57 Advertising Effect

“Alright,” Cao Meihua paid the money without hesitation.

Su Wen asked Su Xiu to stay behind to look after the small basket while she carried the big basket and followed Cao Meihua to deliver the things.
At the same time, she could also take the opportunity to build a relationship.

From the looks of the people around her and Cao Meihua’s clothes, she could tell that this person must have a certain background.

When they arrived at Cao Meihua’s house, Su Wen finally found out that she was the daughter of the factory manager.

No wonder she was so generous, buying a basket of cakes.

She had made 60 pieces, forty in the big basket and the rest in the small basket.
On the way here, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to sell it, but she didn’t expect her luck to be so good today.
Not only did she sell it, but the price was also very high.
It was not wasted since she was so tired that her hands were about to break last night to get rid of egg white.

After delivering the food to Cao Meihua, she left a message that if Cao Meihua wanted to eat it in the future, she could deliver it directly to her door.
She also left the address of Trinity village.

Cao Meihua even gave Su Wen her address in the county town.
If she wanted to eat it, she could write to Su Wen and ask us Wend to send it to the county town personally.

Having completed a big business, Su Wen went back in a good mood.
Before she arrived, she could see Su Xiu collecting money and selling things in a hurry from a distance.

There were many people in front of her Most of them were buying cakes, but they didn’t buy much.

Most bought one each.

There were also elderly people with kids who had no choice but to buy a piece to appease their kids.

The kids would not keep it until they got home.
They took a big bite of the cake as soon as they got it.
Then, they kept shouting that it was delicious.

The little girl took small bites, unwilling to finish it all at once.

The boy didn’t care.
The brat wanted to buy more after he finished eating.
He would roll on the ground if his parents did not buy, causing the other customers to laugh.

Su Wen was surprised for a moment before she understood.

The sudden good sale must have something to do with Cao Meihua’s advertising effect.
With her, the daughter of the factory manager, saying that it was delicious, people who had never tried it before would definitely be curious.
Although 50 cents per piece was expensive, it was not something that a family with double salary could not afford.

They had a taste of it, and it could be considered an eye-opener.
One would be proud if they mentioned it in the factory.
After all, it was 50 cents a piece.
The factory manager’s daughter said that it was delicious and expensive.

It was indeed delicious.

“Big sister, come and help,” Su Xiu was sweating profusely.
She waved at Su Wen when she saw that she had finally returned.


Su Wen snapped out of her shock and came forward to help.
Just as she rolled up her sleeves,s he saw that the basket was already almost empty, with only three pieces left.
She was so frightened that she quickly stopped him.
“Sales closed, everyone.”

“Why?” Su Xiu was confused.

Business was so good.
She could not understand why doesn’t big sister sell it.

Many onlookers hesitated whether to buy it or not.
When they suddenly heard that she wasn’t going to sell it, they immediately became unwilling and clamored to buy it.

Su Wen could only explain that she wanted to eat the remaining three pieces.

Everyone stopped after hearing that, but they still asked Su Wen when she would come back to sell it again.
They agreed to leave after Su Wen promised to return in three days.
After everyone had left, the lady selling eggs thanked him in embarrassment.

When Su Xiu was busy, the lady also took the initiative to help.

Su Wen exchanged a few pleasantries before leaving with Su Xiu.
When they were far away, Su Xiu said sympathetically, “Mrs.
Liu is so pitiful!”

“So the lady’s name is Mrs.
Liu!” Su Wen said indifferently.

“Yup! Mrs.
Liu was a good person, diligent and kind.
And her mother-in-law doesn’t treat her well at all.”

Su Wen couldn’t help but sneer, “Really? Where did you get that from?”

Liu said it herself.”

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