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Chapter 53.2


The next day, Wen Chi slept until the sun is three poles high1(日上三竿 [rì shàng sān gān] The sun is three poles high;   It’s late in the morning;   The sun has risen three poles high — it is already late in the morning;  The sun is riding high) before waking up.

He didn’t know if it was a psychological effect but he still had some pain in his back and the strange sensation made his walking posture seem extraordinarily strange, even Ruo Tao, who served him breakfast, could see it.

Ruo Tao asked him worriedly: “Young Master, are you feeling unwell?”

Wen Chi was asked such a question by a young girl, he blushed vaguely and hurriedly shook his head like a rattle: “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Ruo Tao said: “But your complexion is so bad, why don’t you ask the imperial doctor to come and have a look.”

Wen Chi also thought that he needed to see a doctor but it was too shameful to have a doctor examine him in that kind of place, and he didn’t want others to know what had happened last night.

After thinking about it, Wen Chi still rejected Ruo Tao’s proposal: “I just didn’t sleep well last night so I’ll just go back to sleep for a while later.”

Although Ruo Tao was worried she could not say anything else as Wen Chi was so insistent.

After breakfast, Wen Chi went to bed again.

In ancient times, it was not very appropriate to lie in bed all the time.
And since he had realized this, he had tried his best to avoid going to bed whenever he could but now he was not only uncomfortable but his buttocks also hurt and he really did not want to sit in a chair.

Fortunately, there are only four people in the bamboo flute residence, so no one will gossip about him.

In the afternoon, Wen Chi’s mouth was dry from sleeping, so he got up to pour a glass of water and went for a walk.

When he did, he was startled.

The originally quiet Bamboo Flute Residence had been filled with eunuchs and maids, standing in a row in the courtyard, being admonished by Ruo Tao in a stern voice.

When she heard Wen Chi, Ruo Tao turned her head and immediately burst into a beautiful smile: “Young master is up.”

Wen Chi pointed at those people and asked: “Who are they?”

Ruo Tao said: “They are all arranged by Eunuch Zhu to serve you.”

After she finished speaking, Ruo Tao frowned and said sharply to those people, “Why aren’t you greeting Young Master Wen?”

Those people trembled in fright at Ruo Tao’s suddenly sharp tone and immediately greeted Wen Chi in unison.

Wen Chi counted the number of people.

There were eight people in total.

That was a lot.

When Wen Chi was in the Wen Mansion, there were only two or three people serving him and when he came to the East Palace, there were also two or three people to serve him and he himself was not used to being served by others.

At this moment, eight people came all at once, which gave Wen Chi a headache.

But soon, he remembered a very important issue.

“Our Bamboo Flute Residence is too small, there are only so many rooms, where will they stay?”

“Don’t worry, Young Master Wen, Eunuch Zhu has already made the arrangements.” Ruo Tao smiled, “His Royal Highness ordered Eunuch Zhu to find a new courtyard, not far from here.
That courtyard has been cleaned, they will live there for now.
Young Master Wen and this servant will also move there slowly.”

Wen Chi was stunned: “This is all by His Highness’s decree?”

Last night, he kicked Shi Ye twice without sparing any effort and even kicked him on the chest.

Thinking back now, Wen Chi only felt lingering fears in his heart.
Just those two kicks on the Crown Prince’s body, even if he died a hundred times, it would not be enough to apologize.

He thought that Shi Ye would come to settle accounts with him but he didn’t expect something completely opposite to what he had imagined.

It’s really like this crown prince’s heart is like a needle in the bottom of the sea, Shi Ye doesn’t play cards according to the usual route.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

“By the way, Young Master.” Ruo Tao took a wooden box from a maid and handed it to Wen Chi with both hands, “Eunuch Zhu explained to this servant that she must give this to you in person.”

Wen Chi took the wooden box in a daze: “What is this?”

Ruo Tao shook her head: “This servant doesn’t know.”

Wen Chi took the wooden box back to his bedroom, closed the door and also shut out the voice of Ruo Tao continuing to teach the newcomers.

He sat down at the table, put the wooden box on the table and opened the lid curiously.

He then saw several roots2*wink* I hope you understand what they are lying peacefully inside the wooden box, seemingly made of jade, as thick and as long and when he touched them he could feel a flowing warmth.

Wen Chi picked up one of them and glanced at it and quickly understood what it was.

In an instant, his whole face turned so red that it seemed to be dripping blood.

He threw the thick jade into the wooden box, and only after a long time did he squeeze out three words between his teeth: “That dog prince.”


At the same time, in the crown prince’s study.

Shi Ye propped his chin, boredly looking at the letters presented by the officials.
He read them absent-mindedly and finally called for Eunuch Zhu who was guarding not far away.

“Have you prepared the things I asked you to prepare?”

“Replying to Your Royal Highness, his servant has already prepared it and ordered someone to deliver it to Young Master Wen.” Eunuch Zhu replied with a bow, “This servant specially selected the most suitable gift and asked the craftsman to deliver the gift according to Your Royal Highness’s actual condition, so that Young Master Wen will definitely be happy when he receives it.”

Shi Ye said: “That’s good.”

As he pretended to be preoccupied, Shiye did not ask Eunuch Zhu what kind of gift he had prepared.

In his heart, Zhu Xian has always done things properly.

Shi Ye hummed, waved his hands and said, “Go and collect your reward.”

The joy in Eunuch Zhu’s expression was almost overflowing, so he hurriedly answered yes and then joyfully walked away.


1(日上三竿 [rì shàng sān gān] The sun is three poles high;   It’s late in the morning;   The sun has risen three poles high — it is already late in the morning;  The sun is riding high)2*wink* I hope you understand what they are

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