43 The Little Expert

“But… we’re leaving just like that?” Su Qing was a little worried.

“If not, are we staying for the new year celebration?”

“No, I mean, Second uncle and Second aunt will be angered to death, right?” The entire courtyard was still crowded with people! Everyone inside was talking about it, making Su Pingfan sound useless.

“They asked for it.
Don’t worry about it.
Let’s go.” Su Wen was not worried at all.

Even though she had not been here for a long time, she knew Zhang Chunxiang and Su Xuewu had their own methods.
From Zhang Chunxiang’s scheme against the original character, one could see how bad she was.

She had thought that the Second uncle was a good person, but after today’s interaction, she realized that Second uncle was the one who was hiding behind the scenes.

All the benefits were given to his family, and he would be praised by others, saying how good he was.

Su Xuewu was the one in charge, not Zhang Chunxiang.

“Second uncle can handle it.
Don’t you know what kind of person Su Pingfan is?” Su Wen pulled Su Qing home, brainwashing Su Qing along the way.
Her second sister was a little too honest and considerate of others.

It would be fine if it was someone worth it, but a s****ag like Su Pingfan did not need it.

Su Wen vividly described how bad Su Pingfan was and how many people he had ruined.
Su Qing was dumbfounded and could not react for a long time.
That was not enough.
Little sister Su also agreed at the side, occasionally saying a few words that she knew.

Little sister Su had a very special hobby.
She liked to listen to the adults in the village chat.
When she had nothing to do, she would go wherever there were many people.

Little sister Su might be young, but she was the most well-informed.

“You… you all know about it?”

“My little sister and I both know!” Su Wen looked at Su Qing as if she was looking at a fool and said with sympathy, “Do you think that the gossip spread by those aunts in the village is bad? I’m telling you, you’re wrong! These words are very important.”

This was the village version of the pressure of public opinion!

Silly child.

At this moment, Su Wen’s words opened the door to a new world for Su Qing.
She sat in the courtyard in a daze, thinking about something.
Su Wen did not care about her, but pulled little sister Su to see her trophies of the day.

“Big sister, why did you buy so many things again?” Little sister Su’s young face was tense like an old woman’s, and she said disapprovingly, “It’s such a waste of money.
We don’t have to eat it.
If you’re hungry, you can buy some for yourself.”

Big sister cannot go hungry.
She has to eat something good.
It was fine between them.
She could bear hardships, and the life she was living now was already something she did not dare to imagine in the past.

In the past, little sister Su’s greatest wish was not to be sold.

Su Wen ruffled little sister Su’s dry, yellow hair and said with a smile, “You’re really a good child.
You’re worthy of praise for giving the delicious food to your big sister.
But big sister isn’t a selfish person.
If there’s something good, of course I have to share it with the people I care about.”

Su Wen originally wanted to say that she had given the good stuff to her younger sister, but on second thought, her younger sister was still young.
If she said that, she might have raised her younger sister in the wrong way.

In the end, she decided to put it in another way.

Of course, she had to respect her elder sister and share with her family.

Su Wen was smug in her heart.
She was really an expert at brainwashing.


Today’s dinner was cooked by Su Wen, and little sister Su was her assistant.
She stewed two crucian carps in the soup without adding anything extra.
First, the fish was fried in oil until the scent came out.
Then, she added an appropriate amount of water, ginger, and scallion, and slowly stewed it together on low heat.
Soon, the rich fragrance could be smelled.

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