52 My Wife

“The new boss is replacing us? Poaching talents from the outside at a high price?” Everyone felt a sense of crisis.
“But is it that easy to poach talented people? Don’t be fooled by others.”

“He wants new people, but that’s not the main point.
It’s only because the current workers are not enough to cope with the future development,” Liu Chun explained patiently, “the boss just said that he’d be the one leading the Research and Development Center.

“Why is the name Research and Development Center? Why haven’t we heard of it before?”

“That’s right.
Isn’t calling it technical department good enough?”

“It’s not that the technology department is bad, but the factory is now private.
The previous administrative unit could no longer be used.
The Research and Development Center is a name used abroad.
So, we can use it for now.
Our conditions aren’t even qualified to be a Research and Development Center according to the minimum requirements.
We can only set up a real Research and Development Center after the scale of our factory has expanded.”

The old technicians were all old workers who had worked for decades.
They had never heard of the term “Research and Development Center ” before, so they were all confused.

“Will that work?”

“It will work! Don’t worry, everyone,” Liu Chun promised repeatedly, “Mr.
Zhou could even build an airplane in the past, let alone a sewing machine or car.

Liu Chun was Zhou Hengyang’s childhood friend.
They studied together and became pilots together.
Later, Liu Chun retired because his physical condition could not keep up.
Some time ago, Zhou Hengyang suddenly came looking for him and asked him to help.

Liu Chun agreed without even thinking.

He had absolute trust in Zhou Hengyang’s ability.
In such a short time, no one knew how he managed to do it, but the machinery manufacturing factory had a new owner.

Zhou Hengyang’s money-making methods broadened Liu Chun’s horizons.
However, he still felt that it was a pity.
As long as he was alone, he wondered why Zhou Hengyang had retired.

As the most promising star, a special-class pilot, and an expert in the aerospace field, Liu Chun couldn’t imagine how much of a loss his retirement would be.

However, opening a machinery manufacturing factory also suited Zhou Hengyang.

After explaining to the technicians of the technical department, Liu Chun walked to Zhou Hengyang’s temporary office with relaxed steps.
When he entered, he saw Zhou Hengyang writing a letter with his head lowered.
“Who are you writing to?”

“My wife,” Zhou Hengyang didn’t even raise his head.
His serious face didn’t have a single extra expression.

“You… Your wife? When did you get married? How come I didn’t know about it?” He had always lived in the provincial capital.
Although his family could no longer survive and had moved out of the original courtyard, it was impossible for the news of the Zhou family’s eldest son’s marriage not to spread.

“I’m a live-in son-in-law.” Zhou Hengyang wrote the address on the envelope with his pen and stuck the stamp.
Then, he stuffed 50 special tickets into the envelope.
He sealed the envelope with glue and did not leave a single word behind.

Liu Chun almost fainted.

It was like a bolt from the blue!

“Y-y-you… The eldest son of the Zhou family is a live-in son-in-law?” Liu Chun’s entire body was trembling.
“Does your father know? Does your grandfather know? How about your relatives and siblings?”

Liu Chun thought, “Heavens! Who would save him?”

“Was he crazy, or was Hengyang crazy?”

Zhou Hengyang lifted his head and frowned but didn’t intend to answer Liu Chun’s question.
Instead, she handed the envelope to him.
“Do me a favor and put it in the mailbox at the door.”

Liu Chun took it in a daze.
His curiosity was like a cat’s scratch, but he also knew Zhou Hengyang’s character.
This person had been tight-lipped since he was young.
When he didn’t want to say anything, no one would ever be able to ask.

If he wanted to know, he could only investigate it himself.

Liu Chun glanced at the address on the envelope and was secretly delighted.

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