Chapter 30: Accusation

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Chen Guihua, who had been caught for stealing the previous day, had been hiding at home when she heard Zhang Chunxiang’s curses.
She quietly went out to watch the circus, standing in an inconspicuous corner.

She already knew who Zhang Chunxiang was scolding.
She was so happy that she almost clapped her hands and shouted in glee.

“Xuewu’s wife, what’s wrong? Why are you so angry?”

“It’s just that there’s some unbearable thing.” Zhang Chunxiang spat on the ground and complained, “You guys, be the judge.
My Pingfan is such a good child.
Whoever mentions him will give him a thumbs up.
Su Wen, that wretched girl, who herself is not upright, said that our Pingfan was helping an outsider.”

When everyone heard this, they all agreed.

“We watched Pingfan grow up.
He’s been polite since he was young.
He’s smart and handsome.
He’s a rare and good child.”

“That’s right.
He’s the hope of our Su family.”

“Wen shouldn’t have done that.
She herself has problems; we can all see that! She’s been hooking up with men from the neighboring village, and she still has the audacity to point fingers at Pingfan.”

Su Wen really couldn’t stand it anymore.
She let go of little sister Su’s hand and was about to squeeze into the crowd when she saw Chen Guihua hiding at the back of the crowd, gloating.
She took advantage of the fact that Chen Guihua wasn’t paying attention and pushed her to the center of the crowd.

The person who had been chiming in and scolding Su Wen saw Chen Guihua and revealed a strange smile.

“Guihua, you’re finally willing to come out? I thought you’d be hiding at home for at least half a month!”

Chen Guihua’s face flushed.
She scoffed and dodged away guiltily.

Normally, Zhang Chunxiang wouldn’t let go of the chance to laugh at Chen Guihua, but her target that day was Su Wen.
She couldn’t let Chen Guihua hold things up.
Seeing that Chen Guihua had left, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Wen, are you here to admit your mistake?” Zhang Chunxiang struck out first.
“Pingfan is your brother.
How can you defame such a good child? Say, are you that wicked? What good will it do you if you slander others?”

In fact, Zhang Chunxiang had another motive for deliberately blowing up the matter that day.

She just wanted to ruin Su Wen’s reputation and make it difficult for her to move a single step in the village.
When she was at her wit’s end, she would definitely want to find a man she could talk to and depend on.
At that time, matchmaker Zhao would definitely give her a bribe.

She could also help her son vent his anger.

“Wen, is what your second aunt said true?” A silver-haired old lady stood up, gripping a walking stick.
Her face was full of wrinkles, but her eyes were sharp.

She was Su Wen’s grandfather’s third sister-in-law and had a lot of prestige in the village.
Young people like Su Wen had to address her as third grandma politely.

“Third grandma, I didn’t.” Su Wen would never admit to such slandering.

She glanced coldly at Zhang Chunxiang and recalled their meeting at the village’s intersection the previous evening.
Only then did she guess Zhang Chunxiang’s motive.
At this moment, she even felt some sympathy for the original character.
There were so many snakes around her.
Her parents had died early, so it was no wonder that she was used by others.

Su Wen was furious when she thought about how her six younger sisters had all been harmed by them.

She had to teach Zhang Chunxiang an unforgettable lesson and let her know that she was not to be trifled with.

“You dare say you didn’t? Everyone in the village heard what you said this morning.” Zhang Chunxiang was like a rabid dog, biting and not letting go.
“You just don’t have good intentions.
Pingfan is the hope of our Su family.
You don’t have any brothers, yet you want to harm him.
Why are you so vicious?”

Everyone nodded in agreement.


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