60 Plan to Make Bag

The quality was high, especially the fox fur.
It was impossible to buy it even if one wanted to.

Su Xiu was shocked.
“That’s too expensive.
Why are you buying so much leather, big sister?”

“Don’t worry.
I have plans for them,” Su Wen comforted her in a low voice.

The last time she bought fur in the county, she liked it and wanted to make some small accessories with rabbit fur to see if she could earn some pocket money.
However, after seeing He Changming’s items, she immediately had a new idea.

Mainly since she had managed to get close to Cao Meihua.

She could have made all kinds of bags she liked and sold them to rich people through Cao Meihua! She believed that no matter what era it was, women’s pursuit of beauty and buying bags would never change.
Didn’t Lady Chanel able to sell her bag on the most chaotic battlefield?

Su Wen made up her mind and paid the bill.

He Changming was slightly surprised that she was so generous and did not bargain.

“By the way, you can come to me if you have quality fur in Black Eagle Village.”

“Alright! Then how should I give it to you?” He Changming’s expression did not change.
But in reality, he could not help but cheer in his heart.
This time, he had specially brought fewer goods and left the rest to be delivered slowly.

“Deliver the goods to your door? Or should I send it to my sister?”

“Send it to your sister’s place.” She would get busier and busier in the future, and she wouldn’t have time to come and get the goods.
With He Yulan in the middle, it would save her a lot of trouble.
Just now, she suddenly remembered that He Yulan was one of the few people with a high status in the village.
Most people would not easily conflict with her for fear of being charged with destroying national unity.

Having a good relationship with He Yulan would bring benefits and no harm.

After she paid the money and left, Su Wen felt something was wrong.
After thinking for a long time, she finally remembered that the last time in the county, didn’t he say that he had sheepskin.
She had forgotten about it in excitement when she saw her favorite stuff.

But it didn’t matter.
She could ask He Yulan next time.

“Big sister, what will you do with so many furs?” Su Xiuren wasn’t stupid.
After a while of calmness, she could guess Su Wen’s purpose.

“I plan to use it to make a bag and some exquisite small accessories.” As Su Wen walked, she took out the fur from the basket and looked at it.
Her mood was so good when she saw the smooth and delicate leather.
It was as if she saw countless beautiful bags waving at her.

Su Xiu obviously couldn’t understand Su Wen’s words.
“Don’t all bags use canvas? If you want it, you can ask second sister to help you suture it.” She was still feeling pity for the money they had spent just now.

“It’s different.
You’ll know when I’m done.” Su Wen couldn’t explain to Su Xiu how fanatical women were towards pretty bags.

Everything could only be explained after she had made it and thought of a way to sell it.

Su Wen was familiar with making her bags.
It was mainly because she liked to buy bags.
Everyone who liked to buy bags had the desire to do it themselves.
In the past, her biggest hobby was modifying outdated and disliked bags.

She changed them to styles she liked.

Su Wen had changed all kinds of big brands.
At first, she learned from videos online.
Later, she learned a lot, and the finished products became more and more beautiful.
She was so skilled that she could make a bag at will.

Since there was still enough time, Su Wen took Su Xiu to a supplier and a hardware store to buy some locks, tools, zipper pliers, and other tools.
The two sisters were dressed casually.
Su Wen was pretty.
Her skin was fair and delicate, and her eyes were bright and lively.
Even if she was dressed very ordinarily, no one dared to look down on her.

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