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Chapter 61.1

The man saw that Hua Zi Zang wanted to push the handkerchief out with his tongue, he spoke before Hua Zi Zang could do so, “Spit it out.
As many times as you spit it out, I’ll stuff it into your mouth.
Anyway it’s not like I’m stuffing the handkerchief that fell on the ground into my mouth.”

Hua Zi Zang: “…”

The man’s words quickly took effect and Hua Zi Zang actually compromised just like that.

Wen Chi watched helplessly as the man took out a brand new pink handkerchief from his pocket and made a gesture to stuff it into his mouth, so he quickly opened his mouth cooperatively.

Seeing that Wen Chi was waiting there with his mouth wide open, the man was stunned for a moment, but after a while, he became cheerful again and casually put the handkerchief into Wen Chi’s mouth.
His gestures were much gentler than when he was dealing with Hua Zi Zang earlier.

“I just like smart people like Young Master Lin.” The man said playfully, “If you’re smart, I’ll have to work a little less, so it’s a win-win situation.”

Wen Ji thought to himself, “Win-win, my ass.”

But he was really uncomfortable at the moment, the back of his neck still hurt and his limbs were particularly sore and numb, so since he couldn’t escape for the time being, he might as well make himself suffer less.

At first, Wen Chi was still wondering if he could get something out of the man’s mouth but he only came in to check on them, and when he saw that they had settled down again, he was ready to go out.

Before leaving, the man pointed at Hua Zi Zang: “Our brothers are guarding outside, so don’t get all fancy, or we won’t be as polite as we are now.”

After his harsh words, the man turned and walked out of the woodshed.

The woodshed was quiet again.

Wen Chi closed his eyes and rested for a while, when he opened his eyes, Hua Zi Zang beside him was still as quiet as a chicken.

Wen Chi turned his head and looked at him strangely——

He saw Hua Zi Zang looking blankly at the opposite haystack, with a look of despair.
His mouth was slightly open, the handkerchief had dropped on the ground not long ago was still in his mouth but he acted as if it was not a hanky but a few flies in his mouth.

Seeing this, Wen Chi suddenly remembered.

After coming to Jinzhou, he and Hua Zi Zang had dinner at the same table several times and every time he could see that Hua Zi Zang didn’t like to use chopsticks, so he even asked Hua Zi Zang if the food was not to his liking.

Hua Zi Zang said that when he was traveling and practicing medicine, he traveled to many places with difficult conditions and accidentally missed a lot of things.
Over time, he developed the habit of being picky and he would be very careful about what he put into his mouth.

It was no wonder that when Wen Chi mistakenly sent the wooden box from His Highness as a pastry box, Hua Zi Zang hesitated for a moment before pretending to accept the box as if nothing had happened.

Thinking of this, Wen Chi felt extremely sympathetic to Hua Zi Zang.


Not long after, the man came again and this time he was followed by four equally tall men.

A few people stepped forward and picked Wen Chi and Hua Zi Zang up from the ground rather rudely.

The leading man waved his hand and urged, “Hurry up and leave.”

The rest of the people responded one after another, grabbed Wen Chi and Hua Zi Zang and walked out.

Poor Wen Chi and Hua Zi Zang who were tied up like fish on the chopping board, didn’t even have the slightest room to struggle.

After walking out of the firewood house, there was a courtyard outside.

It was already late at night and you could see the stars in the night sky and there was a nearly full moon hanging high in the sky.
Even if there were no candlelights in the courtyard, the starlight and moonlight barely illuminated the courtyard .

Wen Chi vaguely saw a few people standing in the open space of the courtyard.

He poked his head and took a closer look, only then did he see clearly that not only were there a few people standing there, but there was also a person sitting carelessly on a recliner with his legs crossed, probably the leader of the group.

At this moment, a man trotted out of the house, holding something in his hand.

“Boss, look at this!” Those people were not far away from Wen Chi and their voices easily reached Wen Chi’s ears, “This wooden box is exquisitely crafted, it is a rare top-grade one and it will definitely fetch a good price when you sell it!”

The person called the boss uncrossed his legs, reached out to take the wooden box, and said after a while, “This thing feels like it came from the palace.”

When those people heard this, they immediately became excited.


“OMG, won’t we make a fortune then?”

“Unexpectedly, this person surnamed Hua still has something from the palace.”

Listening to those people’s conversation, Wen Chi frowned more and more.

If he didn’t guess wrong, that wooden box should be the wooden box he wanted to take back tonight but since he couldn’t take it back, the wooden box fell into the hands of these thieves.

Just after thinking about it, Wen Chi’s eyes suddenly went dark.

Before he could react to what was going on, he heard the man who had stuffed a handkerchief into his mouth say, “Young Master Lin, don’t look at it as if we’re not allowed to, or otherwise I’ll pull your eyeballs out.”

Wen Chi was taken aback by the man’s eerie tone and quickly turned his head.


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