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Chapter 66.2

She quietly glanced at Wen Chi’s hand gripping Shi Ye’s hair, her whole heart rose to her throat and even her breathing was a little uneven.

She admitted that Young Master Wen holds a certain amount of weight in His Highness’s heart but no one in this world dares to pull His Highness’s hair so hard.
To be precise, many people who accidentally bump into His Highness don’t even know how they died.

He may be His Royal Highness the Crown Prince’s favorite, but he may not tolerate such behaviors from Young Master Wen.

But soon, the servant girl realized that her worries were unnecessary.

Shi Ye didn’t pay attention to his hair, he seemed to hesitate for a while, then bent down and put Wen Chi on the bed.

Unexpectedly, Wen Chi resisted breaking away from Shi Ye’s embrace, as soon as his back touched the bed, he struggled desperately, wrapped his arms around Shi Ye’s neck and kept pushing into Shi Ye’s embrace.

“No, I don’t want to sleep.” Wen Chi still didn’t open his eyes, his voice was trembling, “I don’t want to sleep.”

Shi Ye immediately hugged Wen Chi up.

Only then did Wen Chi become quieter.
After the struggle just now, he was panting a bit.

Shi Ye looked down at Wen Chi’s extremely pale face and said lightly, “If you don’t want to sleep, you can lie down and rest.”

Wen Chi shook his head hastily, as if trying to avoid something: “I don’t want to rest.”

Shi Ye asked: “Then what do you want?”

Wen Chi was silent for a while, his thin lips trembled and he said softly: “I want you to just hold me like this ……”

After saying that, he leaned into Shi Ye’s arms again like a small animal, wishing he could stick to Shi Ye.
It wasn’t enough for him to bury his face on Shi Ye’s chest so  he climbed up Shi Ye’s neck and buried his face in Shi Ye’s warm neck.

Before, Wen Chi could only vaguely smell Shi Ye’s scent through his clothes but now his face was directly attached to Shi Ye’s skin and in an instant, his entire sensory world was enveloped by the faint fragrance of Shi Ye’s body .

Shi Ye has always had a very faint sandalwood fragrance on his body.

The strange thing is that ever since Wen Chi fell off the eaves of the palace, he could smell aromas other than sandalwood from Shi Ye’s body, like a faint floral fragrance, or a faint herbal fragrance, with the fragrance in his hair and on his skin being slightly stronger.

Wen Chi was addicted to this aroma and even felt an unprecedented sense of security.

“Shi Ye.” Wen Chi said, “You smell so good.”

When Shi Ye heard this, his eyes suddenly sank.
Wen Chi’s words brought back some bad memories and he inclined his head, “Zuo Zhi.”

Zuo Zhi beside him immediately said, “Yes.”

Shi Ye ordered: “Go get a basin of hot water and prepare some food.”

Zuo Zhi said: “Yes.”

After Zuo Zhi went out, Shi Ye still put Wen Chi on the bed.
After Wen Chi noticed Shi Ye’s movements, he still struggled as hard as before and also tried his best to get into Shi Ye’s arms.

It’s a pity that Shi Ye was unmoved, he climbed onto the bed, pressed on top of Wen Chi and bound Wen Chi’s hands above his head.

Wen Chi’s strength was not as strong as Shi Ye’s, so no matter how hard he struggled, he was like fish on a chopping board and could only be slaughtered.

He was anxious in his heart, so he raised his legs to kick Shi Ye recklessly and ended up kicking Shi Ye in the calf, and he heard Shi Ye’s breath instantly get a little heavier.

Shi Ye said in a deep voice, “Wen Chi!”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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Wen Chi was startled suddenly, for some reason, he was half awake for a while, he slowly opened his eyes,and saw Shi Ye looking down at him from above with a sullen expression.

“I…” Wen Chi said with difficulty, “What’s wrong with me?”

Shi Ye’s eyes were dark, as if there were candle lights dancing inside, he looked at Wen Chi fixedly, until he was sure that Wen Chi was awake, then he let go of the hands that bound Wen Chi and turned to caress Wen Chi’s cold cheek :”Are you hungry?”

Wen Chi shook his head: “What happened to me just now?”

Shi Ye said, “Nothing.”

Wen Chi knew that Shi Ye wasn’t telling the truth, he could sense his strangeness, as if he had been possessed by something just now, he couldn’t control his words and deeds, he could only instinctively rely on Shi Ye, get close to Shi Ye… …

And this happened once not long ago, when he accidentally fell from the eaves of the palace.

Intuition told Wen Chi that it might be Shi Ye’s physique that caused him to undergo these inexplicable changes, at least before these changes happened to him, he could not smell the faint fragrance from Shi Ye’s body.

But he can’t think so much now, the bloody images are repeated in his mind – when Liu Da De and Liu Da Shan killed the others, when Shi Ye killed…

He knew that if he hadn’t been rescued by Shi Ye, perhaps what awaited him wouldn’t have been much better than those people.

It was the first time he saw so many dead people and it was also the first time he smelled such a strong smell of blood, as if even the air was filled with the wet smell of blood.

Wen Chi’s eyes were red and his eyes were bloodshot.
He tried his best to keep calm these days.
He thought he could face death head on but it wasn’t until Shi Ye came that he realized that he was very afraid of death.

Especially when the kidnapper pulled his hair from behind, the fear that was suppressed in his heart overwhelmed him in an instant.

Wen Chi blinked, tears overflowed from his eyes, slid down the corners and wet the white pillow cover one after another.

“I thought I was going to die.” Wen Chi reached out to hug Shi Ye’s neck but Shi Ye turned his head to avoid it but Wen Chi did not give up and grabbed the clothes on Shi Ye’s chest with his hand.
He choked up in a low voice, “If you hadn’t come, I would have died.”

Shi Ye let Wen Chi grab his clothes and he wiped away the tears from the corners of Wen Chi’s eyes with his thumb: “Back then, when Bengong gave you the chance, you chose to leave, you would rather come to this barbaric land and hide from this Bengong.”

“I regret it, Shi Ye, I want to go back.” Wen Chi’s tears became more and more wanton, his face was flushed from crying, his shoulders twitched, he let go of Shi Ye’s clothes and lifted his arms to wrap around Shi Ye’s neck again.

But it was still avoided by Shi Ye.

“You’re not awake yet, you’ll be fine after a good sleep.” It seemed that Shi Ye did not want to see Wen Chi’s tear-stained face, so he turned his head, pulled the quilt from the bed and covered Wen Chi’s face without saying a word.

Wen Chi: “…”

Shi Ye got up and was about to get out of bed.

Wen Chi dazedly  understood that Shi Ye thought he was still mesmerized by the wisp of fragrance to do these actions, he was instantly a little angry, fiercely ripped away the bedding covering his face, got up from the bed on his hands and knees, and jumped onto Shi Ye’s back.

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