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Transmigrated into Substitute Bride ‘Fu Lang’

Chapter 5: 準備


After Chen Xing said this, Gu Lang who was sitting opposite him slowly raised his head to look at him and even Qiu Jiu, next to him, stopped cleaning up and stared at him with suspicion.


Facing the two of them who were looking at him with questioning eyes.
Chen Xing felt the pressure.
He licked his dry lips and told them the plan he had thought of on the way back, “I want to start a small business but now I don’t have the capital.”


After saying this, Chen Xing himself felt embarrassed.
However, when he thought that he could not borrow money because he did not have enough thick skin to do so, how could he would be able to earn money then, let alone to pay Gu Lang’s money back, he could only brace himself and continued, “I promise, I will pay it back as soon as I can earn some money.”


Gu Lang looked at Chen Xing quietly and only when his face was turning even red did he slowly say, “How much money do you need?”


Hearing Gu Lang unexpectedly answer him like this, Chen Xing who originally prepared to be rejected, raised his head with a swish, and both of his eyes brightened as he stared at Gu Lang, he then said excitedly, “Half a string of 1.000 copper coins.”


After saying this, Chen Xing thought of what Qiu Jiu had said to him this morning, suddenly his excitement dissipated, showing some hesitation as he said, “It’s okay if it’s not that much, I can think of another way.”


Gu Lang looked at Chen Xing’s dimly gaze and wondered why his heart felt a little uncomfortable, he didn’t wait for Chen Xing to continue and directly said, “Okay.”


Chen Xing was still calculating in his heart what he was going to buy, a pushcart, two wooden barrels, seasoning for cooking as well as the ingredients, and also thinking about how to keep the cost to the minimum.
Unexpectedly, when he heard Gu Lang agreed to it, he raised his head to look at him with a disbelief-look in his eyes.


Gu Lang thought he didn’t hear clearly so he lightly tapped the top of the table and repeated, “This money, I can lend it to you.” After that, he paused for a moment and especially added, “However you have to pay it back as soon as possible, since I’m very poor!”


Chen Xing’s eyes instantly lit up again, he looked at Gu Lang while nodding his head desperately, “Hn, I will pay you back as soon as I can earn the money.
I promise!”

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Looking at the smile that appeared on Chen Xing’s face again, Gu Lang felt that a smiling Chen Xing was much more pleasing to the eyes than Chen Xing who felt disheartened.


Chen Xing was excited for a while because he had borrowed the start-up fund.
When he saw Qiu Jiu packing up the tableware and going out, he thought of what he was good at.
Right away, he said to Gu Lang, “If you guys think it’s okay, let me do the cooking in this house from now on!”


Hearing Chen Xing had made this request himself, Gu Lang was more and more satisfied.
He nodded at Chen Xing, it could be counted as agreeing to his proposal.


Gu Lang told Chen Xing to sit here and wait for him while he went to get the money.


Looking at Gu Lang’s back as he unhurriedly left, Chen Xing felt that Gu Lang was really a good person, not only did he take him in but he also lent him money although he himself was also in a difficult situation.
Wait until he had earned money later, he would definitely give Gu Lang a better life.


Just at the exact time when Chen Xing was giving free rein to his imagination of a better and happy future, Gu Lang came back with a worn-out money bag.


When Gu Lang handed the money bag to Chen Xing, he felt that Chen Xing was looking at him strangely, but he didn’t think too much about it.
He only thought that he was probably just too happy.


Chen Xing took the money bag and thanked Gu Lang discreetly.
He didn’t continue to rest as he took the money bag and went out.


Chen Xing first went to the carpenter’s place and prepared to buy the big things like the trolley and the barrel and then took the rest of the money to buy the ingredients for tomorrow’s cooking.


Who knew that as soon as he went there, Chen Xing realised that he had underestimated the price of the handmade goods here.
If he had to buy a new trolley, plus two barrels, he would not have much money left over to buy food.
But if he wanted to cook, how could he do it without the ingredients? Could it be that when the moment came, he had to borrow it from Gu Lang again?


As Chen Xing was standing there and in a dilemma, suddenly he saw an outmoded carpenter’s shop.
In front of it, there was an old and shabby wheelbarrow piled up with miscellaneous items.
It looked like it had been abandoned there.

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Chen Xing’s eyes lit up and he immediately walked over to the shop.
After making sure that the vehicle was still usable except for being a bit worn out, he politely asked the old carpenter who was working inside the door, “Grandpa, is that old wheelbarrow at the entrance for sale?”


When he heard Chen Xing’s question, the old man who was immersed himself, working on the component, looked up at him.
The moment he saw that the person who spoke out was a pretty and charming Ger, his serious expression also relaxed a little.


The old carpenter put down what he was doing and came out.
When he saw what Chen Xing was pointing at, he

frowned slightly and said hesitantly, “If you want to buy this vehicle, I will naturally sell it.
It’s just that this vehicle is too old and may not be that convenient to use.”


Hearing this, Chen Xing somewhat hesitated but soon he made up his mind, looked at the old carpenter and said embarrassedly, “The main reason is that I don’t have much extra money, so I can only buy the old one.
As long as it is still usable, I’ll take it.”


