bath.” After Wen Chi finished speaking, he was immediately enlightened and justifiably ordered Ping An outside, “Right, go and boil some hot water for me.”

Ping An fell silent.

Even if Ping An didn’t speak, Wen Chi could guess that Ping An must have regretted knocking on the door just now.

After a while, Ping An said: “This servant will go now, Young Master Wen please wait a moment.”

Wen Chi then continued to sit by the wooden barrel and waited.

After waiting for a long time, Wen Chi heard the footsteps of Ping An carrying a bucket of water.
The bucket used to carry water was neither small nor large, and it took about ten buckets of water to fill the wooden bucket.

So Ping An walked back and forth like this ten times,

After filling the wooden barrel with water, Ping An was so tired that he could not stand up.

Wen Chi said gratefully, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Ping An wiped his sweaty face and forced a smile: “This is what the servant should do.”

Wen Chi waved his hand: “Go and have a rest.”

Ping An was ready to leave with the bucket in hand.

Wen Chi remembered something else and hurriedly called out to Ping An, “By the way, have you ever heard of any news related to the Hua family?”

Hearing this, Ping An looked at Wen Chi oddly for a moment before muttering in a low voice: “Why is Young Master asking about the Hua family?”

Because you’re the only one in this courtyard who knows the most.
Wen Chi thought so in his heart, but said: “A few days ago, I met a lot of Hua family members at the Grand Princess’s birthday banquet.
It just so happens that His Royal Highness’s biological mother, Empress Hua, is also a Hua family member, so I want to know more about them.”

Wen Chi’s expression was sincere and it didn’t look like he was lying at all.

Ping An hesitated for a while but still shook his head: “The Hua family is a famous family in the capital, even if a distant relative of the Hua family coughs twice, it will make a bunch of young masters in the capital worried and I am just a servant in the palace, how can I know so much about the Hua family?”

When Wen Chi saw that Ping An was unwilling to say more, he did not force him and let him leave.

When Ping An had left, Wen Chi took off his clothes and stepped naked into the wooden barrel.

At this moment, he was fully awake and when he recalled the previous events, he felt extremely absurd.

Why did he become like that?

His mind couldn’t think about anything at that time, he could only smell the blood on Shi Ye’s body.

But that smell of blood was extremely sweet to him, as if full of fatal temptation, turning him into a cat that sucked catnip, just wanting to rub against Shi Ye all the time, so as to relieve that strong feeling of unease in his heart.

In fact, on the night when Shi Ye fed him blood, he tasted a hint of that sweetness in Shi Ye’s blood.
After drinking a few mouthfuls of blood, his mind became confused, even to the extent that he didn’t even know that he was sleeping in the same bed with Shi Ye afterwards.

But that night he was not as unhinged as he had been earlier.

Could it have something to do with the amount of blood?

After all, Shi Ye only used his teeth to make a small cut on his fingertips that night, and the amount of bleeding was far less scary than tonight.

Wen Chi soaked his whole body in warm water, exposing only the part above his nose.
He thought about a bunch of messy things, but he still couldn’t come to a conclusion.

The only thing that is certain is——

Shi Ye’s blood is really powerful and it has multiple functions.
No wonder the Grand Princess came to him personally and humbly begged Shi Ye to receive treatment.


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