Chapter 29: Buying Eggs

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“Mm! You’re right to think this way.”

Wang Chunyan patted her hand in relief.
“Remember, your family is looking for a son-in-law now.
You’re the head of the family, the pillar of the family; the one whose word counts.”

Women looking for someone to marry into the family was equivalent to the matriarch of the family in ancient times.
On the household register, the words ‘head of household’ were clearly written.

Su Wen was secretly happy.
She admired her late father’s foresight to let his daughter find a husband to marry into the family.

After the preventive measure, Su Wen told Wang Chunyan the purpose of her visit that day.

First, she wanted the chief to arrange for an easier job for Su Xiu.
It wasn’t a big deal, and Su Xiu was still young, so she could have originally been assigned easy work.

It was just that Su Wen’s reputation had been too poor before, and the people in the village didn’t like her.
In addition, others had incited her to cut off contact with Wang Chunyan, so their relationship was very formal.
Su Xiu’s work points were naturally not easy to earn.

Now that Su Wen’s reputation had been restored, Wang Chunyan was more and more satisfied with her, and she agreed to Su Wen’s request.

The two of them chatted for a long time, and the sun was high above their heads by the time they came out of Wang Chunyan’s house.
The originally empty basket was filled with eggs.

All of them were sold to her by Wang Chunyan.
There were a total of 86 eggs, and they were all sold at the price of the smallest, regardless of their size.

8 cents each.

Wang Chunyan was a hardworking person.
She had a lot of chickens at home and was worried about how to sell the eggs she had saved.

Her man was the village chief, so she couldn’t take the lead in taking advantage of others.
They saved up the eggs to either visit relatives or for bartering with acquaintances in the village.

That day, Su Wen’s suggestion to purchase them had really surprised Wang Chunyan.

However, she was also a smart person.
She didn’t question her and simply sold her the eggs.

Both parties would benefit.

With these eggs, once she was back, she could make cakes and sell them.

Little sister Su’s eyes were starry the whole time.
“Big sister, that’s it? In future, Third sister will be able to do easy work?” It seemed too easy.

“Isn’t it simple? We just need to find the right solution.” Su Wen took the opportunity to tell little sister Su the secret, which opened new doors for little sister Su.

However, Su Wen didn’t dare to blindly teach her these things.
One should never forget one’s character.

“Today, Aunt Chunyan helped us.
In the future, you must know how to repay her, understand? You can’t just take advantage of others without giving something back.”

“Big sister, don’t worry!”

The sisters walked home hand in hand, and Su Wen greeted everyone they met with a smile.
Someone maliciously asked her about her relationship with Zhao Jiangang, but Su Wen’s attitude was tough and she fielded it.

When they passed by Su Xueqiang’s house, she heard Zhang Chunxiang standing at the door and cursing.
She wasn’t interested at first, but after listening carefully, she realized that she was scolding her.

Hearing this, Su Wen was livid.

The original character was stupid and useless, allowing them to do whatever they wanted, but she was not.

“You ungrateful b******, you can’t even give birth to a son.
You really think you’re so precious, bah! Why don’t you take a good look at yourself? Who do you think you are? Wanting to compete with my Pingfan?”

Zhang Chunxiang was a smooth talker.
The more she scolded, the louder she became.
She placed her hands on her waist in an aggressive manner.

The neighbors all came forward to ask what was going on.

Zhang Chunxiang had been scolding for some time, till her mouth was dry.
Seeing that someone had finally come to ask her about it, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief and wiped her sweat.

One needed an audience when scolding someone.
If no one was doing the scolding with her, they would just be watching the show.
If she was ranting by herself, it would be like throwing flirtatious looks at a blind man.
She just wanted to blow things up and let Su Wen, that brat, know how powerful she was.

She actually dared to scold her family’s Pingfan.
She was really gutsy.

That day, Zhang Chunxiang had gone to work in the fields.
She was not a lazy person like Su Wen, who only knew how to slack at home instead of going to the fields to earn work points.

When she returned from work, she heard from an aunt that her son had been scolded by Su Wen, and had tactfully been advised to be more careful in the future.

Blood was thicker than water.
They were one family, how could they help an outsider?

Moreover, Su Wen was looking for a husband to marry into the family, so the child she gave birth to in the future would also have the surname Su.

This made Zhang Chunxiang incensed.

Su Pingfan was the apple of her eye, and she usually didn’t even dare to say a single harsh word to him, yet Su Wen had scolded him.

Even the village was spreading negative things about her son.
Wasn’t this ruining her Pingfan’s reputation?


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