89 Jinx

It was better to believe it than not.
If such a rumor spread, it would be difficult for the seven sisters to get married, and the villagers would condemn them.

“Big sister, I’m not a jinx.
I did not kill mommy,” Little sister Su looked at Su Wen pitifully, and her tears rolled down like beads.
The more she cried, the sadder she felt.
In the end, she wiped her tears and cried, “big sister, I …didn’t intend to kill mom.
I miss mom too.
I’m a jinx, an unlucky fellow.
Boohoo… Just sell me! At least you can get some money, and I won’t be able to harm you anymore.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Su Wen’s expression was tense, and she scolded her little sister, “what jinx? Unlucky fellow? There’s no such thing.”

“Boohoo… Everyone says that my mother died because of me, and so did father.” These words had been in little sister Su’s mind.
Usually, she carefully hid them and tried her best to please everyone around her.
She was afraid that she would be sold and live in self-blame for the death of her loved ones.

Sometimes, when she couldn’t take it anymore, she only dared to hide in the quilt and cry.
Now that her big sister had changed, her life at home had also changed for the better.
She had a lot of good food, and her big sister treated her like the mother she had imagined.

She was so happy now! She was happy every day.
She had also gradually forgotten all the blame, dislike, blame, and uneasiness, but today’s curses from Gou dan’s grandma reminded her of it.

Her mother was jinxed to death by her.

They said that her father had also been jinxed to death by her.

She was a jinx.

She was unlucky.


Su Wen was heartbroken when she saw little sister Su crying so sadly.
She tightly hugged her little sister’s weak and pitiful body in her arms and comforted her softly, “Be good, don’t cry.
Gou Dan’s grandma is talking nonsense.
Our little sister is not a jinx.”

“But mother died while giving birth to me.
I killed mommy.
She wouldn’t have died if she didn’t give birth to me.
I … Boohoo… I miss mommy…” She had long understood what difficult labor meant.
Father died at such a young age.
They all said that father shouldn’t have died.
He died because of me.”

Su Wen cursed in her heart.
“Who was so wicked to say such things to a child?”

However, she could imagine that her little sister was born with a reputation for jinxing her mother and father.
Those who liked gossiping behind her would definitely not have anything good to say.

She had overlooked that people in the 1980s were still very superstitious.

“No, no, it has nothing to do with you.
I don’t blame you at all.” Su Wen saw that her younger sister was out of breath from crying and was afraid she would suffocate.
She couldn’t help but shake her younger sister’s shoulders.

“Listen to me,” She shouted sternly.

Little sister Su was frightened and looked at her in a daze, forgetting her sadness.

“Now, you remember what I’m going to say.
Remember it for the rest of your life.” Su Wen’s face was tense, and her beautiful eyes were cold.

“Bi… Big sister, go on.” Little sister Su shrunk her shoulders.
She didn’t know if she was scared or didn’t want to make her sister angry, but she became the usual little sister Su.

“First, you’re not a jinx, nor are you unlucky.
That is a superstitious belief.
You’ll know when you go to school.
It’s all a lie to children.
You’d better be smart in the future.
Don’t just believe whatever anyone says, understand?”

“I understand.” Su Xiaomei sniffled.
She wanted to say something, but she held it in.

Su Wen stretched out her right index finger and shook it.
“Second, father and mother’s death had nothing to do with you.
They never blamed you.
The people outside are talking nonsense.
They are just jealous of us.”

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