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Transmigrated into Substitute Bride Fu Lang

Chapter 19 : 新吃食

New Food


That day, Chen Xing, with the help of Gu Lang, after that they had the hawthorn cakes.


Chen Xing cut the hawthorn cake into small slices and gave them to Gu Lang.
He saw him staring at that thing carefully for a while, as if he was judging the taste of the cake, alert as a cat that had come across something new.


After that, as if sensing that there was no danger, Gu Lang gently took a small bite, seemingly tasting the sourness and frowning slightly, but soon tasting the sweetness in it, his brow relaxed again, and he ate faster and faster.


Chen Xing watched Gu Lang quickly finish the hawthorn cake, he immediately knew that he must be like this cake and secretly made a decision in his heart that if he came across someone selling this kind of hawthorn next time, he would definitely buy some more to keep on hand.


Gu Lang did not know what was in Chen Xing’s mind, he only knew that the hawthorn cake Chen Xing had made for him although it was still a bit sour, but it was more sweet.


The weather was getting hotter and hotter, and the common people were wearing lighter and lighter clothes.
The wealthy people could still afford to buy ice to beat the heat.
The ordinary people had to endure the hot temperature and find their own ways to relieve the summer heat.


As a result, steaming hot food was not very popular at this time of year.


After thinking about it for half a day, Chen Xing decided to change the food at their little stall from the original Mapo tofu and soft bean curd rice to something that was easy to make and did not burn one’s tongue, such as cold noodles, liangpi (noodle-like dish) and mung bean porridge.

Cold noodles

Another type cold noodles


liangpi (noodle-like dish)


Cold skin noodles


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Spicy liangpi


mung bean porridge

Liangpi or the cold skin noodles and cold noodles could be prepared the day before and taken straight to the stall to be sold the next day.
The green bean porridge, on the other hand, needed to be cooked the same day before you take it over, lest it goes bad the next day in the heat.


Chen Xing bought the ingredients back from the market on the day he decided, and returned to the Gu Mansion to make the cold skin noodles and cold noodles.
He also especially served them with his special chili sauce.


Chen Xing would always give Gu Lang and Qiu Jiu a taste of the new food he had made first.
It was the first time they had eaten such food, but out of their trust in Chen Xing, they were still very much looking forward to it.


When the two of them looked at the bowl of yellow and white food with a fragrant chilli sauce sprinkled all over it, they stirred it twice and ate it.
The first bite they took, both of their eyes lit up and they ate faster and faster.


Qiu Jiu even gave Chen Xing an exaggerated thumbs up and praised him, “This is delicious, I’ve never had such delicious noodles in my life.”


Chen Xing looked at Qiu Jiu who praised him indulgently and could not help but feel a little embarrassed, subconsciously looking at Gu Lang who was next to him, expecting his opinion in his heart.


Gu Lang was eating in a very refined manner and he had only finished most of the bowl while Qiu Jiu had finished a bowl of it.
Sensing the gaze cast by Chen Xing, he turned his head to meet Chen Xing’s expectant gaze, and after a slight daze, he smiled softly, then spoke unhurriedly, “It’s really delicious, everyone will like it.”


Chen Xing’s face instantly revealed a bright smile, looking at Gu Lang’s eyes as if they were shining with light, “Hn, I’m borrowing your blessing words.
Wait until I make a lot of money, I’ll treat you to eat ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’.1[佛跳墙: fótiàoqiáng’ aka Buddha jumps over the wall is the name for a Chinese dish that uses many non-vegetarian ingredients] ”

“Fine.” Gu Lang hadn’t heard that dish’s name, but that didn’t hinder him from looking at the bright smile on Chen Xing’s face and smiling along with him.


Then, Chen Xing, who was staring at Gu Lang’s smiling face, inexplicably blushed again.


Just like what Gu Lang had said, Chen Xing’s newly made cold skin noodles and cold noodles were well received by the customers and were extremely popular as soon as those menus appeared at his stall.


The first day Chen Xing put the items out, they were all sold out and the following days were even hotter and hotter, even after Chen Xing doubled the amount, there was still a situation where someone came late and couldn’t buy it.

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Today, Chen Xing had just finished serving cold skin noodles to a customer when he saw Fu Gongzi running over full of sweat.
The moment he opened his mouth, he said, “Give me a bowl of green bean porridge, and two bowl portions of both cold skin noodles and cold noodles.”


After hearing his words, Chen Xing took an extra large bowl and handed it over to Qiu Jiu next to him, asking him to help Fu Gongzi with the cold skin noodles and cold noodles, while he himself took one portion of green bean porridge and handed it to him.


Chen Xing watched as Fu Gongzi gulped it down and took a refreshing sigh of relief.
Only then did he look at him and ask curiously, “Fu Gongzi, why are you so late coming here after school these days?”


Fu Gongzi let out a long sigh and said as he was weighed down with sorrow, “It’s all because the county magistrate said that he would come to our academy (of classical learning) for inspection once he finished dealing with Master Lai’s affairs, the teachers in our academy have all gone crazy with tension and we have all suffered along with them.
I can’t even eat or sleep well these days, even my mother said that I’ve lost weight.”


Chen Xing looked at Fu Gongzi’s face, which was still plump and even a little rounder than when they first met and smiled as he handed over the cold skin noodles with the seasoning on it, not saying anything unnecessary.


Looking at the cold skin noodles in his hand, Fu Gongzi’s face improved a bit, but his tone was still holding grudges, “Little boss, this is so delicious, why don’t you make more of it?”


