68 Drama Queen

Su Wen told herself not to be impulsive and always remain calm.
He knew what kind of person Chen Guihua was, so there was no need to quarrel with this kind of person.
As an expert at brainwashing, it was indeed effective to repeatedly warn him in his heart.

Su Wen didn’t feel angry at all!

No way!

No one would not be angry if they were scolded.
However, she would not be impulsive.
She wanted to see how Chen Guihua would end this.

Su Wen immediately became a drama queen and looked at Chen Guihua in a daze.
She asked in disbelief, “Third aunt, how can you scold me like this? Anyone else can do it, but how can you do this? My father died not long ago, and you’re already accusing me.
You’re too heartless.”

“Uh…” Chen Guihua almost choked to death when she heard Su Wen’s accusation.
She didn’t think that she would scold her so badly.
Su Wen didn’t even argue with her and instead talked nonsense.

“Third aunt, I’m your niece.
You’re my third uncle’s wife, yet you treat me like this.
Do you even take my father as a family? My father has only died less than a year, yet you are already making things difficult for us.
Do you still have a conscience?”

Su Wen wept as she spoke.
“Are you trying to force the seven of us to die?”

“I-I… No.” Chen Guihua didn’t want to force Su Wen and her sisters to die.
She just wanted to take advantage of the five tile-roofed houses.
However, she hadn’t been able to take advantage of Su Wen these few times.
Instead, she suffered a big loss, so she was jealous.

Even in her dreams, she wanted Su Wen to pay the price.

Now that Su Wen was criticizing her in front of everyone, she was stunned.

Not only was Chen Guihua stunned, but the surrounding villagers were also stunned momentarily.
However, the way they looked at Chen Guihua immediately changed.
They had been incited by Chen Guihua before, but now that they thought about it, Su Wen was right.

Other people could report Su Wen.
However, Chen Guihua was Su Wen’s third aunt.
How could she do this to her niece?

Xuewen passed away less than a year, and she, as their third aunt, was already plotting against her nieces.
It simply made them break out in a cold sweat.

Zhang Chunxiang hid in the crowd and looked down on her.
Chen Guihua, this idiot!

“Wen.” Wang Chunyan stepped forward and put her hands on her hips, loudly questioning, “I just want to say something fair today.
I can’t stand it anymore.
I’m just asking you, what is the meaning of all these? Xuewen just died, and you’re treating his seven daughters like this.
What are you trying to do?”

Li Youcai originally wanted to stop her.
But after thinking about it, he decided not to.
One couldn’t be too immoral and had to leave a way out for themselves.

Su Wen saw that Wang Chunyan had arrived and was overjoyed.

She had long had enough of her cousins, uncles, and aunties.
None of them were good people.
They all saw that their sisters were easy to bully, so they picked on them.
The original character’s bad reputation was mostly because of the Su family.

Today, she would take the opportunity to make a stunning comeback and wash away the dirty name on her.
Once her reputation was good, it would not be easy for Su Xueqiang, Zhang Chunxiang, and Su Pingfan to plot against her.
At least, people would not easily believe their bad words about her.

Su Wen gave Wang Chunyan a grateful look and cooperated, “Thank you, Aunt Chunyan.
Thank you for understanding me.
I-I’ve been living a hard life these days.
Third aunt talks bad things about me everywhere and scolds me so badly…”

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