wen Chi seemed to catch a whiff of vinegar 1(Jealous) and hastily added with a plea for survival, “I talked with Liu Da De and Liu Da Shan, they were quite nice to me and I wondered how there could be such a nice talking kidnapper.

Shi Ye said: “They are Bengong’s people.”

Wen Chi asked strangely: “Your people are also moonlighting as kidnappers?”

Shi Ye fell silent again, and when he spoke again, his voice had a bit of gnashing of teeth: “Do you think the kidnappers can work by Bengong’s side? If it weren’t for you, an idiot, who ran to find that surnamed Hua, how could Bengong let the people around you become kidnappers and sneak in?”

Wen Chi automatically ignored Shi Ye’s word “idiot”.
He raised his head abruptly, opened his almond-shaped eyes and stared at Shi Ye with piercing eyes.
He couldn’t suppress the joy welling up in his heart.

“Then…” Wen Chi looked at Shi Ye’s fluffy face illuminated by the candle and said cautiously, “You followed me to Jinzhou?”

Otherwise, how could Shi Ye know his behavior well, even know that he went to see Hua Zi Zang at night.

Unfortunately, before Shi Ye could answer, there was a knock on the door.

“Your Royal Highness.” Zuo Zhi’s voice came from outside the door, “This servant brought some hot water.”

Shi Ye said, “Come in.”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Zuo Zhi freed up a hand, pushed the door open and entered.

She lowered her head, walked straight to the bed and put the basin filled with hot water and placed a handkerchief on the wooden stand beside the bed, then she clapped her hands, and the maidservants waiting outside immediately brought in food and put the dishes on the table in an orderly manner.

Zuo Zhi ordered: “You all step back.”

Several servant girls answered in unison, greeted Shi Ye and then retreated without a sound.



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