The old man didn’t say anything more when he heard his words, he took away the miscellaneous things and took out the wheelbarrow from the bottom.
He then pushed it in front of Chen Xing and said to him, “This thing was originally obsolete, if you want it, I’ll price it 50 wen.”


Chen Xing had just asked before, if it was a brand new unicycle, it would cost 300 wen, but this one was a bit old but still usable.
He nodded and immediately agreed to it.


The old carpenter looked at the happy Chen Xing and was silent for a moment.
After he took his money, he told him to wait.


Chen Xing was a bit confused and didn’t understand why, but he watched the old carpenter go into the house and bring out a bunch of tools, and then make a continual banging sound as he helped him repair some of the worn-out areas of the old wheelbarrow for half of a day.


Waiting until he had finished all of it, the old carpenter then gave the cart to Chen Xing and said, “There, you can take it away now.”


Chen Xing pushed it for a while and felt that the wheelbarrow was better than before, beside that, it was more solid and sturdy.
Knowing that the old carpenter had been kind enough to help him, he thanked him sincerely, “Thank you!”


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The old carpenter looked at Chen Xing, who was smiling brightly, and gently waved his hand, indicating that he did not need him to say thanks.


By having his own wheelbarrow, Chen Xing bought two more wooden barrels that fit on either side of the unicycle and used the extra money to buy an extra wooden basin that could fit on top of the wooden barrel, and then happily pushed his cart out of this place towards the vegetable market.


On his way to the market, Chen Xing also bought the spices he needed at the grocery store.
He would still feel a little distressed when he saw that his money bag was half empty but soon he cheered up and pulled himself together.
As long as he sold what he had made, it was only a matter of time before he made his money back.


Chen Xing arrived at the market and went straight to the bean curd stall that he had his eye on.
Because he had a large quantity to buy and he needed it fresh, he went over to the stall owner, negotiated the price and asked if it could be delivered to his place.


After learning the quantity Chen Xing wanted and negotiating the price, the stall owner readily agreed to Chen Xing’s request for delivery.
It was only when Chen Xing mentioned his address that the tofu stall owner’s face began to look odd.


Chen Xing sensed that something was wrong with the owner as he looked at him strangely and asked, “What is it? Is there any problem?”


The stall owner looked at Chen Xing’s puzzled expression and asked with a bit of fear on his face, “You, this ger, why do you live in a place like that?”


Chen Xing only thought that his question was strange, why couldn’t he live in that kind of place? While thinking like this, he also asked him this question directly.


The stall owner looked at him with a complicated expression and asked in a somewhat odd tone, “Do you know who lived there in the past?”


Looking at the stall owner’s expression, Chen Xing’s suspicion deepened and he asked uncertainly, “Wasn’t it the Gu family?”


Hearing his answer, the stall owner was so excited that he slapped his thigh, “That’s right, it’s the Gu family! Since you know that the Gu family used to live there, then how dare you live there? Are you from abroad?”


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Chen Xing hesitated for a moment, not knowing if he transmigrated like this was considered as a foreigner, but still, he nodded his head.


When the stall owner saw him nod, he became more and more agitated, “Then you must have been fooled by the person who rented the room to you, back then, dozens of Gu’s family’s members died overnight.
I heard that blood was spilled all over the place.
Everyone thought it was a place with bad luck so they always made a detour and walked around from there.”


Hearing what he said, a look of disbelief appeared on Chen Xing’s face.
Looking at the agitated stall owner, he understood why he was reluctant to go there, but understanding as he was, he indeed couldn’t come here to buy it himself, it would delay and take too long of his time.


Hence, Chen Xing looked at the agitated stall owner and discussed with him, “Boss, don’t worry, I am still living fine in there and it’s not a scary place.
If you are afraid, just leave the bean curd outside the gate and I will move it inside by myself.”


When the stall owner saw Chen Xing’s remain unmoved look, he hesitated for a while but finally nodded and agreed to his proposal.


Chen Xing made an appointment with him when it would be the time to deliver the bean curd, so after he paid him the deposit, he pushed his cart and went back.
On his way back, from time to time, he would remember what the stall owner had said.


Since Chen Xing was very fast, when he returned to the house, there was still some time before dinner, so he did not rush to cook dinner.
Instead, he pushed the wheelbarrow and its contents into the courtyard where the kitchen was located.
After putting the spices in the kitchen, tidying it up, he started boiling the water, preparing to boil and clean the newly purchased utensils.


The moment he got busy, he became occupied with it for a long time.
When he had finished boiling the water, he saw, not knowing since when Qiu Jiu had come over at some point, sneaking into the courtyard and looking around at his new purchases with a curious look on his face.


Chen Xing looked at his curious face and asked with a smile, “What are you looking at?”


Qiu Jiu raised his eyes and turned to look in his direction.
His eyes flashed with some curiosity as he pointed at those piles of strange things and asked, “What kind of food are you prepared to make with these things?”


Looking at his curious eyes, Chen Xing smiled and said cheerfully, “Wait for tomorrow, tomorrow you will be able to see the new food I made.
I guarantee you’ll like it too.”


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