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Chapter 59.2

Hearing this, Shi Jin’s brows were almost twisted into a knot: “This kind of thing actually happened in Jinzhou…”

After finishing the words, he turned his gloomy gaze to Governor Zhou behind him.

Governor Zhou felt his legs were weak and trembling, he stood up straight with difficulty and said repeatedly:  “It was my mismanagement, I hope Prince Xuan will punish me.”

After that, Governor Zhou hurriedly called the guards to arrest the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man desperately begged for mercy, but was kicked a few times roughly by the guards, making him howl like a pig for slaughter.

This little episode passed quietly after that.

However, everyone’s mood was heavier than before, so on the return carriage, almost no one spoke.

Back at Governor Zhou’s residence, Shi Jin sent them back to change and rest, and it was only when Shi Jin’s attendants came to inform them of the evening meal that they gathered again.

But this time Wen Chi only saw Shi Jin, General Lin, and Hua Zi Zang but he didn’t see the Governor Zhou who followed them all afternoon.

During the meal, Shi Jin brought up the matter of the locust plague again.

“The situation here is too serious.
I have to ask Father for assistance.” Shi Jin said in a deep voice, “If there is no backing from the capital, Jinzhou will have a rebellion sooner or later.
No one knows what the hungry people will do.” 

Others naturally supported Shi Jin’s decision.

Once the meal was over, the gang was about to break up.

Shi Jin did not forget to tell them: “Governor Zhou specifically told me that Jinshou today is no better than before.
Some people have colluded to occupy the land and wantonly robbed the supplies distributed by the government to the people.
In their eyes, we who came from the capital not only do not have any deterrent effect but it is also very likely to be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.
It is always good to be careful, and remember not to act alone.”

After he finished speaking, he looked straight at Wen Chi: “Especially you, Young Master Wen, no matter where you are, you must bring your guards with you.
If something happens, I won’t be able to explain to my royal brother.”

Wen Chi, who was suddenly cue, nodded in embarrassment.

As soon as he nodded, he noticed a strange gaze.

Wen Chi  subconsciously turned his head to look and met Hua Zi Zang, who had not had time to withdraw his gaze.

There was obvious panic in Hua Zi Zang’s expression.
He was very much like a primary school student who was caught by the class teacher while being distracted in class.
He wanted to look away but seemed to feel that doing so was to make him look guilty.

But gradually, his fair and clean face turned visibly red. 

Wen Chi touched his nose in confusion: “Young Master Hua?”

Unexpectedly, his voice seemed to press a switch on Hua Zi Zang’s body, only to see Hua Zi Zang standing up suddenly and walking out very stiffly.

Wen Chi: “…”

He turned his head to look at General Lin again, only to see that General Lin also looked puzzled and shrugged his shoulders at him.

However, Hua Zi Zang did not leave directly but stood in the open space outside and waited for them.

Now that it is summer, even the night wind has become hot and dry.

Hua Zi Zang was like a puppet without a soul, staring blankly in the open space, looking up at the bright moon in the sky.

When Wen Chi and General Lin came out and saw such a scene, both of them were speechless.

General Lin glanced at Shi Jin, who was slipping away so fast, his thick eyebrows and big eyes were full of doubts: “Young Master Wen, don’t you think that both of them are so strange today?”

Wen Chi said, “I noticed.”

General Lin asked: “Can you guess the reason?”

Wen Chi shook his head.

If he was so smart, he would have figured out that dog Prince’s thoughts long ago, why would he have to hide so far away?

It was a good thing that Hua Zi Zang was strange, at least he had his shit got together more than even stranger Shi Jin.

When Wen Chi called out to him, he answered and came over, walking back with Wen Chi and General Lin.

The courtyard where Wen Chi lives is close to the courtyard where General Lin lives, and the courtyard where Hua Zi Zang lives is not far from them.
The three of them live in the same direction and needed to go back the same way.

On the way, General Lin talked about the snacks sent by Wen Chi.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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“That maidservant of yours is really skillful, none of my maids can make such delicious snacks.” General Lin praised, “It’s a pity that it is packed in such a small box.
I have a big appetite.
I finished it in a few bites, it wasn’t enough to stuff my teeth.”

Wen Chi heard the implication of General Lin’s words and said with a smile, “I still have a lot remaining and it happens that I can’t finish it all by myself.
I’ll send some to you later.”

General Lin laughed happily: “Then I will accept it.”

Wen Chi smiled, looked at Hua Zi Zang who was walking on the other side of General Lin and kept silent all the time and asked, “Young Master Hua, what do you think of the snacks i gave you?”

Hua Zi Zang : “…”

In this dimly lit environment, Wen Chi unexpectedly saw Hua Zi Zang’s expression full of embarrassment.

Wen Chi thought he was hallucinating so he blinked and looked over again—he was right, Hua Zi Zang had already turned his head, looking at him very strangely.

Wen Chi couldn’t help touching his face: “What’s wrong?”