Hearing this question, which had been asked by countless people, Chen Xing slightly hooked his lips and said gently, “Because if I produce more, I won’t be able to guarantee the taste.
Instead of that, it’s better to keep things as they are.”


Hearing him say this, Fu Gongzi, however, could understand it very well and sighed, “You are right, there is no point in making more if it doesn’t taste good anymore.”


After saying that, Fu Gongzi carried his bowl, which was bigger than others’ bowls, and went to find a seat.


The sun was hot at this time, and there were not many people left at the stall.
The customers who stayed to eat also did not hurriedly finish eating and even after they had finished eating, they sat there and chatted leisurely.


“Do you know about those matters related to Lai Shiye?” An old man in grey clothes asked leisurely towards his companion next to him.


When his companion heard his words, his expression was somewhat scornful as he slightly sneered and said , “Of course I know, this matter has become such a big deal.
Who else in this town doesn’t know about it?”


The old man in grey sighed and lamented, “Yes, everyone in this whole town knows what Master Lai has done.
Did you know that when those people went to sue the Lai family, I also went along with them.

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One of the victims was a family with only one blind old woman left alive in the family.
Her daughter had been taken in by Lai Jiu since she was liked by Lai Jiu and in the first place, she refused to obey yet she was snatched from the house by force, later the daughter’s life and death remain unknown.
Her husband was beaten to death by those of the Lai family in order to find their daughter.
In the end, they even took over her family’s fields by force.”


“This Master Lai’s family, they are really beasts!”


“Yes, that’s right, if it weren’t for the new appointed County Magistrate, there’s no telling how many more heartless things this Master Lai’s family would have done!”


After saying this, the two men began to speak well of the newly appointed county magistrate, praising him as a good man who was rare to be found.


Just as Chen Xing was waiting for the guests and listening to their conversation, he suddenly heard the sound of gong coming from afar.


Chen Xing had just felt as if he had heard it before, he then saw two officials walking in the distance, one banging a gong in his hand and the other shouting, “After seven days, Master Lai and his family will be paraded through the streets for execution.”


Until he heard these words from them, Chen Xing suddenly remembered that these two officials were the same two who had informed the people that day to file a complaint.


Chen Xing watched them as they walked and gave publicity to people all the way, and soon disappeared from the street, leaving behind a number of citizens who had started to talk about it after hearing the news.


Only when those two officials had gone far away did Chen Xing withdraw his gaze and began to agonise over whether he should also go and take a look.
But as a modern man from the 21st century, he had never seen such a bloody scene before, so he was afraid he would throw up.


Just at the moment when Chen Xing was puzzled about it, not far away were two young ladies dressed in silk, followed with their maids behind them, looking towards Chen Xing’s stall.


“Jing’er, is this the place you are talking about?”


Recently, the madam of the Chen family was intending to tie the knot with the Zhao family, the richest family in the city, and therefore asked Chen Ling’er to please the Zhao family no matter what.


Today, Zhao Jing, the third young lady of the Zhao family, followed her mother to visit the Chen family and insisted on dragging her out, so she also followed her mother’s urging to come out with Zhao Jing.
Who knew that after coming out, this little girl would tell her that she wanted to eat the same cold dishes outside, and that was the reason why she had dragged her out.

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When she followed Zhao Jing to the place she mentioned, looking at the familiar-looking Ger not far away, Chen Ling’er’s brow furrowed fiercely, if she was not mistaken, the person who was busy in front of the stall was none other than Chen Xing who they had ‘married’ to Gu Lang a few months ago!


Thinking of this, Chen Ling’er’s frown deepened, and the expression on her face became unusually unpleasant.


Zhao Jing seemed to sense the difference and slowly let go of the arm holding her, looking at Chen Ling’er’s somewhat gloomy face, she timidly asked, “Ling’er Jie Jie ( Elder or big sister Ling’er) what’s wrong with you?”


Hearing Zhao Jing’s timid voice, Chen Ling’er suddenly reacted that she had lost her temper and immediately changed her expression, reverting to her original gentle expression and smiling at her, “I’m fine, I’m just a little worried.
The food on the street is not very clean, what if you have a runny tummy after eating it?”


Zhao Jing looked at the gentle Chen Ling’er again and thinking that what she had just seen was just her illusion, pulling her sleeve, shook it twice and she said coquettishly, “Ling’er Jie Jie, it’s alright.
I’ve heard that here is very clean and different from other hawkers.
I’ve been craving his food for a long time, but my mother won’t let me eat it.
I’ll eat it just this once, just this once, and next time I’ll won’t eat it again.”


Chen Ling’er looked at Zhao Jing, who was pestering her and then looked at Chen Xing who was busy and suddenly thought of something as he changed her mind and her face showed a helpless expression that as if she could do nothing about Zhao Jing and said towards her, “Okay then, I really can’t do anything about you, but when you go back, you can’t tell my mother that I took you there to eat.”


“I promise not to tell.” Zhao Jing made a gesture of guarantee towards Chen Ling’er, her eyes full of expectation.


Like that, Chen Ling’er dragged her towards Chen Xing’s stall.


There were already a lot of them which attracted many people’s attention especially when there were two rich girls among them, so there were even more people looking at them.


As they walked towards Chen Xing’s stall, Chen Xing also looked in their direction.


Chen Xing stared at the two ladies in the front, he always felt that one of them looked familiar, but he couldn’t recall at the moment where he had seen that person before.

Translator’s corner:

Thank you ‘Lenka’ for the kofi

1[佛跳墙: fótiàoqiáng’ aka Buddha jumps over the wall is the name for a Chinese dish that uses many non-vegetarian ingredients]

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