Chapter 36: A Secret Joke

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Later, He Yulan had gotten married and the flowers were still there… Only then did she find out that the flowers were for her brother.
It was so mortifying that He Yulan was too embarrassed to return to her parents’ house.

He Yulan looked at Su Xiu as if she was her future sister-in-law.
Her face was like porcelain, and she had a nice figure, with a waist was as slender as a willow branch in spring.
She was indeed different from the girls in the mountains.
Big brother could actually spot her good qualities even though she had been wearing thick winter clothes.

“What are you laughing at?” Su Xiu’s hair stood on end under He Yulan’s gaze.

She didn’t know when it had started, but Sister Yulan would stare at her when she had nothing to do.

“No, nothing much.” She couldn’t say it out loud before the matter was settled.
But thinking about the Su family’s situation, He Yulan’s head ached.

Su Wen wasn’t a good person and was difficult to deal with.
Su Xiu was the only labor force in the family, so she wouldn’t marry her off so easily.

“My big sister is wonderful now, really!” She couldn’t tell anyone about her sister secretly selling things to make money, but seeing that everyone misunderstood her, Su Xiu felt anxious.

“Just you see! One day, you’ll know how good my big sister is.”

“I really didn’t see it in the past, but I think your brother-in-law is capable.
It’s a pity that he was chased away, and he probably won’t come back in the future.” That man wouldn’t return after being humiliated that way.

He Yulan couldn’t help but gloat.
“I guess your brother-in-law doesn’t want to stay at your house at all.
Maybe he’s already been wanting to leave.
If your father hadn’t saved him, he wouldn’t have married into your family.
Just think about it; Zhou Hengyang used to fly a fighter jet.
If he didn’t have the ability and family background, would he have the right to do so?”

Anyone with a brain could tell, but Su Wen was like an idiot and instigated by others to do such things.

“Everyone is laughing at your big sister behind her back.” He Yulan was a straightforward person.
She would speak her mind whether or not Su Xiu liked what she had to say.

Otherwise, it would feel unbearable.

Su Xiu’s face turned ashen.
“No way.
Second and third aunts also said that Zhou Hengyang is not a good person.”

“That’s because they’re jealous.” He Yulan looked at her as though she was an idiot.
“Your big sister married Zhou Hengyang, and your whole family will benefit from it.
Wouldn’t you be better off than them? They’re jealous of you and can’t bear to see your family doing well.”

Su Xiu shivered.
Thinking of what her big sister had said in the past half a month, she couldn’t help but nod.

“You’re right, my big sister also has the same thoughts.”

He Yulan was stunned.
“Your big sister knows?”

“Yes! My big sister is very intelligent, of course she knows.” Su Xiu’s face was full of admiration.

He Yulan couldn’t help but roll her eyes.
“You can forget it! If your big sister knew, would she do something so stupid as to defame Zhou Hengyang and drive him away?”

“She didn’t drive him away; he went to make a living.
She even got my little sister to send him 55 yuan!”

He Yulan had also heard about this, but she had not seen it with her own eyes, so she did not believe a single word.

Su Wen spending 55 yuan as a betrothal gift to Zhao Jiangang was more like it.
Seeing that Zhou Hengyang had hidden away like a rabbit, how could she bear to give it to him?

“She really gave it to him?”

“It’s true.”

“That will be ideal.
If you sisters are smart, you will not let Zhou Hengyang go.”

“My big sister said that she will live well with Zhou Hengyang.” Su Xiu supported her big sister’s decision 100%.

As the two of them were talking, little sister Su skipped over with a basket and waved at Su Xiu.

“Third sister, Third sister, I’ve brought you some food.”


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