You still have a wound on your body, you have to bandage it.”

Shi Ye stared straight at that person and said word by word: “I don’t need a doctor.”

The man fell silent.

Shi Ye lowered his eyes and continued to stare at the ground, ignoring that person.

He did bleed a lot, for he had many wounds all over his body and the woman’s torture day in and day out had left almost no part of his body intact.

However, that woman dared to be so unscrupulous only because she knew that his self-healing ability was very strong.
Even if someone stabbed him in the chest, as long as he lay down quietly for a while, the wound on his chest would heal. 

Although his self-healing ability is very strong, the pain during the healing process is real.
The pain of flesh and blood being cut by a sharp blade and then quickly grown together is like a dull knife slowly cutting through his heart .

Strangely enough, with time, he got used to the pain.

Every time he was injured, his body would seem to have a self-awareness, repairing those hideous wounds almost crazily and the feeling of pain that edged into his bone marrow made him deeply aware that he existed in this world.

Not long after Shi Ye sat in the grass, the wounds on his body had almost healed and even the large blood stains on his clothes were completely absorbed by his skin.

The man took in the scene and made an astonished sound: “God, what’s wrong with you? All the blood on your clothes is gone…”

Shi Ye still ignored that person, he stood up and quickly walked in the opposite direction to the woman.

After a while, he came to a cave.

He often came to this cave to avoid that woman, so he had already prepared some living supplies in the cave.

The man followed him to the cave, and even though he was lying down on the straw mat, the man sat down very self-consciously on the edge of the mat and kept talking to him.

“Child, this brother will teach you some martial arts.” The man got up and plopped down on the edge of the straw mat again, gazing at Shi Ye with a gleaming gaze, “Brother is super powerful, so I might as well to teach you a few moves for your own good, lest you get beaten up so badly by that crazy mother of yours again.”

Perhaps annoyed by the noise, Shi Ye finally opened his eyes, his cold, thin black eyes fixedly looking at that person.

It was the first time he looked at that person’s face so closely, and he realized that he had a small red mole on his brow, his almond eyes were round, his lips were thin but he liked to babble non-stop.

Shi Ye asked: “Are you a skilled martial artist?”

“Naturally, how else would I dare to boast to you about it?” The man curled his mouth and finished speaking triumphantly.
Then he patted his chest and said, “I can fight five or six people alone and I can even fly over the wall.”

Shi Ye said coldly: “What’s the use of your martial arts, no matter how powerful you are, after you die, you will still be a lonely ghost.”.”

The man was taken aback for a moment: “That’s right…”

Then the almond eyes lost their luster in an instant and the man sat on the edge of the straw mat, hugging his knees and lost in thought.


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