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Chapter 65.1

“Zhang Heng, is your head just for display?” Wen Chi was so angry at Zhang Heng’s stupid behavior that he couldn’t speak clearly.
He stepped on Zhang Heng’s foot, “Does it make sense for you to threaten them with me? I’ve already said that I’m not in the same gang as them!”

Zhang Heng grunted when he was stepped on, and the dagger on Wen Chi’s neck tightened subconsciously.

“Shut up!” Zhang Heng said angrily in Wen Chi’s ear, “Don’t think I can’t see the difference in treatment between you and me.
Those brothers were clearly looking out for you, even if the kidnappers don’t care about you, those two brothers certainly do.”

Zhang Heng’s tone was extremely firm, which made Wen Chi laugh back angrily.

Wen Chi said coldly: “You are really stupid, but you don’t know it.”

Zhang Heng hid behind Wen Chi again and now he no longer cared what Wen Chi said.
He stared straight at the kidnappers who were getting closer and closer and sneered: “My intuitions are never wrong.

At this time, the kidnappers had already surrounded them.

They didn’t seem to be in any hurry to catch them but instead they were arguing about what to do with them.

“Kill them! Avenge Li Lao Er!”

“Are you saying that we kill them?  If we kill them, how can we ask Governor Zhou and Prince Xuan for money?”

“Could it be that Li Lao Er died in vain?”

“Don’t you want Governor Zhou’s and Prince Xuan’s money?”

The two quarreled back and forth for a long time.

At the end of the argument, they even started to fight, and soon, more and more people who were surrounding them started fighting and the scene became very chaotic for a while.

Seeing that the kidnappers were temporarily ignoring them, Wen Chi urged Zhang Heng to leave quickly.

Fortunately, Zhang Heng wasn’t so stubborn this time, he put away his dagger, grabbed Wen Chi’s clothes, and was about to run away.

But they had barely taken a few steps when someone noticed them.

“Stop fighting! They’re getting away!”

“Let’s get them back first.”

“Yes, let’s torture them half to death before exchanging them for money.”

Although the kidnappers don’t know martial arts, they are all tall and big, carrying knives and surrounded them again.

Zhang Heng knew that he couldn’t escape, so suddenly he had an idea and suddenly pulled Wen Chi towards him, picked up the dagger and tried to slash Wen Chi’s neck.

Fortunately, Wen Chi kept an eye out and kicked Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng let out a scream.

Wen Chi turned around and wanted to run in the opposite direction but the kidnappers blocked his way.

One of them grabbed the dagger from Zhang Heng’s hand and kicked him to the ground, causing him to roll his eyes in pain and open his mouth to vomit a mouthful of blood.

Wen Chi’s face was pale and he stepped back subconsciously, his heart was shrouded in the shadow of despair, he watched the man walking towards him——

“Wang Er.” Suddenly a familiar voice sounded.

The man paused and turned his head to look: “Boss Liu? Didn’t you go to see the big boss? Why did you come back…”

Before he finished speaking, the man’s voice came to an abrupt end, his body suddenly became stiff and then he fell to the ground with a thud like a giant mountain.

Seeing this, the others were all taken aback for a moment, and then took a closer look – they saw a dart embedded in the center of Wang Er’s forehead.

Liu Da De’s face was gloomy, he didn’t even look at the corpse on the ground, he raised his hand and threw two more darts.

And in the blink of an eye, the two kidnappers closest to Wen Chi also fell down.

Others were shocked.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Someone said angrily: “Boss Liu, are you crazy? You actually killed our own people!”

Liu Da Shan, who followed behind, smiled coldly:”It was you who killed them.”

After saying that, Liu Da De and Liu Da Shan started to fight without hesitation.
Obviously, the two brothers knew some kung fu.
After a few moves, almost half of the dozen or so kidnappers present fell down.

The kidnappers knew they could not beat the brothers and took advantage of the chaos to whistle.

Wen Chi, who was completely forgotten, was completely dumbfounded.
He didn’t know why Liu Da De and Liu Da Shan suddenly appeared and he couldn’t tell whether Liu Da De and Liu Da Shan were enemies or friends but he could only guess that the whistle was the signal for the kidnappers seeking support.

If he didn’t leave now, he would be even more unable to get away when the kidnappers’ support came later.

Wen Chi glanced at Liu Da De and Liu Da Shan who were still fighting and turned his head to run away.


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