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Chapter 50.2

Wen Chi remembered that he was still pressing on Shi Ye and hurriedly struggled to get off: “Are you okay? I’ll carry you back…”

Before the words left his mouth, he only felt the hands that were wrapped around his waist suddenly increase in strength and hold him tighter, at the same time, Shi Ye whispered in Wen Chi’s ear, “As long as you don’t move around, Bengong will be fine.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Hearing what Shi Ye said, Wen Chi froze instantly, he was afraid that his actions would accidentally hurt Shi Ye.

The two of them were lying on the grass in an overlapping posture.

Not long after, Wen Chi couldn’t bear it any longer.
At this point, he was completely pressing Shi Ye underneath him like a mattress.
He had no strength in his body and his whole body weight was on Shi Ye’s body so to speak.

However, Shi Ye was injured so badly…

“Shi Ye, are you better?” Wen Chi said tentatively, while moving his body to the side extremely gently, “Let’s just go back quickly, you’re so badly injured and you’re bleeding so much.”

Shi Ye still said in that neutral tone: “I’m fine.”

Taking advantage of Shi Ye’s inattention, Wen Chi broke free of his hands and rolled out of his arms, then turned around and grabbed Shi Ye’s hand, trying to lift Shi Ye up again.

But Shi Ye didn’t give Wen Chi a chance, he grabbed Wen Chi’s wrist violently and pulled him into his arms again.

Wen Chi fell on Shi Ye again.
He was really angry and anxious.
He tried to get up from Shi Ye but Shi Ye had learned the lesson from earlier and pulled his wrist very tightly.

“Shi Ye!” Wen Chi said angrily, “This is not the time for you to mess around!”

Shi Ye still looked weak, his pitch-black eyes were as beautiful as obsidian under the moonlight.
Staring at Wen Chi steadfastly, he said, “How do you plan to carry me back?”

Wen Chi was stunned, obviously he was stumped by this question.

“This is not the East Palace but behind the imperial garden, if you meet others, how do you plan to explain to them?”

“But…” Wen Chi said, “But I can’t just watch you die.”

Shi Ye sighed, “I will not die.”

Wen Chi still wanted to speak but Shi Ye said, “Come here.”

Hearing this, Wen Chi was stunned for a moment, even though he didn’t know what Shi Ye wanted, he obediently moved over.

As he got closer, he could clearly feel the smell of blood getting stronger and stronger, as if Shi Ye in front of him had been soaked in blood for days and nights.

The amazing thing is that this strong smell of blood is not as disgusting as Wen Chi imagined but it seems to have a hint of sweetness.
This sweetness seemed to have vitality and was eagerly burrowing into Wen Chi’s nose.

Wen Chi felt something was wrong but compared to the badly injured Shi Ye in front of him, he quickly put the oddness behind him.

“Look at Bengong.” Shi Ye’s eyes never left Wen Chi’s body, he opened his lips and said, “Does Bengong look like he’s going to die?”

Wen Chi hurriedly gathered her spirits and took a closer look at Shi Ye’s neck and face and was then shocked to find that Shi Ye’s skin was slowly absorbing that blood.

In just a moment, Shi Ye’s skin became smooth and flawless again, like pure white jade in the moonlight, glowing with a soft yet cool hue.

At this moment, Wen Chi was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.
He opened his eyes wide and stared blankly for a long time before suddenly realizing something——

Yes, that night…

Shi Ye used the blood in his body to heal him.

He always thought that Shi Ye’s blood could only heal but he never thought it could heal himself.

Wen Chi touched Shi Ye’s clothes subconsciously and found that the blood-soaked clothes had dried out at some point.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

“You…how did this happen…” Wen Chi didn’t know whether to be happy or surprised.
He felt that his brain was overloaded with many thoughts and was about to explode.
He really wanted to sort out these thoughts but the more he tried to quieten his mind, the more agitated he became

Even he himself didn’t notice the change in his emotions, he only felt his body getting hotter and hotter, as if a fireball was rampaging in his body.
His eyes gradually became blurred and he stared at Shi Ye for a moment: “Your blood smells so good.”

When Shi Ye noticed Wen Chi’s change, he was taken aback for a moment and quickly let go of Wen Chi’s wrist.

“Wen Chi.”

As if he couldn’t hear Shi Ye’s voice, Wen Chi pulled down his already loose undershirt, revealing a chest as white as milk.
Then he moved forward to lie on Shi Ye’s body, sniffing around Shi Ye’s neck and face like a puppy.

“Shi Ye, you really smell good.” Wen Chi murmured, his eyes lost their luster and his dull eyes roamed over Shi Ye.

Shi Ye was lying still, although he could heal himself, it consumed his strength so much that he couldn’t stand up now, and he could only move his hands.

“Wen Chi.” Shi Ye cupped Wen Chi’s chin as usual and he looked directly into Wen Chi’s empty eyes, “Stay away from me.”


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