Chapter 39: He Changming

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“Not bad, I want all these skins.” Su Wen had always been willing to part with money for the things she liked, just like when she liked the male protagonist back then.
She had generously given a million reading coins without even blinking.

Chen Weimin had originally thought that he had made a wasted trip that day.
Now that he could sell it, he was delighted.

“Su family’s eldest daughter, you see, I’m not going to pretend with you.
It’s a total of 3.50 yuan.”

This price would be extremely cheap in the future.
Not buying was equivalent to suffering a loss, but making the purchase was equivalent to profiting.

However, due to the price, whoever bought fur in the summer would definitely be scolded for looking for trouble.

“It’s too expensive.
Brother Chen.
I’ll take it all for 3 yuan.” Su Wen said a price that was not too far off.

“And you see, I didn’t come here today to buy leather.
I just like it and it’s along the way.
If I had wanted to buy it, I’d have already bought it previously.”

Chen Weimin knew that this was true.

“Alright! That’s it then.”

He was also very straightforward and unblinkingly exchanged the goods for money.

After Su Wen purchased the items, she was ready to buy fine flour and sugar.
They had also run out of oil at home, so she had to buy more oil.

“Wait, do you want fox skin?” He Changming, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke.

Su Wen turned around, her face filled with doubt.

Chen Weimin smacked his forehead and said, “I’m so forgetful.
Let me introduce you, Su family’s eldest daughter.
His name is He Changming, and he’s from Black Eagle village, where there’s an abundance of fur and skin.
What’s more, they are all of the best quality.
The lambskin I just sold you was from Black Eagle village.”

To put it bluntly, Chen Weimin was also a middleman.

Su Wen suddenly realized that she knew about Black Eagle village!

It was mentioned in the novel.
It was a village where ethnic minorities lived in the mountains.
It was even deeper into the mountains than Chen Weimin’s Chen’s Furrow.
It was rich in natural resources, and the people in the village all knew how to hunt.
It was also one of the few ethnic groups in the country that were allowed to hunt by law.

There were only a few mentions of Black Eagle village in the novel.
Sun Yunyun had dreamt that there was a very powerful person in Black Eagle village.
She wanted to grab all the benefits for herself, but it was unknown whether or not she succeeded in the end!

The story was too long, and it was mainly about the male protagonist, so it was good enough to have been mentioned.

“Hello, I’m Su Wen.” Su Wen nodded at He Changming.
“I want the fox skin.
Do you have it now?”

He Changming’s eyes flashed with surprise.
He felt that the person in front of him seemed to be a different person from the one he had met previously.

When he had gone to his sister’s village, he had heard a lot of gossip about the seven Su sisters, and he had had a bad impression of Su Wen.

He only recognized her because she was Su Xiu’s big sister.

However, looking at her again that day, she gave the feeling of having a bright, generous, and well-cultivated temperament.
When she had been talking to Chen Weimin earlier, her speech and behavior were impeccable, and she seemed like a city person.

He Changming’s thought only lasted for a moment.
“At home, but I can send it to your village.”

“Our village?” Su Wen was still highly alert, and it was impossible for her to tell a stranger where she lived.
At that moment, she frowned and wanted to refuse.

He Changming could tell as well.
“My younger sister is married and stays at Trinity village.
Her name is He Yulan.”

Su Wen knew He Yulan; she was Su Xiu’s partner.

“Since we have this relationship, it’ll be convenient.”

Su Wen let down her guard, but she didn’t lower her expectations just because they were acquaintances.
Instead, she specially reminded, “You can send it to our town tomorrow.
I’ll be going to the market.
What do you think?”

Now that there was no man in the house, if a stranger suddenly came, the village would definitely be full of rumors.

Moreover, buying fur was too eye-catching.

Where had the money come from?

Why would she want to buy fur?

All of these were hard to explain.

He Changming nodded his head expressionlessly to show his agreement.


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