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Chapter 6.2

Wen Chi touched his cold neck and cowardly followed behind the palace maid.

Wen Chi didn’t know if there was any poison in the tea he ate just now.
Anyway, he didn’t have any adverse reactions along the way but he was almost scared to death by his own chaotic thoughts.

Until the palace maid in front stopped, Wen Chi had envisioned countless times the image of him being slashed by the crown prince.

He was really afraid of this unpredictable prince.

In any case, the crown prince suddenly calling him is definitely not for something good.

Wen Chi retracted his thoughts, only to realize that he was following Shi Ye into the study.

The study room is very large.
In addition to the huge desk full of memorials, there were low tables, reclining chairs and a couch to rest.

Wen Chi lowered his eyes, standing quietly in a corner, looking down at his nose and mouth.
As long as Shi Ye did not notice his presence, he treated himself as a transparent person.

Maybe because the heavens heard Wen Chi’s inner prayer, as if he really did not exist, Shi Ye was pushed behind the desk by the palace maid.
He supported his forehead, closed his eyes and listened to the eunuch recite the contents of the memorials.

The eunuch read them slowly and softly.

Wen Chi stood in the corner, waiting for death with a skeptical mind – in fact he began to doubt whether the tea was really poisonous.

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It is not impossible to say that Shi Ye might have used his evil tricks to pull a prank on him. 

After all, it is a matter of life and death and Wen Chi was absorbed in his thoughts.

Suddenly , Shi Ye’s cold voice rang out: “Sit down.”

Wen Chi was suddenly pulled back to his thoughts and when he looked up, he saw that Shi Ye had opened his eyes at some point and the pair of dark eyes were gazing at him indifferently.

Wen Chi’s back was instantly covered with cold sweat.
In the corner of his vision, he caught a glimpse of the couch not far from him.
He gingerly back a few steps and then apprehensively sat down.

Shi Ye seemed satisfied and motioned the eunuch with his eyes to continue.

As a result, the eunuch was reading for a short while, when Shi Ye suddenly said, “Eat.” 

The eunuch’s voice stopped abruptly and he was so scared that he clenched the memorial.

The other palace maids and eunuchs in the study also buried their heads almost to their chests and their faces became pale.

Wen Chi despondently realized that Shi Ye was talking to him again.
He turned his head and saw several dishes of delicate-looking pastries on the table on his right.
He reached out to pick up one of the most beautiful ones.

He held the pastry in both hands and nibbled on it. 

Shi Ye propped his chin up and stared at Wen Chi intently, with an expression that no one could tell what he was thinking at this moment.

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The cold sweat on Wen Chi’s back gradually spread to his whole body.
He ate slowly, but did not dare to stop.

Finally, he finished the plates of pastries.

Shi Ye asked, “Is it delicious?” 

Wen Chi answered honestly, “It’s delicious.” It’s just that he ate a lot of food.

Unexpectedly, after hearing this answer, Shi Ye seemed to have heard a very funny joke and suddenly laughed while holding the handle of the wheelchair.

In the study, everyone including Wen Chi was as quiet as a chicken, except for Shi Ye, who seemed to be laughing at him wildly.

After laughing for a long time, he pointed at Wen Chi and said, “Why did you eat everything?”

Wen Chi: “…”


Wouldn’t he die faster if he didn’t eat it!

Wen Chi had a stomach full of pastries and wanted to vomit but he didn’t dare to vomit, so he lowered his head and pretended to feel ashamed. 

“Since you like to eat so much.” The crown prince said, “From now on, come and eat every day.”

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Wen Chi: “……”

He almost burst into tears.
Forcing the grief in his heart, he said: “Thank you, Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

But looking at it on the bright side, since Shi Ye said so, at least that means those tea leaves are not poisonous and he can live a few more days, Wen Chi comforted himself.

When Wen Chi returned to the Bamboo Flute Residence with the wooden box, Ping An had been back for a long time and was circling the yard with anxiety.

Seeing Wen Chi’s figure, Ping An’s face brightened.

“Young Master Wen!” Ping An hurried over, “It’s great that you’re fine!”

In fact, Wen Chi just seems to be fine.
On the way back, he felt like he was floating and the feeling of coming back from the dead was so unreal that he had to take a good breather.

Thinking of this, Wen Chi quickened his pace: “I’m tired.
I’ll go lie down for a while.”

Ping An was still worried: “Young Master Wen, I heard that you met Concubine Yue Shan and Young Master Yue Gui near the lake.
Yue Shan is just fine but Young Master Yue Gui, that person is small-minded and vengeful, I am afraid that you will accidentally provoke him.”

When Yue Shan was mentioned, Wen Chi’s face suddenly became extremely ugly.  He didn’t even bother to listen to the rest of Ping An’s words and walked into the bedroom.

Ping An was anxious but did not dare to follow in and disturb Wen Chi.
After turning around outside the door a few times, he had to go find Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao to get some water for Wen Chi to wash his face and feet.

Wen Chi changed his clothes and lay on the bed.
After tossing for an afternoon, he was already exhausted but when he closed his eyes, he couldn’t fall asleep.

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In the darkness, he could always remember the fear and bitter expression of Yue Shan after her death.

He never imagined that Shi Ye would have such amazing strength that he could break a person’s neck with his bare hands.

If Shi Ye knew that he was not Wen Liang…

Wen Chi shrank his neck in fear.
He and Wen Liang do not look alike and in the future, he would see Shi Ye every day like a Dabao1Dabao is a skin care product company *kekek* advertisement.
The chances of getting exposed now will increase a dozen more times. 

The truth might get discovered by Shi Ye tomorrow.

Not to mention, what caused Wen Chi’s headache even more was that Wen Changqing was planning to put the dung pot on his head.

Probably in the next few days, the news that he knocked Wen Liang unconscious and entered the palace pretending to be Wen Liang will spread from the Wen residence.

No way!

He had come up with a strategy as soon as possible. 


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