Chapter 26: In a Dream

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Trinity village was massive, with a few thousand people in a few hundred households.
The entire village was famous for their advanced production team.
Zhao Jiangang really didn’t dare to cause trouble in the village.
The two of them only stopped after they left the village, with people gossiping about them.

Zhao Jiangang flung Su Pingfan’s hand away and ranted, “Didn’t you say that Su Wen is the most brainless? Didn’t you say that she listens to you the most?” After saying that, he sneered.

Su Pingfan was also filled with anger.

It was because he was the eldest grandson in the family, a boy.
After his uncle’s death, Su Wen’s family needed his support if they didn’t want to be bullied.

Su Wen had been sucking up to him so that her younger sisters could have the support of their brothers after they got married.

He had not expected this move today.

“You’re asking me, how would I know?” Su Pingfan was full of complaints.
“Don’t talk about me; didn’t you say that she really likes you and can’t wait to throw herself at you? I think you’re just bragging.”

Zhao Jiangang was at a loss for words.
He had indeed exaggerated a little.
However, it was a fact that Su Wen had taken a fancy to him.
She had even prepared the betrothal gift, which was 50 yuan! Seeing that the money in his hands was gone, his heart ached.

“Just watch, I’ll definitely subdue her.” Zhao Jiangang was furious.
“Can’t I subdue a little girl.
Without Zhou Hengyang, she’s merely easy pickings.”

The 50 yuan would also be his.

Su Pingfan nodded his head.
“It’s a good thing Zhou Hengyang left.”

The person they were most afraid of was Zhou Hengyang.

There was a rumor in the village that Su Xuewen valued Zhou Hengyang as his live-in son-in-law because he was skilled.
As long as Zhou Hengyang was around, no one would dare to bully the seven sisters.

At the mention of Zhou Hengyang, Zhao Jiangang could not help but shiver.

“Alright, go back and think of ideas.
I’ll go and see Xiaoli.” Su Pingfan had a new girlfriend in the Youth district, her name was Wu Lili.
She was young and tender, completely different from a country girl.
Recently, Su Pingfan had fallen head over heels for her.
He wished he could die in Wu Lili’s bed.

After Zhao Jiangang parted ways with Su Pingfan, he was not willing to go back in such a dejected state.
He walked in circles outside the village and, when no one was paying attention, sneaked back to Sun Yunyun’s house.
He knew that the Sun family had gone to earn work points at this time, so he boldly sneaked in.

Sun Yunyun was in the courtyard chopping up pigweed.
Her hands were busy, but she had long been lost in her thoughts.

The night before, she had dreamed of Zhou Hengyang once more.
In her dream, Zhou Hengyang seemed to have just taken a shower, and was only wearing a pair of pants and talking to a strange man.
His muscular chest was revealed, and he had a casual posture, with a focused expression.

However, Zhou Hengyang was clearly unaware of the fatal attraction he possessed.
Instead, he was holding a blueprint and studying it attentively.

Sun Yunyun knew that she was in a dream, so she was very daring.
She stared greedily at Zhou Hengyang, wanting to see him more clearly.
For some reason, it was very blurry this time, soundless and seemingly far away.

But even so, Sun Yunyun could not bear to even blink her eyes.
It was a pity that she could only watch helplessly like a bystander in the dream and could not participate.


Otherwise, she did not know what would have happened.
However, this made her even more determined to marry Zhou Hengyang.
From the first day Zhou Hengyang had come to Trinity village, she had secretly fallen in love with him.
This man was tall, strong, masculine, and handsome.
He had a pair of mesmerizing eyes that could make one’s heart melt and legs go soft with just a casual glance.


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