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Chapter 62.2

These days, Wen Chi had been lying in bed when he had nothing to do and he had been lying there until now, so much so that his butt hurt a little.

It was just as well that he didn’t feel like sleeping at the moment, so he planned to sit at the table and finish reading these two books before going to bed.

As Wen Chi sipped his hot tea and read the books, time passed quickly without him realizing it.

After nightfall, it was even more silent outside, and even the occasional sound of talking was gone.

Wen Chi was absorbed in reading.

At that moment, the door of the room suddenly creaked.

Wen Chi was startled by the sudden sound, turned his head with a swish and saw that the door was kicked open from the outside and then two people were pushed inside.

Those two people didn’t stand firm, fell to the ground in a shit-eating posture1(I have no idea what a shit eating posture is LOL → author’s sense of humor I guess) and couldn’t stand up for a long time.

Liu Da De and Liu Dashan walked in from the outside, closed the door, folded their arms and looked down at the two people lying on the ground condescendingly.

Liu Da Shan had a vicious appearance and he spoke with a gangster air who was difficult to deal with: “You guys stay here tonight, don’t think about running away, or I’ll kill you.”

Only then did the two people lying on the ground turn around in embarrassment, but they still sat on the ground shivering on the ground.
They had just been taught a lesson, their faces were bruised and purple and there was blood at the corners of their mouths.
They looked at Liu Dade and Liu Dashan with eyes full of fear.

Seeing that they were silent, Liu Da De kicked one of them in the stomach.

The man wailed.

However, not only did Liu Da De not take his foot away but he stepped on that person’s stomach, his drooping triangular eyes was full of coldness: “My brother is talking to you, do you hear me?”

The man finally couldn’t take it anymore and said weakly in shock, “Yes ……”

Liu Da De snorted coldly and took his foot away.

The person seemed to be breathing heavily and fell directly to the ground.
The people next to him had already cried so much that he was huddled in a corner.

Liu Da De and Liu Da Shan took turns to say a few harsh words before turning around and leaving.

There was a click.

The door was closed, and the room fell into silence again.

Wen Chi, who was used to being a backdrop from the beginning to the end, continued to sit at the table, holding steaming tea in both hands and the half-read book was placed in front of him.

He looked at the two people in embarrassment, not knowing what to do for a while.

But the person who was crying so hard quickly noticed his presence and slowly turned his head to look over——

Wen Chi met his eyes.

Then, Wen Chi found that the man looked very familiar.

Getting rid of the blue and purple marks on that person’s face and taking a closer look…


Isn’t this Sir Zhang who provoked him in the inn before!

Why is he here?

At the same time, Zhang Heng also recognized Wen Chi, opened his mouth in surprise: “It turned out to be you…”

Wen Chi said awkwardly: “What a coincidence.”

Zhang Heng never dreamed that he would meet someone he hated here and remembering that they were bullied by two bandits in front of Wen Chi just now, his face became extremely ugly and his shame was like a big net that fell from the sky, covering him in an instant .

“Brother, are you okay?” Zhang Heng ignored Wen Chi and instead stretched out his hand to help the other person next to him, “I’ll help you sit down, let’s rest for a while and then think of something else, heaven never seals off all the exits, we will definitely be able to think of a way out.”

The man had a very painful expression on his face, and he barely stood up from the ground after being dragged by Zhang Heng for a long time.

When the man turned around, Wen Chi took a closer look——

It’s an acquaintance again.

The person who provoked General Lin in the Zhou Mansion but was frightened into fainting by General Lin seemed to be called Zhang Huan.

Zhang Huan also saw Wen Chi and his surprised expression was exactly the same as that of Zhang Heng just now: “It turned out to be you…”

Seeing that they were struggling, Wen Chi thought for a while and asked, “Do you need my help?”

“No need.” Zhang Huan still had a lot of backbone, despite the effort he had made to get up just now, he refused in a crisp and sharp manner.

Hearing what Zhang Huan said, Zhang Heng stared at Wen Chi defensively, as if he was afraid that Wen Chi would suddenly come over and grab him.

Wen Chi: “…”

He felt that these two people are thinking too much and he doesn’t like to use his hot face to stick other people’s cold butts… Cough cough, except for that dog prince Shi Ye, since they had rejected him, how could he still have the cheek to stick to them?

So Wen Chi put down his teacup, picked up the storybook and planned to continue reading.

Zhang Huan and Zhang Heng dawdled for a long time and finally sat across from Wen Chi.

Wen Chi didn’t even bother to raise his eyes, staring intently at the book.

At this point, Zhang Heng said: “Lin Yuan, make some tea.”

Wen Chi didn’t realize who Lin Yuan was and thought Zhang Heng was talking to Zhang Huan, so he didn’t respond and turned the page.

“Lin Yuan.” Zhang Heng increased the volume of his voice, “I asked you to make tea.”

Wen Chi looked up at Zhang Heng strangely, and saw that Zhang Heng’s expression was almost ferocious, his eyes widened and he stared straight at him.

Originally, Zhang Heng’s appearance was not very remarkable but now he looks even uglier.

Wen Chi said with a smile: “The teapot is right in front of you, don’t you have hands?”

Zhang Heng said: “We are injured.”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Wen Chi was confused: “But you are not hurt enough to make tea, right?”

Zhang Heng choked for a moment.

Instead, Zhang Huan, who had been watching Wen Chi, snorted coldly, his gaze grim: “We are at least on the same boat, so it’s fine that you didn’t help us just now but since you have come up with a way to escape, you must take us out.”

Wen Chi knew that these literati had always looked down on him and had previously provoked him behind Shi Jin’s back but now that the situation was special, they didn’t even bother to wear their masks and directly showed their true colors.

It’s just that the confident tone of the two of them… made Wen Chi feel very uncomfortable, as if he owed them something.

They were all hostages, why should they be distinguished between high and low?

After Wen Chi complained in his heart, he replied coldly, “I don’t have a method of escape.”

Zhang Huan thought that Wen Chi rejected them, his eyes seemed to be poisoned, and he stared at the story book in Wen Chi’s hand for a moment: “You even drew the escape route and you still say you don’t have an escape plan?”

Wen Chi was speechless and raised his hand to throw the story book in front of Zhang Huan and Zhang Heng: “Look carefully, this is a story book!”

Zhang Huan and Zhang Heng glanced at the storybook at the same time.

The next moment, the faces of the two of them turned livid to the naked eye, and with the purple bruises on their faces, they looked quite spectacular.

1(I have no idea what a shit eating posture is LOL → author’s sense of humor I guess)

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