efforts by wrapping his arms around his neck, burying his face in his neck and giving him an extra careful lick.

Shi Ye paused and said in a deep voice, “Wen Chi, do you know what you’re doing?”

If Wen Chi had been a little more awake, he would have been able to hear the coldness in Shi Ye’s voice.

But at this moment, his mind has become a mess and he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.
He was obsessed with the sweet scent in Shi Ye’s blood.

“Why is there a fragrance in your blood?” Wen Chi leaned against Shi Ye’s body recklessly and he stretched out his tongue to lick Shi Ye’s neck again and murmured, “It smells so good.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shi Ye pinched his chin again.

This time Shi Ye didn’t deliberately hold back his strength, Wen Chi’s brows furrowed in pain and his almond eyes turned watery: “Ah, it hurts…”

“It seems that Bengong overestimated you.” When Shi Ye met Wen Chi’s unhinged gaze, there was actually a bit of helplessness in his tone, “Not only do you not know how to fly, you don’t even have the most basic self-control, you’re just as easy to fool as that emperor.”

He just wanted to test Wen Chi but he didn’t expect that Wen Chi really didn’t know any martial arts.

But that person…

Obviously that person’s qingong was amazing…

Shi Ye was so absorbed in his thoughts when he suddenly felt a pain in his chin.
When he came back to his senses, he found that Wen Chi had crawled onto him at some point, hugged him with hands and feet and bit his chin.

Shi Ye: “…”

Wen Chi let go after a bite.
He smiled at Shi Ye, and carefully licked Shi Ye’s chin.
His movements were very light and he licked like this for a while.
When he saw Shi Ye’s sullen face and that he did not respond, he suddenly pecked rice on Shi Ye’s lips like a chicken pecking rice and he kissed Shi Ye’s lips a few times like this.

Wen Chi’s kisses don’t have any skills at all, except for licking and kissing and for gnawing and nibbling, there are only a few patterns back and forth.

However, these few tricks were enough to stir up the fire in Shi Ye’s body.

Shi Ye put his arms around Wen Chi’s waist and when Wen Chi was about to lean over to kiss his lips again in a daze, he suddenly turned over and pushed Wen Chi down.

The sudden change of events caused Wen Chi to wake up for a moment, the confusion in his eyes was instantly replaced by panic and confusion.
Unfortunately, before he could open his mouth to speak, Shi Ye firmly blocked his mouth.

Shi Ye used his calf to block Wen Chi’s struggling legs and with one hand he pinned Wen Chi’s hands above his head, while the other hand silently touched Wen Chi’s waist.

Since Wen Chi was only wearing a white undershirt, Shi Ye grabbed the hem and lifted it upwards, revealing the milk-like white abdomen and chest, so white that it was almost glistened in the night.

“Your Royal Highness…” Wen Chi gasped and said in a daze, “What’s wrong with me? What happened to me just now?”

Wen Chi was sluggishly aware of his abnormality, he felt his mind and body losing control.
He wanted to wake himself up but felt his mind was sinking heavily.

It wasn’t until something came in that he was completely awake.

Painfully awake.


1(Huangquan Road [huánɡ quán lù] – the way to the nether world)

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