Seeing that Wen Chi was still ignorant, Hua Zi Zang didn’t know whether Wen Chi was pretending too much or he was thinking too much.
For the first time, he felt that his face was flushed, as if he was about to burn.
It took a lot of effort to find his voice: “I appreciate Young Master Wen’s kindness but I don’t want the snacks.
Since General Lin likes it, let’s leave it to General Lin.”

General Lin nodded, “Yes, yes, yes, I will eat if this guy doesn’t want it, so give me the guy’s share as well.”

Hua Zi Zang: “…”

After returning to the courtyard, Wen Chi asked Ruo Fang to pack the remaining snack boxes and asked the guards to deliver them to General Lin.

Ruo Fang handed the packed items to the guard and returned to the house, only to see Wen Chi already resting on a chair.

“That’s right, young master.” Ruo Fang searched the house for half a day but found nothing and she had to ask Wen Chi, “Where did you put that wooden box that His Highness the Crown Prince gave you?”

Wen Chi was thinking about the locust plague when he heard this and opened his eyes: “What wooden box?”

“It’s the wooden box His Royal Highness gave you.
The wooden box was wrapped several times with silk.” Ruo Fang couldn’t find the wooden box and her tone became anxious.
The box was brought into the carriage, why did it disappear after a while?”

After what Ruo Fang said, Wen Chi remembered.

When he had returned from his visit to the Emperor, he had heard Ruo Fang say that His Highness had instructed Xiao Shuanzi to bring him a wooden box.

At that time, he was full of confusion about whether to come to Jinzhou, so he asked Ruo Fang to put away the wooden box.
It was not until the day of departure that Ruo Fang took out the wooden box again that he asked Ruo Fang to take the wooden box into the carriage together.

Ruo Fang valued the wooden box very much, even when she stayed in the inn, she took the wooden box to Wen Chi’s room but Wen Chi took the wooden box as a gift and gave it away.

It seems that it was given to Hua Zi Zang.

At this moment, everything made sense.

No wonder Hua Zi Zang behaved so strangely today…

No wonder Hua Zi Zang looked at him so strangely…

No wonder Hua Zi Zang has been hesitant to talk to him…

Wen Chi suddenly became curious about what was in that wooden box, which made Hua Zi Zang seem like a different person.

Wen Chi told Ruo Fang about it.

Ruo Fang became more and more anxious as she listened, turned around twice in place, clenched her palms tightly and said worriedly: “Young Master, it’s something His Royal Highness gave you, if we didn’t take good care of it, His Royal Highness might punish you.”

Wen Chi also thought of this, he was no less afraid of Shi Ye than Ruo Fang.

“I’d better get that wooden box back.” Wen Chi wanted to say, “Hua Zi Zang should return the wooden box to me.”

Ruo Fang asked, “Are you going to ask for it now?”

Wen Chi glanced at the sky outside, thought for a while and said, “It’s better to wait until tomorrow, as it happens that we have to go out together, so I’ll find a chance to talk to him about it then.”

Ruo Fang nodded: “Young Master, you must remember this matter.”

Originally, Wen Chi planned to go to Hua Zi Zang and ask him to return the wooden box the next day, but he didn’t know that the plan could not keep up with the changes.

Early the next morning, Shi Jin suddenly made a decision to divide the four of them into two groups—Shi Jin and Hua Zi Zang in one group and Wen Chi and General Lin in one group.

General Lin immediately objected: “No way!”

Wen Chi also hesitated and said, “This is not good…”

Shi Jin and Hua Zi Zang have already stood aside, like a pair of brothers who can’t be separated from each other.

Shi Jin said: “I’ve made up my mind, there’s no need to persuade me anymore.”

Hua Zi Zang also said: “I agree with Prince Xuan’s statement, we will inevitably attract attention when we walk together, it is better to act separately, and Young Master Wen claims to be the fourth younger brother of General Lin, so naturally you have to walk together with General Lin.”

General Lin said to Shi Jin: “I am ordered by the emperor to protect you…”

“Don’t worry, there are many people around me and they will protect me.” Shi Jin directly interrupted General Lin, “Besides, I am not powerless.”

General Lin wanted to say something but Shi Jin waved his hand resolutely, turned around and left with Hua Zi Zang and a few guards.

Only Wen Chi and General Lin remained where they were, looking at each other blankly in dismay, speechless for a long time.

General Lin scratched his head: “It seems as if they are avoiding us.”

Wen Chi looked at the fast running figures of Shi Jin and Hua Zi Zang and said to General Lin, “Be confident and remove the ‘as if’.”

General Lin: “…”

He has to admit that after the four of them split up, they did not stand out as much as before, and there were no more instances of the people swarming around and blocking the way.

However this separation lasted for five days.

During these five days, Wen Chi not only did not see Hua Zi Zang from morning to night but also was turned away when he went to Hua Zi Zang’s courtyard to look for him.

Wen Chi sensed that Hua Zi Zang was deliberately avoiding him because of the wooden box he sent out.

Although Wen Chi didn’t know what was in that wooden box, the ominous premonition in his heart became stronger and stronger.

That night, Wen Chi decided to go to the courtyard where Hua Zi Zang lived to try his luck after dinner – he had to get the wooden box back!!!

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