46 Catching the Thief

“The firewood must be spread out, and the fire must be even.
You can’t just focus on one place.
It can’t be big one moment and small the next.” Su Wen was not very good at burning firewood, but she knew the principle and could teach Su Qing what she knew.

Making cakes was only a temporary way to make money.
Without the tools, it would not last long.
Her later plans were to wait for the farmer’s market to be built, get a storefront and start on other businesses.

As for what kind of business she would be doing, she already had some ideas.
The details would depend on the grade of the fur provided by He Changming.

Soon, the aroma of the cake wafted through the layers of pot covers and cloth.

Su Qing’s heart which had been nervous for the whole night gradually calmed down.
She looked at Su Wen excitedly and said, “Big sister, is this a success? I smell something, it smells so good! It smells so good.”

Su Wen did not laugh because if it was an oven, it would never let you smell the fragrance before it was ready.

She estimated the time in her heart and immediately asked Su Qing to stop.
She took out the leftover firewood from the bottom of the pot and poured water on it to extinguish it.

“Alright! It’ll be done in a few minutes, I’m going to the toilet first.” Su Wen had been busy the whole night and had wanted to go to the toilet for a long time, but she had waited until now.

The Su family’s toilet was located behind the courtyard.
It was not far away from the side door of the courtyard.
It was built by Su Xuewen when he was still alive.
It was made of brick and cement and was cleaner than most of the toilets in the countryside.

Su Wen opened the small door and heard rustling sounds coming from outside.
Her heart skipped a beat.
Could a thief have come to her door?

However, she was a bold person.
She went back into the yard and took out a shovel.
She secretly raised her vigilance and walked out of the door with light steps.
Fortunately, the original owner of the body was the eldest and did not have night blindness since she was young.
There was a crescent moon in the sky, so she could see clearly in the dark.

She saw a fat and strong body trying to climb up the wall of her house.
Unfortunately, he was not agile enough and failed to climb up several times.

Su Wen looked at the person and almost laughed out loud.

The person was her Third aunt, Chen Guihua.

Chen Guihua woke up in the middle of the night to pee.
When she went out to the toilet, she smelled an alluring fragrance.
The smell was so good that it made her stomach rumble, and she wanted to snatch all the food and gobble it down.

Chen Guihua immediately sobered up.
She did not even go to the toilet.
Her nose was like a dog’s nose, following the smell.
Along the way, she first suspected that it was Zhang Chunxiang’s house, and then suspected that it was the village head’s house, but it turned out to be none of them.

After searching for a while, she finally found Su Wen’s house.

Across the courtyard, she could smell the faint fragrance in the air.
Chen Guihua sniffed hard and thought that Su Wen and her sisters had been sneaking around these days.
They must be up to no good.

Maybe they stole some good food from someone.

Chen Guihua tried to climb over the wall with her fat body.
She tried a few times, but it did not work, so she used all her strength to move a wooden pile from the side of the road and put it under her feet.

Su Wen held back her laughter and turned around to put the shovel back in the yard.
She picked up the foot-washing water that she had not had time to pour out and pretended to know nothing.
She went out the small door and splashed it at Chen Guihua, who was climbing the yard’s wall.

Chen Guihua was busy for a long time and finally climbed up the courtyard wall with one foot.
She was caught off guard by the water and fell from the courtyard wall in a panic.
There was a piercing pain in her foot.
What was even more unfortunate was that she felt a warm feeling in her pants, and a fishy smell rushed to her nose.

It turned out that she had been holding it in for the whole night and had peed her pants because of the shock.

In the darkness, Chen Guihua was angry and embarrassed.
She gritted her teeth in hatred and turned around to make a scene, taking the opportunity to make a false accusation.

“Who is it?” Su Wen pretended to be shocked.
“A thief? There’s a thief! Come, catch the thief…”

Chen Guihua was so scared by Su Wen’s words that she got up and ran away with a limp.

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