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Chapter 55.2


For the past three days, Shi Ye has been staying in the study, seemingly dealing with official business but actually doing nothing.

Eunuch Zhu sensed that Shi Ye was in a bad mood, so he stood beside him tremblingly, trying to use himself as a backdrop, for fear of offending the crown prince.

Just then, Shi Ye’s voice suddenly rang out, “Zhu Xian.”

Eunuch Zhu hurried forward: “Yes.”

Shi Ye was sitting in a wheelchair, propping his chin with one hand as usual, flipping through the letters with the other hand boredly, his dark eyes were covered by his drooping long eyelashes and he couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes, only he could hear him speak with calm voice: “Have they left yet?”

Eunuch Zhu counted the time and replied in a low voice, “Almost.”

Shi Ye hummed.

Eunuch Zhu looked at the letter that was about to be stared into a hole by the crown prince and after a fierce internal struggle, he still spoke more for the sake of living easier in the future: “Your Highness, since you don’t want to go to Jinzhou, why did you want the emperor to ask Young Master Wen?”

Shi Ye didn’t even raise his eyes and said with a wan expression: “The emperor has been hovering in front of Bengong like a fly for so long, isn’t it just that he wants Bengong to agree to ask Wen Chi?”

Eunuch Zhu: “…”

Although Eunuch Zhu had heard the Crown Prince call the Emperor those garbled names countless times, every time he heard it, he had a heart attack.

I am afraid that there is no other person in this world as bold as the crown prince.

Eunuch Zhu quickly collected his thoughts and said after deliberation: “This servant thought that Young Master Wen would not necessarily reject the emperor and that he would be rewarded for his meritorious service.
Nowadays, the emperor’s rewards have a great appeal to everyone…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Shi Ye: “He won’t go.”

Eunuch Zhu was taken aback and quietly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Shi Ye turned his head and looked out of the window not far away, which was in the direction of the Bamboo Flute residence.
He squinted his eyes, as if he was talking to Eunuch Zhu and talking to himself: “He is so timid that he will tremble in fear just by being looked at by Bengong.
Bengong reckons he will not dare to step out of this East Palace alone.”

Eunuch Zhu didn’t make a sound but the more he listened, the more confused he became.

If the crown prince doesn’t want Young Master Wen to go to Jinzhou, he can simply refuse the emperor’s request or warn Young Master Wen directly.
Why should he give Young Master Wen the right to choose?

Eunuch Zhu could sense the Crown Prince was testing Young Master Wen but he felt that these tests were completely unnecessary.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Young Master Wen has no feelings for the Crown prince other than fear, so no matter how the Crown prince tries, he will not get the satisfactory result he imagined.

It was a pity that the clever Crown Prince did not even understand such a simple truth.

Eunuch Zhu sighed in his heart.

As soon as he finished sighing, he saw Xiao Shuanzi walking over holding a black food box in his hands.
Xiao Shuanzi bowed and handed the food box: “Your Royal Highness, this is the cake sent by Young Master Wen.”

Shi Ye withdrew his gaze and his eyes fell on the food box.
His originally cold tone seemed to ease a lot: “Bring it here.”


Xiao Shuanzi hurried forward and carefully placed the food box in front of Shi Ye.

Shi Ye ordered Eunuch Zhu to open the lid of the food box and asked, seemingly unintentionally, “Where is he?”

Xiao Shuanzi was stunned for a moment, before he realized that Shi Ye was talking to him and said nervously: “Your Highness, Young Master Wen has already left.”

Shi Ye paused as he took the spoon and his voice suddenly became cold: “Left?”

“Yes.” Xiao Shuanzi said, “The Fourth Prince’s men will be leaving for Jinzhou at noon today.
Young Master Wen has already gone to join them.
This cake is also a parting gift sent by Young Master Wen.”

Just as Xiao Shuanzi finished speaking, Shi Ye suddenly raised his right hand.

The next moment, the spoon in Shi Ye’s hand flew straight towards Xiao Shuanzi’s forehead.

After all, Xiao Shuanzi was not as good at withstanding pain as Eunuch Zhu and he immediately groaned, kneeling on the ground with weak legs.
He raised his hand and touched his forehead, seeing blood, his whole body trembled like a falling leaf in the autumn wind.

“Get out!” Shi Ye slammed the letter on the table to the ground, the ends of his eyes flushed a little scarlet, so that they looked extremely ghastly, “All of you get out!”

Xiao Shuanzi instantly ran away.

Eunuch Zhu glanced at the letters scattered all over the floor, then at the undamaged cake, shook his head lightly and hurriedly followed Xiao Shuanzi out of the study.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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Wen Chi had made the decision on the spur of the moment because he was still reluctant to let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Due to the urgency of time, Wen Chi packed his luggage as quickly as possible and set off with Ruo Fang.

The emperor arranged for him two court ladies, four bodyguards and a separate carriage and also prepared a new identity for him—Lin Yuan, the fourth younger brother of General Lin.

However, Wen Chi still felt a sense of segregation when he set out with the large army.
If there were no special circumstances, he would have to stay in the carriage all the time.

And he hadn’t seen the Fourth Prince or General Lin even once since the departure.

Fortunately, Wen Chi didn’t care about these things.
In fact, he hated dealing with strangers more than being isolated.


T/N – Beginning of a new chapter in Wen Chi’s life

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